Could Tennessee top Michigan in U.S. electric-car production (if not California)?

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Today, battery-electric cars are built in volume at only three locations across the entire United States. Tesla builds its three different electric models in Fremont, California; the new 2018 Nissan Leaf has just gone into production in Smyrna, Tennessee; and the Chevrolet Bolt EV is built at the Orion Assembly Plant in Michigan. Michigan chattanooga California Fremont assembly plug-in cars Tennessee Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) assembly plants Smyrna

2018 Nissan Leaf electric car now rolling off lines in Tennessee

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That availability came in an announcement that the second-generation electric car officially went into production the same day at Nissan's sprawling assembly plant in Smyrna, Tennessee. plug-in cars Tennessee Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) assembly plants SmyrnaThe 2018 Nissan Leaf electric car will start to appear at Nissan dealers in January, the company said Monday.

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Nissan gets approval to expand Tennessee battery plant

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Nissan has received local government approval to add more than 26,000 square feet of floor space to the Smyrna, Tennessee, plant where it produces batteries used in the Leaf electric car. Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV Smryna's Planning Commission on Wednesday voted 4-0 in favor of Nissan's intention to enlarge the 475,000 square-foot plant, which is operated by Nissan.

2013 Nissan Leaf: Driven Through Tennessee Countryside

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Our initial impressions remain the same: The Leaf is a perfectly normal, competent compact five-door hatchback that happens to run on a battery-electric After our quick drive of a 2013 Nissan Leaf before the New York Auto Show in late March, we were finally able to spend some extended time with the updated electric car outside Nashville.

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ECOtality installs first DC fast charger in Tennessee

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ECOtality and Cracker Barrel Old Country Store unveiled the first Blink Direct Current (DC) Fast Charger in Tennessee at the Lebanon Cracker Barrel location. The stations are able to charge a battery to 80% capacity in under 30 minutes. This is the first of 12 Cracker Barrel locations statewide that will install DC Fast Chargers as a part of The EV Project.

LG Chem looks for location for second US battery factory

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With more automakers lining up to buy lots of batteries for electric cars, leading battery supplier LG Chem is planning to build a second battery factory in the U.S., The company is considering sites in Kentucky and Tennessee among other locations. Batmobile lithium batteriesaccording to a Reuters report citing three people familiar with the matter. LG Chem already operates.

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Eaton Advances Integrated Solar-Assisted Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Collaboration with Tennessee Valley Authority and EPRI

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Eaton Corporation is collaborating with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) on a prototype integrated solar-assisted electric vehicle charging station to be erected at EPRI’s research laboratory in Knoxville, Tenn. Approximately 5 kWh of usable battery storage provided per charge space (Its primary function is to allow mitigation of peak system power demand.).


Nissan Breaks Ground on Li-ion Manufacturing Facility for LEAF Packs in Tennessee; Capacity for 200,000 Packs per Year

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that will produce the lithium-ion batteries that power the Nissan LEAF zero-emission vehicle. The battery plant, one of the largest vehicle battery manufacturing plants in North America at 1.3 million square feet at full capacity, will be capable of producing 200,000 advanced-technology batteries annually. It initially will be produced in Oppama, Japan, and will be equipped with lithium-ion batteries being produced in Zama, Japan.

PHEV Day 168. Sunday, 29 March 2009. Run to Knoxville, Tennessee

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Don’t miss this news conference of the “Sprit of DC”, Plug-In PHEV vehicle, bringing its message of energy independence to East Tennessee. Supported by the Knoxville EV Association, EVJerry’s time in East Tennessee will be to share knowledge and ideas of Plug In and Hybrid car technology. The batteries and technology are available now. It’s been traversing our east and west coasts for ten months, covering more than 30,000 miles, with Tennessee being the 47th state visited!

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Nissan lithium-ion battery factory breaks ground

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Nissan has taken an important step towards its electric vehicle future by breaking ground on its lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in Smyrna, Tennessee. The plant will produce the batteries for the Nissan LEAF from 2012 and onwards and is one of the largest vehicle battery manufacturing plants in North America at 1.3million sq ft.

Volkswagen breaks ground on plant expansion for US-made electric cars

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Volkswagen has broken ground on an $800 million expansion of its Tennessee production facility that will eventually house assembly lines for electric vehicles. The Wednesday announcement marks the beginning of a shift toward battery-electric vehicles for the U.S.

