Porsche Taycan: Best Car To Buy 2020 nominee

Green Car Reports

For anyone who appreciates electric cars and their potential to transcend existing boundaries, the Porsche Taycan—originally called the Mission E concept—was a rock star from the start. Best Car To Buy Best Car to Buy 2020

2020 83

Used Electric Cars

Electric Cars are for Girls

For the first time in around 80 years, it is possible in many parts of the world to buy a used electric car

2014 203

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Should you buy a portable Level 2 electric-car charger?

Green Car Reports

Electric car chargers are becoming more affordable. Now you can buy a portable, 16-amp charger one for less than the price of a cheap tablet computer. Some electric-car drivers find benefit in carrying a portable charger that's faster than the standard Level 1 models that come with every electric car sold so far. Electric Car Chargers

2018 71

Latest EV Buying Guide

Electric Cars are for Girls

Compare all the electric cars that are available for sale right now with this handy guide from the Sierra Club! The Tesla S looks pretty good

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Electric Car: Lease Or Buy?

Green Car Reports

You''re considering a plug-in electric car. Should you lease or buy? It''s a question that all new-car shoppers face--but for electric cars, there are some special considerations. Each financing option has its pros and cons, so we''ve outlined the reasons you might opt for each alternative. LEASING The Federal income-tax credit of $2,500 to $7,500 is

2013 87

Sweden's Northvolt will make $2.3B of electric-car batteries for BMW

Green Car Reports

As it ramps up electric-car production, BMW has inked a battery-supply deal with Sweden's Northvolt. BMW plans to buy 2 billion euros ($2.3 billion) of batteries from Northvolt beginning in 2024.

2020 114

Electric Car Drivers Love 'Em, But Don't Buy 'Em: Why Leasing Rules

Green Car Reports

Electric-car drivers love their vehicles, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're interested in long-term commitments. It turns out that the majority of drivers currently lease their plug-in cars, rather than buy. Excluding Tesla (which does not release detailed sales information), leasing represents about 75 percent of the electric-car market. Green Leasing car buying plug-in cars

2015 87

Consumer Reports: avoid buying used 2014 BMW i3 electric cars

Green Car Reports

The BMW i3 electric car has been on sale in the U.S. since May 2014, meaning some of the earliest examples are now likely turning up on used-car lots. So does BMW's radical electric city car make a good used-car purchase? If you are planning on going that route, it might be best to avoid the earliest cars available, suggests Consumer Reports. car buying Used Cars Consumer Reports plug-in cars

2016 63

Chevrolet Bolt EV: Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy 2017

Green Car Reports

Each year, Green Car Reports chooses a new car, or a family of cars, as the best green car introduced in that model year. In 2011, our very first award, we picked the first-ever modern electric car to be sold in high volumes.

2016 114

Electric Car Conversion

Electric Cars are for Girls

The electric car conversion is the world's best kept secret! You can buy them already done, or you can do it yourself

How To Quit Smoking: Buy An Electric Car?

Green Car Reports

Electric cars are good for the environment, but could they also benefit the health of the people who drive them? There''s now a small amount of anecdotal evidence that buying an electric car may help you quit smoking. CHECK OUT: Raw Diesel Fumes Worse Than Second-Hand Smoke, Says W.H.O. It comes from a newsletter issued by advocacy group Plug-In

2014 87

Buying Electric Cars: Quebec Launches Carrot-And-Stick Program

Green Car Reports

Financial incentives and perks like access to carpool lanes have become a powerful tool in encouraging people to switch to electric cars. But could penalizing them for buying gas guzzlers produce similar results? SEE ALSO: Plug-in Electric Car Sales In Canada, Nov 2014: L-E-A-F Spells Consistency Quebec is launching a carrot-and-stick system of

2014 87

Electric-car group buying programs spread into new states

Green Car Reports

Group-buying programs have proven to be a very effective tool to get more people to purchase and drive electric cars. These programs—typically partnerships between local governments and dealers, but sometimes undertaken by private groups—leverage collective buying power to lower vehicle prices for individual consumers. sales incentives New car sales plug-in cars transportation policy

2016 63

Finalist for Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy 2019: Jaguar I-Pace

Green Car Reports

The Jaguar I-Pace is a front-runner—the first fully electric, longer-range vehicle from a long-established luxury brand. More accurately it exists not to conquest Tesla drivers but to keep electric-car-seeking Jaguar owners in the fold—to give them a. Best Car To Buy Best Car to Buy 2019But it’s not a “Tesla-fighter” as the I-Pace has often been called.

2019 68

Find an Electric Car for Sale

Electric Cars are for Girls

Find an electric car for sale, new or used, at auction or 'buy it now

2012 154

How many Americans will buy an electric car in the next 5 years? Twitter poll results

Green Car Reports

Last week, AAA told us that they expect that one out of five Americans who are buying a new car in the next five years to buy an electric car. It's a number that has been creeping up the past few years as AAA surveys American drivers about their attitudes regarding electric cars. Still, with electric cars accounting for less than 1 percent of all.

