IEA: Estonia is pioneering technologies for more efficient and cleaner use of oil shale

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An article in the latest issue of IEA Energy: The Journal of the International Energy Agency reports that Estonia, which has the most developed oil shale industry in the world, is collaborating in pursuing wider use of oil shale in a cleaner, more sustainable manner. Estonia has more than 4 billion tonnes of estimated reserves—just over 1.1% In 2012, 70% of Estonia’s total primary energy supply (TPES) came from oil shale. In 2012, Estonia mined 15.86

Refineries in the Americas produce a greater share of gasoline per barrel of crude oil than refineries in other world regions

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The International Energy Agency’s Monthly Oil Statistics shows that there are differences in refinery output throughout the world. Source: International Energy Agency, Monthly Oil Statistics, February 2020, Paris, France.,

2020 333

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Minerals used in electric cars: How much does the US import and from where?

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The source of the information is the International Energy Agency , so the data are applicable in general, and they are not specifically tailored to the cars made in the United States. China, Estonia, Japan, Malaysia. by Michael Sivak, Sivak Applied Research. This post focuses on minerals used uniquely in the manufacture of electric cars. The three questions of interest are: Which minerals are they? Is the United States self-sufficient or are we relying on imports for these minerals?

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Estonian PPP GoSwift wins global Transport Award for smart border crossing point service; traffic queue management

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An innovative solution for managing traffic queues at international borders is the winner of the 2015 Transport Achievement Award offered by the International Transport Forum at the OECD. The service was developed as a response to kilometer-long queues of vehicles waiting to cross the EU border from Estonia into Russia. Between 2010 and 2013, exports from Estonia to Russia grew by more than 66%, and the number of Russian visitors to Estonia increased by 35% in 2013.

2015 180

Neste joins eFuel Alliance

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billion vehicles are currently powered by conventional internal combustion engines. The fuel is available to customers in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and in the United States in California and Oregon. Neste, the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel, has joined the eFuel Alliance , an interest group dedicated to the industrial production of synthetic fuels based on hydrogen and CO 2 from renewable sources.

OPG, GE Hitachi to deploy small modular reactor at Darlington station in Canada

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International bodies, including the International Energy Agency (IEA), have been clear: climate change initiatives will fall short without nuclear power as part of the electricity supply mix. Other countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Poland and Estonia have all expressed interest in building SMRs, and Ontario would be well placed to contribute to the Canadian and international supply chain.

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Ultracap-maker Skeleton Technologies closes additional €29M, bringing D round to €70.4M

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This additional internal funding follows the initial €41.3-million close in Series D financing round completed in November 2020 and the €51-million funding from Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the Free State of Saxony announced in March 2021 and brings Skeleton’s total capital raised in the preceding twelve months to €121.3 Ultracapacitor developer and manufacturer Skeleton Technologies closed a further €29 million in its Series D financing.

Estonian shale oil company acquires shale interests in Utah

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With the recent approval of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), Eesti Energia (internationally known as Enefit) of Estonia has purchased a 100% interest in Oil Shale Exploration Company ( OSEC ) of Alabama, which has significant oil shale interests in Utah. Enefit has more than 30 years of ongoing operational experience in the commercial production of shale oil, with facilities located in Narva, Estonia.

Utah 174

Nissan to lead EC-backed multi-standard rapid charge network project in UK and Ireland

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When complete, a total of 74 rapid chargers will have been installed, covering more than 1,100 km (684 miles) of major trunk routes and providing EV-friendly links to five seaports and five international airports. The project, named Rapid Charge Network (RCN), was presented at the Trans European Transport Network (TEN-T) event in Tallinn, Estonia, which was hosted by European Commission Vice President Siim Kallas.

EEA: small increase in EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions in 2017, with transport emissions up for the fourth consecutive year

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According to the EEA’s Annual European Union greenhouse gas inventory 1990-2017 and inventory report 2019 , total greenhouse gas emissions (including international aviation) rose by 0.7% Emissions from international aviation increased substantially as a result of higher demand and consumption of jet kerosene. The largest increases in relative terms in 2017 occurred in Malta, Portugal and Estonia. Total greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union (EU) increased by 0.7%

2019 172

Jordanian cabinet OKs $2.4B oil shale project with Enefit; largest in region and world

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An article in the January 2014 issue of IEA Energy: The Journal of the International Energy Agency reported that Estonia, which has the most developed oil shale industry in the world, is collaborating in pursuing wider use of oil shale in a cleaner, more sustainable manner. Jordan’s Council of Ministers on Sunday endorsed all agreements prepared by the national electricity company with Estonian company Enefit which will carry out a mega oil shale energy project in the Kingdom.