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How Are Electric-Car Batteries Made? Photos From Nissan's New Plant

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Making a battery for an electric car is more like assembling microelectronics than the kind of auto-plant scenes we think of, involving huge steel stamping presses and battalions of automated welding robots. Last month, in addition to driving a 2013 Nissan Leaf through the Tennessee countryside, we visited Nissan''s newly opened lithium-ion cell

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Nissan launches EV battery manufacturing in Smyrna plant

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Nissan has launched production in its new battery plant in Smyrna, Tenn. Combined, the construction of the battery plant and modification of the Smyrna manufacturing facility represent an investment of up to $1.7 Each battery pack consists of 192 cells contained in 48 separate modules.

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U.S.-Built Electric Cars To Get U.S.-Made Battery Cells Too

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is steadily increasing, the lithium-ion cells in their batteries have mostly come from overseas. The 2013 Nissan Leaf, now coming off the assembly line in Smyrna, Tennessee, is powered by lithium-ion While the number of plug-in electric cars built in the U.S. But this turns out to be the year that cell production largely moves onshore as well.

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DOE awarding $19M to 12 projects for advanced battery and electrification research to enable extreme fast charging

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding $19 million in funding to 12 cost-shared research projects focused on batteries and vehicle electrification technologies to enable extreme fast charging. (DE-FOA-0001808, The projects will help advance DOE’s research on batteries and electrification aimed at reducing battery pack cost to less than $100 per kilowatt-hour, increasing range to more than 300 miles, and charging in under 15 minutes or less by 2028.

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Nissan opens Symra battery pack plant

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Nissan’s new Symra battery plant has begun work producing lithium ion battery packs for the LEAF electric car model. billion Symra plant in Tennessee will help the carmaker ramp up production of its fully-electric car, ahead of the launch of a refreshed model in the new year.

Nissan to sell AESC automotive Li-ion battery business to GSR Capital

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Nissan Motor has entered into a definitive sale and purchase agreement with GSR Capital (GSR), a private investment fund, for the sale of Nissan’s automotive electric battery operations and production facilities to GSR. The sale and purchase agreement covers Nissan’s battery subsidiary, Automotive Energy Supply Corporation ( AESC ), as well as battery manufacturing operations in Smyrna, Tennessee, owned by Nissan North America Inc. Batteries Vehicle Manufacturers

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Nissan LEAF first electric car to pass 400,000 unit sales

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The company committed itself to working with governments and utility companies to support the adoption of electric vehicles, make charging them easier and more convenient, and develop second-life uses for electric car batteries. Electric (Battery) Sales

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Nissan's big number: 20,000

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The report states that Nissan will launch the Leaf next year in the states of Tennessee and Oregon, along with San Diego, CA; Seattle, WA; and the Phoenix/Tucson region in Arizona. Tags: nissan leaf battery electric car

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2017 Nissan Leaf: What We Know So Far About New Electric Car

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First launched for 2011, the Leaf got some updates in the 2013 model when production for North American sales moved from Japan to Smyrna, Tennessee. Green Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Future Cars plug-in cars The Nissan Leaf is by far the highest-volume electric car ever sold, with total sales now approaching 200,000 units. Since then, the Leaf has pretty much stayed the same--but we know an all-new model.

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Nissan, Tesla, expect govt loans for EVs

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Nissan applied for a loan to upgrade its Smyrna, Tennessee plant to assemble electric cars and build a new facility for battery production, according to an Automotive News report appearing in Autobloggreen. Tags: tesla nissan doe battery electric car automotive loans Nissan and Tesla are both well on the way to receive loans from the federal government to support their electric car manufacturing plans.

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Nissan to Warranty LEAF Battery for 8 Years, 100,000 Miles

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Nissan will warranty the battery pack in its LEAF EV for 8 years and 100,000 miles, according to Carlos Tavares, executive vice president and a member of the Board of Directors of Nissan Motor Co., The warranty matches the term of the 8-year, 100,000 battery pack warranty announced by GM for its Volt EREV. The LEAF will roll out in December in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Tennessee.

