Mazda expanding SUV lineup from 2022 on; electrification of all models by 2030; rotary engine as generator

Green Car Congress

In Hiroshima, Mazda Motor Corporation announced plans to expand its SUV lineup globally starting from 2022. The new models will include the Mazda CX-50 to be produced in its new US plant, as well as models in our Large Product group, including the Mazda CX-60, Mazda CX-70, Mazda CX-80 and Mazda CX-90, all of which are slated for introduction over the next two years between 2022 and 2023. Mazda CX-60 (Two rows). Mazda CX-80 (Three rows).

Mazda 249

Mazda starts US pre-orders for diesel 2019 Mazda CX-5

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation announced at the New York International Auto Show that it has begun accepting pre-orders for the diesel-powered 2019 Mazda CX-5 in the US market. It is the first time Mazda has offered a diesel-powered passenger car in the US market. Mazda’s Skyactiv-D technology features the lowest diesel-engine compression ratio—14.0:1—allowing

2019 180

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Kawasaki, Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, and Yamaha partner on producing, transporting, and using carbon-neutral fuels, including hydrogen

Green Car Congress

Subaru Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, Mazda Motor Corporation, and Yamaha Motor Co., Taking on the challenge of racing using a 1.5-liter SKYACTIV-D engine fueled with next-generation biodiesel (Mazda). MAZDA SPIRIT RACING Bio concept DEMIO.

Mazda 316

Mazda vows to make factories carbon neutral by 2035 while it continues to build ICE vehicles


Mazda Motor Corporation announced plans to make all its factories around the world carbon neutral by 2035 as part of its larger goal of making its supply chain carbon neutral by 2050.

Mazda 87

Mazda unveils its first mass-production EV, the Mazda MX-30

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation unveiled its first mass-production electric vehicle—the Mazda MX-30—at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The model adopts Mazda’s new e–Skyactiv system (motor, battery pack, inverter, and DC-DC converter), with a 35.5 A new addition to Mazda’s car lineup, the MX-30 is the automaker’s third new-generation model.

2019 163

Mazda to introduce dedicated EV platform in 2025; 13 new electrified models by 2025

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation announced its new technology and product development plans, which include the introduction of a dedicated EV platform—SKYACTIV EV Scalable Architecture—in 2025, which can be adapted for various vehicle sizes and body types. Based on this architecture, Mazda will deliver multiple electrification solutions to meet various customers’ needs, environmental regulations, and the specific electric power infrastructure of each market.

Mazda 167

Suzuki, Subaru, Daihatsu, Toyota and Mazda to develop joint technical specifications for next-generation vehicle communications devices

Green Car Congress

Suzuki Motor Corporation, Subaru Corporation (Subaru), Daihatsu Motor Co. Toyota Motor Corporation, and Mazda Motor Corporation reached an agreement to develop jointly technical specifications for next-generation vehicle communications devices.

Suzuki 217

Mazda begins production of 4th-gen Mazda2 (Demio)

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation unveiled the all-new Mazda2 (known as Mazda Demio in Japan). Production of the fourth-generation of the model, which has been fully redesigned for the first time in seven years, has begun at Mazda’s Hofu Plant No. the clean diesel engine will allow Mazda to offer an engine line-up tailored to the needs of each market. million units, since launch in 1996, the Mazda2 is one of Mazda’s core products.

2014 194

Mazda to develop BEV and EREV with rotary engine range extender

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation announced electrification and connectivity strategies, based on Mazda’s long-term vision for technology development, “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030.”. Mazda said that overall, it will deploy compact, lightweight electrification technologies while further refining the internal combustion engine. Mazda will deploy some form of electrification in all production vehicles by 2030.

2018 191

Mazda and Isuzu enter pick-up truck collaboration agreement

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation and Isuzu Motors Limited have reached a basic agreement on next-generation pick-up truck collaboration, under which Isuzu will produce next-generation pick-up trucks for Mazda, based on Isuzu’s pick-up truck model, for sale worldwide, with the exception of North America. The partners said that the deal will allow Isuzu to enhance its product competitiveness and Mazda to strengthen its product line-up and maintain own-brand market coverage.

Isuzu 150

Mazda launching updated CX-3 in Japan with new 1.8L diesel

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation has begun accepting pre-orders for the updated Mazda CX-3 at dealerships throughout Japan. The redesigned model adopts parts of Mazda’s next-generation SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture. The SKYACTIV-G 2.0-liter gasoline engine adopts the same innovations as in the updated Mazda CX-5 ( earlier post ).

