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400 propane school buses ordered for Omaha, Nebraska

Green Car Congress

The Metropolitan Omaha Education Consortium and Student Transportation, Inc., (STI) STI) are collaborating to deploy more than 400 Blue Bird Propane-Powered Vision school buses. The contract is the largest transportation agreement in STI’s history and is also the biggest single order to date of propane buses for Blue Bird.

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Berkshire Hathaway execs praise Elon Musk, ‘taking on the impossible job’


As Tesla continues to recover its position from the end of last year, other institutional investors will likely try to seize on the share growth, whether the Oracle of Omaha is involved or not. However, Tesla’s stock volatility is likely to keep the traditionally conservative investing group away, at least for the time being.

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Baxter Auto sells 4 Stellantis dealerships in distinctive deal

Baua Electric

Baxter Auto Group of Omaha, Neb., spearheaded a multistore deal that in the end moved its 4 Stellantis shops to new possession with three dealership teams. Within the first transaction, Read more. The post Baxter Auto sells 4 Stellantis dealerships in distinctive deal appeared first on Bauaelectric Auto News.

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Tenaska launching natural gas transportation fuels business

Green Car Congress

Clark is the former president of the Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD) in Omaha, Neb., Chairman of Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica) Doug Clark has signed on to lead commercial activities for the new affiliate, Tenaska NG Fuels, LLC (TNG Fuels).

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UPS makes largest purchase of renewable natural gas yet in the US: 170M gallon equivalents over 7 years

Green Car Congress

Omaha, Neb.; UPS fueling stations in Albuquerque, N.M.; Atlanta, Ga.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Commerce City, Colo.; El Paso, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas; Kansas City, Kan.; Orleans, La.; Oklahoma City, Okla.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Port Allen, La.; Salt Lake City, Utah; San Antonio, Texas; Shreveport, La.; Sparks, Nev.; Tifton, Ga.; and, Trinidad, Colo.,

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Double trouble

Electric Auto Association

Additionally, the Sierra Club, with Eastern NE EVA’s support, was influential in electing a majority of environmentalists onto the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) Board of Directors. We’re looking for sponsorship from Omaha EV dealerships to see if we can make it work.”. We’re actually the only state in the U.S.

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FTA awarding $130M in Low-No grants for zero-emission and low-emission transit buses and facilities

Green Car Congress

The Transit Authority of the City of Omaha (Metro). The Transit Authority of the City of Omaha (Metro) will receive funds to purchase new electric buses to replace aging diesel buses that have reached their useful life expectancy along with dedicated charging stations, support maintenance and first responder training for the new technology.

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