2018 65

Would you buy an electric car from Cadillac? Twitter poll results

Green Car Reports

Last week, ahead of the Detroit auto show, General Motors announced that it would shift its electric-car focus from building relatively affordable Chevrolets to expensive luxury Cadillacs. The company also showed images of a concept of its first electric Cadillac SUV. That led us to wonder whether electric-car buyers, after six years of salivating.

2019 72

Green Car Reports 2017 Best Car To Buy nominee: Chevy Bolt EV

Green Car Reports

The announcement of the Chevrolet Bolt concept car came like a thunderclap at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. After unveiling the 2016 Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid, General Motors CEO Mary Barra rolled out a bright orange five-door hatchback electric car. Chevy plug-in cars Awards Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) GCR Best Car to Buy Best Car To Buy

2016 87

Regional discounts can make electric cars a steal

Green Car Reports

In some places, you almost can't afford not to buy an electric car. Adding regional incentives to state and federal incentives can cut the price of some electric cars nearly in half and make them cheaper than some used cars or the most basic of new gas models.

2019 106

Electric Car Buying Guide

Green Car Reports

We've been watching it roll closer for years, and now it's all but here: A new era of electric cars. Just three or four months from now, the first highway-capable electric vehicles sold in volume by global automakers will appear in showrooms in California and other regions. By the end of 2011, they'll be followed by several more. This is our guide

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Green Car Reports' 2017 Best Car To Buy nominee: Tesla Model X

Green Car Reports

Pretty much any Tesla electric car is bound to start a conversation. The low, tiny 2008 Roadster, the sleek and Jaguar-esque 2012 Model S sedan, or the company's latest car, the 2016 Model X crossover utility vehicle. plug-in cars Awards Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) GCR Best Car to Buy Best Car To Buy

2016 83

Should I Buy A Used Chevy Volt Electric Car?

Green Car Reports

The Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric car scores higher on owner satisfaction than any other vehicle GM has sold since it began surveying its buyers. Used Cars Chevy Volt plug-in cars Range-Extended Electric VehicleIt has attracted new buyers who'd never otherwise has considered a Chevy. And GM data reveals that 80 percent of all Volt trips, and two-third of all Volt miles, are covered on battery charge.

2015 87

Smart to China, Best Electric Car To Buy, future audio systems at CES: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Audio systems could be a bit different for electric vehicles. And what’s the best electric car to buy? This and more, today at Green Car Reports. Today in Car NewsSmart is moving to China.

2020 53

Electric-car buyers want same things as all car buyers, research shows

Green Car Reports

It should come as no surprise to readers of this site that people who buy electric cars are normal people. The 2017 study examined 2,123 Canadians who planned to buy a new vehicle in the next. Buying car buying Canada surveys plug-in cars fuel cellsA new study by Simon Frasier University in British Columbia adds to the body of evidence demonstrating that, though it comes to some unusual conclusions.

2018 60

After Tesla's federal tax credits expire, which electric car would you buy?

Green Car Reports

Last week, we reported that Tesla is close to reaching the end of its allocation of federal tax credits for those who buy its cars. The credits were passed after the 2007 federal Energy Independence and Security Act to promote the sale of electric cars. The credits amount to a $7,500 discount for most buyers. They offered buyers a way to offset. Polls

@LATimes Passes On Covering Earth Day. Publisher Says, “We Can’t Monetize The Climate Crisis So I Urge Readers Not To Worry About It And Just Attend The LA Times Food Bowl & Buy Tickets To My E-Sports Venture.”

Creative Greenius

climate change Climate Emergency Community Activists Distributed Energy Resources electric cars energy efficiency environment fossil fuels greenwashing Health News Ocean renewable energy sea-level rise solar power Sustainability Truth & Reality Dr Pat Soon-Shiong Los Angeles Times

2019 130

Should I Buy A Used Nissan Leaf (Or Another Electric Car)?

Green Car Reports

About 15 million people buy a new vehicle in the U.S. each year, on average--but almost 40 million buy used cars in that same year. Modern electric cars have been sold in the U.S. Not surprisingly, they're started to show up on used-car lots. Should you buy one? Used Cars plug-in cars certified used Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV since December 2010. The answer, of course, depends on your individual needs. But a.

2015 87

When Tesla's tax credits expire, which electric car would you buy? Twitter poll results

Green Car Reports

Last week, we reported that the federal tax credits for electric-car buyers are about to expire. Once any automaker sells 200,000 electric cars, the credits available to its buyers begin to wind down. Since Tesla has been selling electric cars longer than any other automaker (at least since the credits were passed), and has sold more electric cars.

What if car buyers aren't ready for electric cars, even in California?

Green Car Reports

It's accepted wisdom among electric-car fans and advocates that within a few years, mass-market car buyers will start snapping up battery-electric cars. First, battery prices have to come down to the point that electric vehicles aren't much pricier than comparable models with gasoline engines. Buying sales car buying California plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

2018 63

Would you buy an electric car from Cadillac? Take our Twitter poll

Green Car Reports

General Motors' announcement last week that Cadillac will become its lead brand for electric cars is a radical change in strategy. When America's largest automaker launched its first electrified car, the Chevrolet Volt, company leaders said their electric cars would have to be sold under the Chevrolet brand, reasoning that electric cars would have.

