Wärtsilä gas engines to burn 100% hydrogen

Green Car Congress

The technology group Wärtsilä is developing the combustion process in its gas engines to enable them to burn 100% hydrogen fuel. Wärtsilä has researched hydrogen as a fuel for 20 years, and has tested its engines with blends of up to 60% hydrogen and 40% natural gas.

2020 149

Williams Advanced Engineering developing battery system for Anglo American’s hydrogen-powered mine haul truck

Green Car Congress

Global mining company, Anglo American, has engaged Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) to develop its new Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV): a 290-tonne electrically powered mining haul truck, which is set to be the world’s largest electrified vehicle. Batteries Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydroge

2020 110

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DEUTZ presents all-electric 360V drive system for off-highway sector; hydrogen engine

Green Car Congress

The battery is from the E-DEUTZ modular toolbox and offers 42 kWh of capacity. kW charging system can restore the battery charge to 80% within four hours. hybrid engine combines a highly compact three-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 1.2

2020 125

First Lexus EV to offer 10-year battery warranty

Green Car Congress

Lexus’ first full electric vehicle, the UX 300E, unveiled in China in November 2019, will offer a 10-year (or 1 million kilometer / 621,000 mile) battery warranty. For the UX 300e, Lexus developed a battery cell air-cooling system which is safer and lighter than water-cooled systems.

2020 128

(Reverse) Engineering Explained: What happens to old electric car batteries?

Green Car Reports

It's the same philosophy for electric-car batteries as for plastic grocery bags—almost. BatteriesReduce, reuse, recycle.

2018 102

MAN Energy to supply engines for Finnlines hybrid RoRos; 100% increase in efficiency

Green Car Congress

Tier II-compliant main engines for three 238-meter hybrid RoRo vessels intended for operation in the Baltic Sea. The batteries will be recharged during navigation through shaft generators adding ta peak-shaving system. Engines Hybrids Ports and Marine

2020 117

Rice engineers find overabundance of intentional defects can cause battery cathodes to fail

Green Car Congress

New simulations by Rice materials scientist Ming Tang and graduate student Kaiqi Yang, detailed in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A , show that too much stress concentration in widely-used lithium iron phosphate cathodes can open cracks and quickly degrade batteries. Batteries

2020 78

UCR researchers find commercial fast-charging damages EV batteries, propose new internal-resistance-based technique

Green Car Congress

In order to make EVs more competitive with combustion engine vehicles, development of an effective fast charging technique is inevitable. However, improper employment of fast charging can damage the battery and bring safety hazards. Batteries Infrastructure Smart charging

2020 165

Land Rover plug-in hybrid lineup expands with downsized engine, bigger battery

Green Car Reports

Land Rover is launching a new plug-in hybrid powertrain, based around a downsized 3-cylinder engine, that promises greater fuel economy and more electric range than the British automaker's current models.

2020 67

International automotive researchers emphasize the importance of continued development of the internal combustion engine

Green Car Congress

the ICE, and IC engine research have a bright future, in contrast with some widely distributed media reports… The power generation and the vehicle and fuel industries are huge, representing trillions of dollars (US) per year in turnover, with a massive infrastructure. Engine lubrication.

2019 132

ASKO deploys two Scania battery-electric distribution trucks in Norway

Green Car Congress

Norwegian wholesaler ASKO is deploying two battery electric Scania distribution trucks in its operations in Oslo, Norway. The two trucks that will go into ASKO’s operations have a battery capacity of 165 kWh, giving them a range of 120 km (75 miles), and are charged by 130 kW cable charging.