2014 186

How Russia Sent Ukraine Racing Into the “Energy Eurozone”

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ius says the situation also has helped the Baltic states on Russia’s far western flank: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. On March 2 Latvia and Estonia agreed to slash power imports from Russia , which Lithuania did in 2020.

Jordan signs $2B oil shale investment agreement with Saudi company

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The Saudi company will use the Russian Oil Shale Technology ( UTT3000 ) which has proved its success internationally in developing oil shale since 1950 in Estonia, which is currently producing around 10 thousand barrels a day of shale oil.

Jordan 214

Rolls-Royce consortium secures funding for mini nuclear reactors

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In November 2020 the consortium signed a Memorandum of Understanding with US giant Exelon Generation to pursue the potential for Exelon Generation to operate compact nuclear power stations both in the UK and internationally.

JRC report finds electric vehicles in Europe on the way to full-scale commercialization

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The Netherlands and France have the highest number of electric vehicle registrations in the period 2010-2014, while the Netherlands and Estonia have the largest shares of registered EVs on the passenger car market – between 1% and 2%. Also, most of the current plug-in hybrid electric vehicle models offered derive from conventional (internal combustion engine propelled) car models.

2015 311

Skeleton Technologies receives US patent for nanoporous carbon powder supercapacitor material; higher energy and power densities and lower cost

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Skeleton Technologies , an energy-storage start-up located in Tartu, Estonia, was recently awarded a US patent ( #7,803,345 ) on its nanoporous carbon powder supercapacitor material. Low internal resistance of the nanostructured material raises the power density. The material possesses very high surface area and a high packing of nanopores, according to Skeleton, which aims to commercialize the carbon material and supercapacitor technology.

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ABB and Volvo Buses partnering on fast-charging system for hybrid and electric buses

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This approach, based on internationally accepted standards (EN61851-23), enables maximum re-use of existing e-mobility technologies, thereby ensuring a rapid deployment of urban e-mobility. The system is based on internationally certified standards. ABB and Volvo Buses are partnering to co-develop and to commercialize electric and hybrid buses with open standards-based direct current (DC) fast charging systems.

2014 231

Mitsubishi Motors to supply 635 Outlander PHEVs to National Police of Ukraine

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This marks the second time MMC has supplied vehicles under the Green Investment Scheme, the first being to deliver of 507 units of the i-MiEV all-new electric vehicle to the Government of Estonia starting in October 2011. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced that through its local importer and distributor MMC Ukraine, MMC will supply the National Police of Ukraine with 635 units of the Outlander PHEV. These vehicles are to be delivered around July 2017.

2017 174

European consortium investigating graphene-based materials for lightweight cars; energy-efficient and safe vehicles

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Elmarakbi is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Automotive Composites.). The 66 new partners come from 19 countries, six of which are new to the consortium: Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary and Israel.

2014 191

IFQC annual ranking of gasoline sulfur standards sees progress around the world; US drops to 46th

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A trio of European countries and one from South America made major strides in reducing their levels of sulfur content in gasoline, allowing them to advance in the annual global ranking published by Hart Energy’s International Fuel Quality Center (IFQC). Germany, the first to implement the lowest sulfur level of 10 ppm in 2003, remains atop the ranking, followed by Japan and a six-country tie for third place among Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary and Sweden.

2011 196

EEA TERM Report Finds Efficiency Gains of Clean Vehicle Technology Being Offset By Ongoing Increases in Travel

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Transport, including international aviation and maritime transport, accounts for around a quarter of total EU greenhouse gas emissions. Among the trends and findings of the report: In EEA countries, greenhouse gas emissions from transport (excluding international aviation and maritime transport) grew by 28% between 1990 and 2007, and now account for around 19% of total emissions. None of the EEA scenarios considered delivered the targeted reduction in transport GHG emissions.

2010 167

EEA Report: Trends in European Transport Are Heading in the Wrong Direction

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Emissions of GHG have increased by 26% (EU-15) or 180 million tonnes between 1990 and 2006, excluding international aviation and marine transport—an amount larger than the entire annual national emissions for 2006 from Belgium (132 million tonnes) or Romania (157 million tonnes). Indexed European transport sector greenhouse gas emissions, 1990-2006. Source: EEA. Click to enlarge.

2009 150