NHTSA issues formal request for detailed information from Tesla on Model S battery pack

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a formal—and legally enforceable—request for detailed information from Tesla Motors for the agency’s preliminary investigation into the battery pack of the Model S in the wake of two vehicle fires caused by impact with road debris. Detailed engineering drawings depicting dimensional specifications of the subject component, including all subassemblies and mechanical, electrical and battery components.

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DOE Closes $1.4B Loan Agreement with Nissan to Support Production of LEAF and Batteries

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manufacturing plant to produce the all-electric Nissan LEAF and the lithium-ion battery packs to power them. Modification of the Smyrna manufacturing plant, which will begin later this year, includes a new battery plant and changes in the existing structure for electric-vehicle assembly. Tags: Batteries Electric (Battery) Policy US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced that the Department of Energy has closed a $1.4

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2013 Nissan Leaf: Longer Range, Faster Charging, Leather Seats, And More: All The Upgrades

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The battery electric car goes into production at Nissan's assembly plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, this week. In its third year on the market, the updated 2013 Nissan Leaf will have a slightly longer range, a new and lower-priced base model, faster charging, and a more efficient cabin heater. While the 2013 Leaf is still being tested to determine its

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2013 Nissan Leaf Prices To Start At $28,800 For Electric Car

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We know the specifications and details of the 2013 Nissan Leaf, which has now gone into in Smyrna, Tennessee. But the missing piece of information has always been: What will the battery electric car cost now that it's built in North America? During an electric vehicle roundtable today at the Detroit Auto Show, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn provided the

2013 86

Nissan to make significant US green car investment

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It is asking for low-interest rate loans from the US government and is said to be planning to pour at least $518million into the production of a fleet of electric cars, which will be produced at its North American headquarters in Smyrna, Tennessee. In addition, Nissan is reportedly looking to team up with computer giant NEC to produce the lithium-ion battery that is needed to propel the vehicle. Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news Nissan Tennessee U.S.A

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Tesla Model 3 for sale, Norway taxing electric cars, Paris axes gas and diesel: Today's Car News

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Today, it's your chance to buy a Tesla Model 3 (for three times its list price), Nissan gets the A-OK to expand its Tennessee battery plant, and Paris is ready to kick internal combustion engines to the curb. Bosch showed off its new 48-volt battery ready for us in mild-hybrid vehicles.

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Nissan Builds First Lithium-Ion Cells For 2013 Leaf Electric Car

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Nissan said today it has opened a plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, to fabricate lithium-ion cells for electric-car batteries. Just two years after the first Nissan Leaf was sold in the U.S., The first cells built at the plant have completed the necessary aging process, and can now be charged for the first time. Those cells will go into electric cars

Report: Nissan to Build EVs and Batteries in US

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plans to begin production of electric vehicles, including their batteries, with an eye on tapping US government funding. Plans call for new electric-car assembly lines to be built at a plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, the location of Nissan North America Inc.’s Nissan intends to construct a production facility for high-capacity lithium ion batteries at the Smyrna site by joining hands with the NEC Corp. The Nikkei reports that Nissan Motor Co.

2009 60

GM to invest $300M in Orion Township plant for new Chevrolet EV

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This investment commitment includes the recently announced investments at its facilities in Spring Hill, Tennessee; Lansing Delta Township, Michigan; and Romulus, Michigan. Electric (Battery) Manufacturing Vehicle ManufacturersGeneral Motors is in vesting $300 million in its Orion Township, Michigan, assembly plant to produce a new Chevrolet electric vehicle.

2019 76

Nissan Promises EV for 2010

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They’re going to hit the market next fall, but will target Tennessee (where they will be made) and Oregon and Sonoma County, initially. Check out the article: Nissan to launch electric car in Tennessee. said Monday that Tennessee is one of the first locations where it will sell its new all-electric car after it arrives in late 2010. Also, the company eventually would like to make the car and its batteries in Smyrna, Tenn.,

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Number of electric buses in Europe has increased from around 200 to 2,200 in 5 years

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The Van Hool plant in Morristown (Tennessee, USA) is expected to start building buses from 2022. BYD prides itself on more than ten years of experience in building electrically powered buses and on more than a quarter of a century of craftsmanship in battery technology. Electric (Battery) Europe Heavy-dutyOver the past five years, the number of electric buses in Europe has increased from around 200 to 2,200 vehicles, according to a report from Busworld.