2018 174

Mazda announces SKYACTIV-X: gasoline Spark Controlled Compression Ignition

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation announced “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030,” a new long-term vision for technology development that looks ahead to the year 2030. SKYACTIV-X—which Mazda believes will be the first commercial gasoline engine to use compression ignition—uses a proprietary combustion method called Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI). Mazda will combined these optimized engines with effective electrification technologies.

2017 174

Mobility services company MONET forms partnerships with Isuzu, Suzuki, Subaru, Daihatsu & Mazda; Hino & Honda make additional investments

Green Car Congress

has concluded capital and business partnership agreements with Isuzu Motors Limited , Suzuki Motor Corporation, Subaru Corporation, Daihatsu Motor Co., and Mazda Motor Corporation (“Mazda”), respectively. Isuzu, Suzuki, Subaru, Daihatsu and Mazda each plan to invest in MONET by August 2019 and acquire approximately 2% of its shares. Mobility services company MONET Technologies Inc.

2019 213

Rotary redux: Mazda unveils rotary-powered RX-VISION concept

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation unveiled the rotary-powered Mazda RX-VISION sports car concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. Although Mazda earlier put production of rotaries on hold, it continued R&D efforts in that area. RX-VISION represents a vision of the future that Mazda hopes to one day make into reality; a front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car powered by the next-generation SKYACTIV-R rotary engine.

2015 194

Mazda unveils CX-30 compact crossover SUV with mild hybrid technology

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation staged the world premiere of the second model in its new-generation lineup, the Mazda CX-30 compact crossover SUV, at the Geneva International Motor Show. The powertrain lineup consists of Mazda’s latest Skyactiv-X, Skyactiv-G and Skyactiv-D engines. The new Skyactiv-X engine features Mazda’s innovative Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) combustion to bring compression ignition to a gasoline engine.

2019 180

Mazda develops first cold-stamped parts using 1,310 MPa-class high-strength steel; to be applied across the lineup starting with Mazda3

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation, working separately with Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation and JFE Steel Corporation, has developed the world’s first cold-stamped vehicle body parts made from 1,310 MPa-class high-strength steel. The parts are used in Mazda’s new-generation Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture, which will underpin upcoming models starting from the all-new Mazda3.

2019 255

Ford reducing stake in Mazda to 3.5%

Green Car Congress

Ford Motor Company will change its stake in Mazda Motor Corporation to 3.5% Ford said the decision to reduce its ownership stake in Mazda allows it to increase flexibility as it continues to pursue growth in key emerging markets. Ford said it plans to remain one of Mazda’s largest shareholders and remains committed to its strategic partnership with Mazda, which spans more than 30 years. from 11%. The transaction is expected to be completed Friday.

2010 191

Mazda unveils new Mazda3; first production car to offer Skyactiv-X SPCCI engine with M Hybrid system

Green Car Congress

In Japan, Mazda Motor Corporation hosted the world premiere of the all-new Mazda3. The all-new Mazda3 adopts Mazda’s new Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture, designed to enable people to make the most of their natural sense of balance. The powertrain lineup comprises the latest Skyactiv-X (Mazda’s Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) engine, earlier post ), Skyactiv-G and Skyactiv-D engines, each of which provides responsive speed control in any driving situation.

2018 199

Mazda unveils new CX-5 crossover; diesel engine version coming to NA in 2H 2017

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation unveiled the all-new Mazda CX-5 crossover SUV. Mazda announced it will offer the SKYACTIV-D diesel in North America from the second half of 2017. This will be Mazda’s first diesel engine model in the North American market. It has since grown into a core model that is sold in more than 120 countries and accounts for approximately one quarter of Mazda’s global sales volume.

2016 220

New Mazda bio-based engineering plastic features high-quality finish without paint; suitable for exterior parts

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation, in conjunction with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, has developed a new bio-based engineering plastic that can be used for exterior design parts for automobiles. The new plastic will help Mazda to reduce its impact on the environment in a number of ways. Mazda has been proactively developing technologies in the biomass field for a number of years.

2014 224

Mazda showcasing vehicle connectivity application platform at CES

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation will exhibit its next-generation car connectivity system, Mazda Connect at the 2014 International CES. This will be the first time Mazda has exhibited at CES, one of the largest consumer electronics and technology shows in the world. Mazda Connect is designed to offer the convenience and fun of a smart phone in a form that is safe and appropriate for in-vehicle use.

2013 200

Mazda to exhibit concept powered by SKYACTIV-X gasoline spark-controlled compression ignition engine

Green Car Congress

Among the exhibits on its stand at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda Motor Corporation will unveil a new concept model powered by the recently announced SKYACTIV-X gasoline spark-controlled compression ignition (SPCCI) engine. With the SKYACTIV-X engine, Mazda claims to have developed a novel control system for HCCI combustion that extends the HCCI range out to a much larger percentage of the load map.