2020 124

Zap&Go bringing C-Ion technology to Williams Advanced Engineering-led consortium as part of £246M Faraday Battery Challenge

Green Car Congress

Zap&Go Ltd has been selected to contribute its unique Carbon-Ion (C-Ion) technology to a consortium led by Williams Advanced Engineering to develop next-generation battery systems for electric vehicles. Batteries Electric (Battery

2018 106

DOE FY17 SBIR Phase I Release 2 topics include fuel cells, EV batteries, engines

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The Phase I Release 2 topics also include four vehicle subtopics, including electric drive vehicle batteries; SiC device qualification for electric drive vehicle power electronics; fuel efficiency improvement technologies for conventional stoichiometric gasoline direct injection multi-cylinder internal combustion engines; and wide-range high-boost turbocharging system. The vehicle topics: Electric Drive Vehicle Batteries.

2016 87

U Tokyo TFEP electrolyte solvent enables safer high-voltage, high energy-density Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Graduate School of Engineering and Graduate School of Science at the University of Tokyo have designed and synthesized a fluorinated cyclic phosphate solvent, 2-(2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy)-1,3,2-dioxaphospholane 2-oxide (TFEP), for use in lithium-ion batteries.

2020 117

Lucid’s Atieva powers Formula E Season 6 with spec battery pack

Green Car Congress

Atieva, the Silicon Valley-based technology wing of Lucid Motors, announced that the spec battery pack of its own design will power the entire 24-car Formula E field for the upcoming 2019/20 race season in association with its partners. Batteries Electric (Battery) Motorsport

2019 140

DEUTZ acquires battery specialist Futavis to advance electrification strategy

Green Car Congress

Engine company DEUTZ AG has purchased Futavis GmbH, a development service provider for battery management hardware and software. The purchase of Futavis GmbH enables DEUTZ AG to incorporate batteries, a crucial core component, in its electrification strategy. Futavis has extensive technical expertise in electronics, software, battery technology, and battery testing and in ensuring functional safety. Batteries Engines

2019 74

GM reveals new Ultium batteries and flexible global platform for rapid growth of EV lineup

Green Car Congress

The heart of GM’s strategy is a modular propulsion system and a highly flexible, third-generation global EV platform powered by proprietary Ultium batteries. GM’s all-new modular platform and battery system, Ultium. Solid-state batteries.

2020 120

UCSD team offers roadmap of four challenges for solid-state battery commercialization

Green Car Congress

In an open-access review paper published in Nature Nanotechnology , researchers at the University of California San Diego offer a research roadmap that includes four challenges that need to be addressed in order to advance all-solid-state batteries to commercialization. Why do batteries fail?

2020 137

Concept: modular EV-hybrid features battery and engine swapping

Green Car Congress

The front-wheel drive traction motor (blue) and in-floor 5 kWh battery pack (green) are always present. The car can change between a rear engine-pack (red) and a larger battery-pack (green) to enable hybrid or full EV operation. A Romanian team—Dan Scarlat (automotive journalist), Marian Cilibeanu (designer) and Cristian Ionescu (engineer)—are proposing the SCI hyMod modular concept car. Full hybrid system output (front motor and rear engine) is 150 hp.

2012 96

Toshiba showcasing hybrid-diesel-battery locomotive demonstrator

Green Car Congress

Key features of TRG’s modular diesel electric hybrid locomotive are: Series hybrid system consisting of two diesel engines and the re-chargeable lithium-ion battery system SCiB; High-efficiency Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM); Ergonomically improved driver’s cab; and.

2019 117

AKASOL to supply battery systems for Alstom’s hydrogen trains

Green Car Congress

AKASOL will supply battery systems for more than 40 Coradia iLint hydrogen trains ( earlier post ), which have been ordered from Alstom by the Lower Saxony Transit Authority and the Rhine/Main Regional Transport Association. Batteries Fuel Cells Hydrogen Rail

2020 112

Williams Advanced Engineering and Unipart Manufacturing Group form automotive battery JV; Aston Martin launch customer

Green Car Congress

Two UK-based companies—Williams Advanced Engineering and Unipart Manufacturing Group—have formed a new joint venture—Hyperbat Limited—to produce batteries for future hybrid and electric vehicles. What will be the UK’s largest independent vehicle battery manufacturer will open in early 2019 in Coventry. The launch customer for Hyperbat batteries is the Aston Martin Rapide E, which will be a limited production run. Batteries