2019 59

Finalist for Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy 2018: Nissan Leaf

Green Car Reports

If any electric car aside from the Tesla Model 3 can be called "long-awaited," it would be the redesigned 2018 Nissan Leaf. plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) GCR Best Car to Buy Best Car To BuyFirst thought to arrive as a 2016 model, it was widely assumed to be a 2017 to go head-to-head with the 238-mile Chevrolet Bolt EV launched last December. In the event, the second-generation Leaf has arrived as a 2018 model.

2017 63

Note to (a few) electric-car advocates: get off your high horses

Green Car Reports

Buying sales car buying road trips plug-in cars Buying AdviceAny movement produces passionate advocates and angry detractors, even as the vast mass of people pay it little or no attention. When that movement involves most people's second most-expensive purchase, and plays a role in reducing manmade carbon emissions to alleviate the worst effects of climate change, things can get heated. And so it is among.

2017 66

One of these 3 vehicles will be Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy 2018

Green Car Reports

Fans of green cars have spent much of the past year eagerly waiting for a pair of electric cars to be revealed to the public and then to go on sale. GCR Best Car to Buy Best Car To Buy Chrysler Pacifica HybridBy far the most attention and hype has been focused on the Tesla Model 3, the Silicon Valley carmaker's lower-priced and much higher-volume vehicle, with more than 200 miles of range for a starting.

2017 64

When do you expect to buy your first battery-electric car? Twitter poll results

Green Car Reports

Either way, when we polled our Twitter followers to ask when they intended to buy their first battery-electric car, we didn't expect the distribution of responses we got. DON'T MISS: Plug-in electric car sales in Feb better than Jan lows Cars with plugs represented just a. plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) PollsIt's called walking the talk. Also, putting your money where your mouth is.

2018 59

UK buys more than 1,000 electric cars in Q3 2013

Green Cars News

The UK’s Plug-in Car Grants (PiCG) had their best quarter ever from July through to September, this year with 1,149 new electric cars registered with the support of the £5,000 incentives. Electric cars

2013 79

If you plan to buy an electric car, you should do it this month

Green Car Reports

Common wisdom has it that the last few days of any calendar year are the best time to buy a car. Not only are franchised dealers and their salespeople seeking to close out the month with a bang, but it's the end of a year and their allocation of cars next year can depend on how many they sell this year. Politics rebates congress incentives tax credit plug-in cars

2017 73

Advice on Buying an Electric Car Conversion

Electric Cars are for Girls

I'm looking at buying a converted EV (taking your advice:) and don't know much about 'em. How do I know how much HP is good? If the

2009 89

Shell buys its first electric car charging station firm in Europe

Green Car Reports

The Dutch oil company acquired NewMotion, an electric-car charging station firm, for an undisclosed price. Netherlands to add electric-car. Europe plug-in cars Shell Charging station charging infrastructureEven oil companies have begun to realize the future will not be nearly as reliant on fossil fuels, and Royal Dutch Shell is moving to safeguard its future business.

2017 76

What it took to buy an electric car in Texas: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Green Car Reports

Buying Plug-In Hybrids dealers plug-in cars dealerships TexasYour mission, should you decide to accept it, is to locate and purchase or lease a Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid somewhere in the heart of Texas oil country. Hoping to make Tom Cruise proud, I accepted the mission. But first, a bit of perspective: in 2005 I had set out to purchase a Mercury Mariner Hybrid. I had done my homework, and knew exactly.

Texas 63

Tesla guarantees Model S electric car buy back

Green Cars News

Tesla is to offer its new Model S electric sedan with a guaranteed buy back after three years. Electric cars Tesla Motors electric car Tesla

2013 70

Nissan Buys Back Leaf Electric Cars Under Arizona Lemon Law

Green Car Reports

Yesterday, a local news station in Phoenix, Arizona, confirmed that Nissan has agreed to buy back wilting Leaf electric cars from their owners under the state’s Lemon Law. The news comes less than a week after Mark Perry, Nissan North America’s product planning and advanced technology director, blamed the premature range loss suffered

Science Guy Bill Nye buys Chevy Bolt EV, his seventh electric car

Green Car Reports

Bill Nye, better known as "The Science Guy" on the popular PBS children's series that bears his name, loves electric cars. He drove one of only a few hundred original GM EV1 two-seat electric cars almost 20 years ago. California Chevy EV1 plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV Three weeks ago, he took delivery of a brand-new "Kinetic Blue" 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV—and he says he couldn't be happier.

2017 83

Skeptical German Reviewer Buys BMW i3 Electric Car: Likes The Car, Dislikes The Price

Green Car Reports

If it''s worth saying once, it bears repeating a hundred times: The best way to get people to buy electric cars is to put them behind the wheel. One German journalist has done just that, buying a BMW i3 electric car despite protestations from colleagues that the price, short range and lack of charging stations would be a step too far.

2014 85