2017 163

Toyota and Mazda enter business and capital alliance; $1.6B plant in US, joint development for electric, connected vehicle tech

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) signed an agreement to enter a business and capital alliance, with the aim of further strengthening their partnership. In addition, together with the aim of advancing and strengthening their long-term collaboration, Toyota and Mazda agreed to a capital alliance arrangement that preserves independence and equality for both companies.

2017 191

Mazda and Fiat sign agreement for new Alfa Romeo roadster

Green Car Congress

Further to the joint announcement of May 23, 2012, Mazda Motor Corporation and Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A. Fiat) signed a final agreement which will see Mazda produce an open-top two-seater sports car for Fiat’s Alfa Romeo brand at its Hiroshima, Japan, plant starting from 2015. The new Alfa Romeo roadster will be developed for the global market, and will be based on the architecture of the next generation Mazda MX-5.

2013 191

Mazda to produce sub-compact Toyota vehicle for NA market at new plant in Mexico

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) announced that Mazda’s new plant in Mexico, currently under construction, will produce a Toyota-brand vehicle for sale mainly in North America. Total annual production capacity of the new Mazda plant is 140,000 units. Through the agreement, TMC aims to strengthen its North American vehicle lineup, while Mazda aims to increase production efficiency and contribute to its profitability.

2012 205

Mazda to introduce new small displacement diesel SKYACTIV-D 1.5 at Geneva

Green Car Congress

At the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, Mazda Motor Corporation will introduce the SKYACTIV-D 1.5, However, in January, Mazda North American Operations said it would delay the introduction of the SKYACTIV-D diesel in North America from the original target of Spring 2014. Mazda will also unveil the Mazda HAZUMI next-generation subcompact car concept at the show. a newly developed small displacement diesel engine. The 1.5-liter diesel will join the SKYACTIV-D 2.2

2014 220

Fiat and Mazda to partner on new roadster

Green Car Congress

and Mazda Motor Corporation have signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development and manufacturing of a new roadster for the Mazda and Alfa Romeo marques based on Mazda’s next-generation MX-5 rear-wheel-drive architecture. The study calls for both Fiat and Mazda to develop two differentiated, distinctly styled, iconic and brand-specific lightweight roadsters featuring rear-wheel drive. Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A.

2012 159

Mazda and Sollers sign memorandum of understanding aimed at establishing engine plant at Vladivostok JV

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation and OJSC Sollers have agreed with the Government of the Russian Federation to begin assessing the establishment of an engine production plant at their joint venture Mazda Sollers Manufacturing Rus (MSMR), located in Vladivostok in the Primorsky region of Russia’s Far Eastern Federal District, and signed an memorandum of understanding to that affect.

2015 180

Toyota and Mazda agree to build long-term partnership; environmental and advanced safety technologies

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation and Mazda Motor Corporation entered an agreement to build a long-term partnership, leveraging the resources of each to complement and to enhance the other’s products and technologies. Speculation on a potential agreement prior to the actual announcement had focused on the exchange of Toyota fuel cell and Mazda Skyactiv technologies. In this way, Mazda very much practices what Toyota holds dear: making ever-better cars.

2015 174

Mazda begins production of Mazda CX-5 with SKYACTIV-D diesel engine; Japan and Europe first markets

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation has begun production of the all-new Mazda CX-5 with its new-generation SKYACTIV-D 2.2-liter diesel engine ( earlier post ) at its Ujina Plant near Mazda’s headquarters in Hiroshima. The CX-5 will be the first model of the company’s new-generation products that adopts SKYACTIV Technology throughout the vehicle ( earlier post ), in the powertrain, body and chassis, while fully embracing Mazda’s new design theme, “KODO - Soul of Motion.”.

2012 167

Mazda, ELIIY Power and Ube Industries jointly to develop 12V Li-ion starter batteries

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation, ELIIY Power Co., With this new project, Mazda, ELIIY Power and Ube Industries will combine their technical strengths to overcome such issues. and Ube Industries, Ltd. have agreed jointly to develop lithium-ion batteries for use in automobiles. The three companies will work together to develop durable, heat- and impact-resistant 12-Volt lithium-ion batteries as a viable replacement for lead-acid starter batteries in motor vehicles by 2021.

2018 163

Mazda2 Hybrid to be introduced in Europe; OEM model supplied by Toyota

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation will introduce the Mazda2 Hybrid in Europe from the spring of 2022.

Europe 322

Mazda, Denso, and Toyota jointly to develop EV structural technologies; new company as joint development center

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation, Denso Corporation, and Toyota Motor Corporation will jointly develop basic structural technologies for electric vehicles. Mazda, Denso, and Toyota jointly will develop basic structural technologies for EVs capable of covering a wide variety of vehicle segments and types to ensure flexible and rapid response to market trends.