VW's last engines, Toyota batteries, Ford names: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

VW announced that it is now designing the last combustion engines it will sell. Toyota explains why it still uses nickel-metal hydride batteries. And a Chinese battery company says it will pass the magic $100-per-kilowatt-hour threshold as soon as 2020. Ford trademarks two possible names that could go on its upcoming electric SUV. All this and. lithium-ion

BMW iX3 to introduce Gen5 BMW eDrive technology; NMC-811 batteries

Green Car Congress

The battery-electric BMW iX3, the production of which will commence in 2020, will offer a range of more than 440 km (273 miles) (WLTP) with a net-battery size of 74 kWh. BMW High-voltage battery cells for BMW i3( 2019), BMW iX3 (2020), BMW i4 (2021). Batteries Electric (Battery

2019 100

New UNIST catalyst boosts metal-air battery performance

Green Car Congress

Metal-Air Batteries (MABs), which use oxygen from ambient air as recourses to store and convert energy, have received considerable attention for their potential use in electric vehicles (EVs) owing to their large storage capacity, lightweight, and affordability. Batteries Li-O2

2020 107

KIT establishing institue to help combustion-engine SMEs re-orient to e-mobility; Fit4E

Green Car Congress

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is establishing a “Transformation Hub Electric Mobility” to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) with specialized knowledge in the process chain for manufacturing a combustion engine re-orient for electric mobility.

2019 96

Wärtsilä launches 31SG pure gas engine for marine applications; suited for hybrid systems

Green Car Congress

Wärtsilä has launched the 31SG pure gas engine for marine market applications. The 31SG is based on the successful Wärtsilä 31 product platform; the diesel version of the engine has been recognized by Guinness World Records as being the world’s most efficient 4-stroke diesel engine.

2019 96

New wear-resistant sintered materials from Tenneco to reduce reliance on cobalt for engine applications

Green Car Congress

s Powertrain business group delivers wear-resistant performance with greatly reduced cobalt content, helping engine manufacturers mitigate the limited availability and price volatility of cobalt. —Gian Maria Olivetti, Vice President Global Engineering, Tenneco Powertrain.

2020 83

Ricardo, Geely to present high-efficiency Magma xEV engine for hybrid applications at Aachen

Green Car Congress

At the Aachen Colloquium next week, Ricardo and Geely will present research work into the application of the Ricardo Magma xEV gasoline engine concept into a commercial vehicle series hybrid powertrain, delivering 45% brake thermal efficiency. Engines Hybrids

2019 97

New machine learning method from Stanford, with Toyota researchers, could accelerate battery development for EVs

Green Car Congress

At every stage of the battery development process, new technologies must be tested for months or even years to determine how long they will last. First, batteries are tested. In future work, design of battery materials and processes could also be integrated into this closed-loop system.

2020 130

ULEMCo and Revolve demonstrate 45% thermal efficiency for 100% hydrogen engine

Green Car Congress

ULEMCo and its R&D partner Revolve Technologies have demonstrated thermal efficiencies of 45% in engine control strategies for a 100% hydrogen-fueled engine being developed for the Mega Low Emissions (MLE) truck demonstrator unveiled earlier this year. Engines Heavy-duty Hydrogen

2018 123

SGL Carbon produces prototypes of fully integrated composite battery enclosures for NIO; battery swapping

Green Car Congress

In collaboration with SGL Carbon, Chinese automotive manufacturer NIO has developed prototypes for battery enclosures made of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) for its NIO high performance electric vehicles. The battery enclosure is extremely lightweight, stable and safe.