2019 80

University of Texas and Oak Ridge Lab teaming to bid for DOE Batteries and Energy Storage Energy Innovation Hub

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The University of Texas is teaming with Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee in a joint bid for the newly announced US Department of Energy (DOE) Batteries and Energy Storage Energy Innovation Hub. The goal of the Batteries and Energy Storage Hub is to accelerate the discovery of new electrochemical energy storage concepts and incorporate these into new prototypes for storing energy in a reliable, economic, and efficient manner. Statesman.

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Nikola Motor unveils prototype Class 8 fuel cell range-extended electric truck, plans for H2 fueling network

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The company also announced its plan for a network of 364 hydrogen fueling stations across the US and Canada (Nikola is bundling fuel with the truck), and unveiled a 107 kWh battery pack for the Nikola Zero UTV along with a business plan to sell packs to OEMs. Nikola Battery Storage System.

2016 106

DENSO invests $1B in US automotive manufacturing; electrification and safety

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Japan-based DENSO, one of the world’s largest automotive technology, systems and components suppliers, is expanding its US footprint with a $1-billion investment in its Maryville, Tennessee location. DENSO will create more than 1,000 jobs in Maryville, Tennessee to make it a primary manufacturing center in North America for electrification and safety systems. Electric (Battery) Safety

2017 60

Tesla, Ford and Nissan win big with DOE grants

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Part of the money will be used to set up a production line for their battery packs and electric drive trains to be sold to other manufacturers such as their new partner, Daimler. billion to build EV and battery factories in Tennessee. We’ve been waiting for several months to hear this good news. Three EV pioneers, Tesla, Nissan and Ford, are receiving loans from the Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program.

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Nissan to produce new LEAF in Japan, US and UK

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plans to start full production of the new Nissan LEAF ( earlier post ) at Nissan’s Vehicle Assembly Plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, and at Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. Nissan LEAF batteries will continue to be produced in Smyrna, Sunderland and Zama, Japan. Nissan Motor Co., in Sunderland, UK, by the end of calendar year 2017. The two production sites join Nissan’s Oppama Plant in Japan, which is producing the new generation of the world’s best-selling electric vehicle.

2017 65

Shockwave three-wheel electric roadster revealed

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Able to make the most of the instant torque of a battery drivetrain, we’ve seen a few electric roadster concepts in recent years. Over in Tennessee, in the US, one new concept has caught our eye. An electric sports car has to be the ultimate motoring thrill.

Study finds EV deployment in China to increase Environmental Justice challenge there

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A new study by a team from the University of Tennessee, Tsinghua University and the University of Minnesota has found that the wide-scale deployment of electric vehicles in China can increase the Environmental Justice (EJ) challenge in that country.

2015 154

Nissan and Portugal Exploring Establishing Li-ion Battery Plant in Portugal

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The Portuguese Government and Nissan signed a Letter of Intent to study the establishment of a lithium-ion battery plant in Portugal. This could make Portugal the second country, after Japan, where Nissan would invest in a full-scale manufacturing facility for its advanced lithium-ion batteries. Automotive Energy Supply (AESC), Nissan’s joint venture with NEC, will start producing lithium-ion batteries in Nissan’s Zama facility (Japan) mid next year.

Greenius On The Scene: Plug-In 2009

Creative Greenius

The Creative Greenius with the new Nissan Leaf flat lithium ion battery. They’ll be making Leafs in Tennessee and they will be making many more batteries than cars. The Nissan spokesman told me they will be selling the battery as a standalone product too. Here’s a few shots from yesterday first full day of the Plug-In 2009 conference in Long Beach, California. I’ll be back there today for more Greenius coverage to be published later this week.

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Nissan Leaf – Taking Reservations

Revenge of the Electric Car

Viewers of “ Who Killed The Electric Car? &# may recall it was a little more complicated than that… The first five states where the Leaf will be available are: California, Arizona, Tennessee, Oregon, and Washington. Electric vehicles are powered by batteries instead of internal combustion engines. Initially, the Leaf will be sold in California and four other states: Arizona, Tennessee, Oregon and Washington. Nissan's new electronic vehicle, the Leaf. (AP

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