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Senate Finance Committee Approves $12,500 EV Tax Credit Bill

The Truth About Cars

On Wednesday, the Senate Finance Committee advanced the Clean Energy for America Act making a few tweaks from earlier proposals. Changes include raising the federal EV tax rebate ceiling to $12,500 and opening the door for automakers who already exhausted their production quotas.

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Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Bill From US Senate Finance Committee Looks Great

CleanTechnica EVs

The US Senate Finance Committee has put forth a bill to extend and strongly improve the US federal EV tax credit.

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How to Save Big on a Tesla with Colorado’s New EV Tax Credit

EV Life

Colorado is one of the newest states looking to accelerate widespread EV adoption through aggressive financial incentives, introducing an electric vehicle tax credit for its residents in 2023. This is great news for Tesla fans, as many Tesla models qualify for the credit. And the federal tax credit just got even easier to use.

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Subaru mistakenly says 2024 Solterra owners are eligible for the $7,500 EV tax credit

Baua Electric

Subaru mistakenly said some 2024 Solterra owners will qualify for the $7,500 EV tax credit. Subaru “owners” are not eligible for $7,500 EV tax credit Subaru introduced the 2024 Solterra electric SUV yesterday with new upgrades, including faster charging and more. But there’s one (major) issue – It’s not built in the US.

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Electric car US tax credit proposed to $12,500, less for Tesla vehicles


A new bill to reform the federal electric car tax incentive in the US has passed the US Senate Finance Committee. It includes increasing the electric vehicle tax credit to up to $12,500, but it was expertly crafted to give less to Tesla vehicle buyers.

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Biofuel and Ag organizations call for accountable life cycle analysis for SAF tax credits, DOE to lead

Green Car Congress

In an effort to decarbonize transportation and reduce aviation emissions, Congress is considering new legislation to establish a tax credit to promote and develop robust domestic SAF production. We urge you to make the US Department of Energy (DOE) the lead agency in establishing a regularly updated LCA for any SAF credit.

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Upcoming Changes to the Clean Vehicle Tax Credit Explained

Blink Charging

To encourage clean and energy-efficient vehicle adoption, the United States government has made significant changes to the Clean Vehicle tax credit, to take effect from January 1, 2024. These changes make it easier for drivers to access tax credits when purchasing clean vehicles. What Is the Clean Vehicle Tax Credit?