2019 96

Eurasian Resources Group plans NCM material plant for EV batteries

Green Car Congress

Eurasian Resources Group (ERG), a leading diversified natural resources group, is assessing the construction of a battery material plant to produce nickel-cobalt-manganese (NCM) precursor materials for batteries for electric vehicles (EVs). The Group is evaluating technical solutions offered by engineering firms BGRIMM Technology Group from China and Outotec from Finland, which will allow for the production of both NCM 6:2:2 and NCM 8:1:1 precursors depending on market conditions.

2020 84

Williams Advanced Engineering wins award for the Formula E battery

Green Car Congress

Williams Advanced Engineering, the engineering services and technology division of the Williams Group, won the “Most Innovative New Motorsport Product” award for the Formula E battery at the Race Tech World Motorsport Symposium.

2015 85

World’s largest electric ferry completes maiden voyage; 4.3MWh Leclanché battery system

Green Car Congress

Capable of carrying approximately 30 vehicles and 200 passengers, is powered by a 4.3MWh battery system provided by Leclanché SA. We are very proud to provide specifically designed unique lithium-ion battery system to this ferry, the precursor to a new era in the commercial marine sector.

2019 150

Coach Atlantic Maritime Bus testing battery-electric MCI D45 CRTe LE coach in Canada

Green Car Congress

MCI and Coach Atlantic Maritime Bus will pair for a 9-11 March demonstration tour on Maritime Bus regular routes, inviting passengers to ride along and comment on the performance and comfort of MCI’s battery-electric Commuter Coach. MCI offers two battery-electric models.

2020 124

Valmet Automotive starts EV battery pack production in Salo

Green Car Congress

Valmet Automotive has started the production of EV battery packs in its new plant in Salo, Finland. The battery plant project has progressed on schedule, and with the ramp up of production volumes, Valmet Automotive will continue recruiting more employees to the Salo plant.

2019 88

Williams Advanced Engineering and Airbus collaborate on materials and battery technologies for Zephyr HAPS program

Green Car Congress

In 2015, Airbus Defence and Space and Sion Power Corporation signed a three-year Collaborative Agreement under which Sion Power enhanced and supplied proprietary lithium sulfur (Li-S) batteries for use in Zephyr aircraft. Aviation Batteries Materials Weight reduction

2017 78

DeMoBat project developing robot-assisted dismantling for EV batteries and motors

Green Car Congress

In Germany, the DeMoBat collaborative project is developing a robot-assisted dismantling factory for traction batteries and electric motors for EVs. Disassembling and reusing battery systems can help improve the environmental balance of electric cars.

2020 104

Webasto announces modular battery system, thermal management and charging solutions

Green Car Congress

Webasto exhibited elements of a new modular battery system, thermal management and charging solutions in Ford Motor Company’s booth recently at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Webasto modular battery system. Conditioning the battery is essential for battery life and health.

2019 96

New BMW X5 xDrive40d and new BMW X6 xDrive40d feature straight six-cylinder diesel engine and 48V mild-hybrid technology

Green Car Congress

l/100 km; combined CO 2 emissions: 164 – 153 g/km) will feature a newly developed straight six-cylinder diesel engine with a 48-volt starter generator. The new diesel engine develops a maximum torque of 700 N·m becoming available between 1,750 and 2,250 rpm.

2020 91

Two new V6 engines with 48V mild hybrid system for Audi Q8; gasoline and diesel

Green Car Congress

Audi is expanding the engine line-up for its luxury SUV, the Q8—as well as its roll-out of its 48V mild hybrid system ( earlier post )—by adding two V6 engine versions. With the turbocharged gasoline engine, the Audi Q8 sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1

2019 110

Fluorine-incorporated interface enhances cycling stability of Li metal batteries with Ni-rich NCM cathodes

Green Car Congress

A joint research team led by Professor Nam-Soon Choi and Professor Sang Kyu Kwak in the School of Energy and Chemical Engineering at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has developed an ion concentrate electrolyte using a solvent containing fluorine atoms. Batteries

2020 119