2017 150

Mazda more than tripling gasoline and diesel SKYACTIV engine production capacity at powertrain plant in Thailand

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation will increase the annual production capacity of the engine assembly plant at Mazda Powertrain Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., for use in the Mazda2 (known as Mazda Demio in Japan). Mazda is investing ¥22.1 MPMT) in Chomburi, Thailand, to 100,000 units in the first half of 2018. The company also announced a plan to construct a new engine machining factory with production capacity similar to that of the engine assembly plant.

2016 150

Mazda RX-8 production to end summer 2012; company says rotary engine development will continue

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation has announced the Mazda RX-8 SPIRIT R, a special edition version of its four-door, four-seat rotary-engined sports car. Mazda will cease RX-8 production will end in June 2012 and SPIRIT R will be the final special edition model. The RX-8 SPIRIT R will go on sale from 24 November 2011 at all Mazda and Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout Japan. Mazda expects to sell 1,000 units.

2011 207

Mazda to double annual production capacity of SKYACTIV Engines to 800,000 units; increasing capacity for CX-5

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation will double production capacity at its engine plant in Hiroshima from 400,000 units to 800,000 units per year in October 2012. Mazda engineers overcame the problem of abnormal combustion (knocking) to achieve the highest compression ratio for a mass production gasoline engine for vehicles. It will also be available in the next generation Mazda Atenza (known overseas as Mazda6) to be released later this year.

2012 200

Mazda to supply SKYACTIV-D diesel engines for 2013 24 Hours of Le Mans

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motorsports will sell racing versions of its new SKYACTIV-D diesel engines ( earlier post ) to teams competing in the Le Mans Prototype 2 (LMP2) class of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Earlier this month, Mazda Motorsports said it will supply racing versions of the SKYACTIV-D engines to customer teams competing in GRAND-AM’s newly announced GX Class for advanced/clean technologies, also beginning with the 2013 season.

2012 191

Mazda beginning road trials of advanced safety vehicle; streetcar-to-vehicle communication system

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation will begin testing its advanced safety vehicle, the Mazda Atenza ASV-5, on public roads from September 2013. Hiroshima ITS Research Unit is composed of the University of Tokyo, Mazda Motor Corporation, Hiroshima Electric Railway Co., Mazda; Hiroshima Electric Railway Co.

2013 213

Mazda to increase production capacity for SKYACTIV engines from 800,000 to 1 million units

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation is enhancing production capacity for SKYACTIV-G gasoline engines and SKYACTIV-D diesel engines at its Hiroshima Plant. Mazda is strengthening its production system in line with its aim to increase global sales to 1.7 SKYACTIV engines are currently manufactured at the Hiroshima Plant and at Changan Ford Mazda Engine Co., In addition, the engines will be produced in Mexico at Mazda Motor Manufacturing de Mexico S.A.

2013 180

Mazda launches second SKYACTIV model in Japan: facelifted Axela

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation commenced sales of the facelifted Mazda Axela (known overseas as the Mazda3) in Japan. The updated Axela is Mazda’s second model in Japan following the Mazda Demio (known overseas as the Mazda2) to feature the company’s SKYACTIV technology. The facelifted Axela is Mazda’s first vehicle to feature the newly-developed SKYACTIV-G 2.0

2011 159

Mazda to showcase Adaptive LED Headlights, automated driving technology at CEATEC JAPAN 2014

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation will showcase its Adaptive LED Headlights (ALH) next-generation headlamp technology at CEATEC JAPAN 2014, a comprehensive exhibition of cutting-edge IT and electronics. Mazda will also exhibit a Mazda3 featuring a unique implementation of automated driving technology. Mazda says it is the first Japanese automaker to reveal such a system to the public.

2014 186

Mazda signs MoU with Sollers to establish joint venture production facility in Russia

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the intent to establish a joint venture production facility with OJSC Sollers. The proposed production facility is to be established in Vladivostok, in Russia’s Far Eastern Federal District and supply several Mazda nameplates for the Russian market. Russia is Mazda’s second largest market in Europe and sales are rapidly increasing.

2011 180

Mazda plans to increase production capacity in Mexico to 230K units from FY ending March 2016

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Manufacturing de Mexico S.A. V (MMMdM), a joint venture production company owned by Mazda Motor Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation, will increase the production capacity at its plant currently under construction in Salamanca, Mexico in the fiscal year ending March 2016. This production capacity increase is an important part of Mazda’s drive to strengthen its overseas production base as laid out in our medium- to long-term plan.

2013 196