Paks, Hungary orders 10 electric Solaris buses

Green Car Congress

The city of Paks, located in the central part of Hungary, has ordered 10 zero-emission electric buses from Solaris: six Solaris Urbino 12 electric vehicles and four 8.9-meter electric buses with five stationary chargers.

Alstom and MOL to explore use of hydrogen technologies for rail transport in Hungary

Green Car Congress

Alstom and MOL, Hungary’s leading oil and gas company, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to structure cooperation in examining the use of hydrogen technology in rail transportation. As part of its National Hydrogen Strategy, Hungary has been investigating the feasibility of introducing hydrogen technology to rail transportation.


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Toray, LG Chem to establish battery separator film joint venture in Hungary

Green Car Congress

Toray Industries and LG Chem have agreed to form a battery separator film joint venture in Hungary. LG Chem will invest US$375 million (around ¥43 billion) in Toray Industries Hungary Kft. THU), a 100% subsidiary of Toray engaged in manufacture and sales of battery separator film, which would then establish LG Toray Hungary Battery Separator Kft. The Toray Group will continue to develop, manufacture, and supply battery separator film and coating in Japan and Korea.

SK Innovation to build a third European battery plant in Hungary; $2.29B by 2028, 30 GWh

Green Car Congress

SK Innovation will initially invest US$1.148 billion in SK Battery Hungary (SKBH) to build its third European factory in Iváncsa, Hungary, with a production capacity of 30 GWh per year. SK’s first and second European plants are also located in Hungary (Komárom); the expected third plant will be the largest. SK Innovation’s 1st EV battery plant in Europe is located at Komarom, Hungary. Batteries Electric (Battery) Europe Manufacturing

Schaeffler opens new dedicated e-mobility plant in Hungary; expects €2-3B in annual e-mobility orders from 2022 on

Green Car Congress

Automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler has opened a new production facility at its Szombathely location in the west of Hungary. Construction work on Szombathely II, the Schaeffler Group’s second plant in western Hungary, started in 2020.

Audi building 160,000 m2 photovoltaic system for Gy?r, Hungary plant

Green Car Congress

We were the first premium manufacturer to have our CO2 footprint measured and certified in 2014. Manufacturing SolarTogether with E.ON, Audi is building a solar energy park on the roofs of the two logistics centers of its plant in Gy?r r covering about 160,000 square meters. This will create Europe’s largest photovoltaic system installed on a building at the Audi Hungaria plant in Gy?r. The system will have a peak output of 12 megawatts.

GS Yuasa to set up SLI lithium-ion battery plant in Hungary

Green Car Congress

GS Yuasa Corporation will establish a manufacturing subsidiary company, GS Yuasa Hungary Ltd. in Hungary and build a new plant for lithium-ion batteries. GS Yuasa will also consider manufacturing lithium-ion cells in this plant in future. Lithium-ion batteries will be assembled in a new plant with lithium-ion cells made in Japan.

2018 150

Mercedes-Benz Cars invests €1B in new “Full-Flex” car plant in Hungary; Factory 56 applied to full plant

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz Cars is starting construction of its first “Full-Flex Plant“ in Kecskemét, Hungary, about 90 km in the south of Budapest. With an investment of one billion euros, we are building in Hungary the first ‘Full-Flex Plant’ in the global production network of Mercedes-Benz Cars. —Markus Schäfer, Member of the Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Manufacturing and Supply Chain. Manufacturing

2018 150

Audi switching from truck to rail for battery delivery

Green Car Congress

Components for the production of batteries at Audi’s Brussels plant will no longer be delivered by truck from Hungary, but by rail with DB Cargo. In Hungary and Belgium, Audi uses DBeco neutral. The supplier of the battery modules in Hungary does not have its own rail siding.

Audi 234

Toyocolor to supply SK Innovation with Lioaccum conductive CNT dispersions for Li-ion cathodes

Green Car Congress

the colorants and functional materials division of Japan’s Toyo Ink Group, will supply the North American and European operations of SK Innovation, a South Korean lithium-ion (li-ion) battery manufacturer, with Toyocolor’s Lioaccum series of conductive carbon nanotube (CNT) dispersions.

Li-ion 323

Audi Hungaria starts operation of Europe’s biggest solar roof installation

Green Car Congress

r in Hungary is engaged in decarbonization by means of three mechanisms. Audi Hungaria is the biggest user of industrial geothermal energy in Hungary. Emissions Lifecycle analysis Manufacturing Market Background Power Generation Solar Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 343

BMW outlines iFACTORY production strategy; transformation to e-mobility; Plant Debrecen first CO2-free plant

Green Car Congress

Automotive manufacturing of the future requires a new, holistic way of thinking. The BMW iFACTORY is not a one-off showpiece but an approach we will implement at all our plants in the future —from our 100-year-old home plant in Munich to our forthcoming plant in Debrecen, Hungary.

BMW 307

Benchmark Minerals: Europe’s EV gigafactory capacity pipeline to grow 6-fold to 789.2 GWh to 2030

Green Car Congress

Samsung SDI (Hungary): 20 GWh. SK Innovation (Hungary): 7.5 Batteries Electric (Battery) Europe ManufacturingEurope has become the fastest growing region for new electric vehicle (EV) lithium-ion battery capacity outside of China, according to Benchmark Minerals.

Europe 323

BMW investing €400M in new vehicle assembly at Munich plant as part of shift to electromobility; engine production being concentrated at Steyr and Hams Hall

Green Car Congress

The combustion engines with four, six, eight and 12 cylinders produced there will be manufactured at the company’s locations in Steyr in Austria and Hams Hall in the UK going forward. At the same time, the BMW Group is expanding its capacity for manufacturing electric drive trains.

2020 323

SK Innovation to spin off battery business and E&P business

Green Car Congress

Currently, the company holds an annual battery production capacity of 40GWh, produced in various countries, including South Korea, the United States, China, Hungary. Batteries Manufacturing Market Background

Roskill: surge in electrodeposited copper foil projects to meet projected EV demand

Green Car Congress

The thinner the foil is, the more active material can be loaded into the electrode, which reduces battery weight, increases battery capacity, and minimizes manufacturing costs and environmental impact. Iljin is investing in new plants in Malaysia and Hungary, while Solus is rolling out new capacity in Hungary and the United States (in partnership with scrap supplier Toyota Tsusho). Batteries Electric (Battery) Manufacturing Market Background Materials

Benchmark: Li-ion battery pipeline could exceed 6 TWh by end of decade

Green Car Congress

In March China’s EVE Energy announced plans to set up its first European battery plant with an estimated capacity of 30 GWh in Debrecen, Hungary. Tier 1 is defined as a battery manufacturer that is qualified to supply more than one multinational automaker outside of China—e.g., Batteries Manufacturing Market Background

Li-ion 174

Audi trials new digital sealing process at Gy?r paint shop

Green Car Congress

r, Hungary, Audi is testing a new method of body sealing. Manufacturing Market Background RoboticsAt its paint shop in Gy?r, Before a car is given its paint finish, a paste-like sealing material is applied to areas such as the weld seams. This improves vehicle acoustics, guards against corrosion and seals off the interior. The new method grants complete freedom in determining the thickness and width of material to be applied.

2019 217

Bosch supplying factory equipment for battery production; €250M business by 2025

Green Car Congress

We know batteries like the back of our hand, as well as how they have to be manufactured. The company is investing some €70 million (US$82 million) this year in expanding local manufacturing operations. The company has experience in developing batteries for vehicles as well as for e-bikes, power tools, and kitchen appliances, and has extensive manufacturing expertise. Batteries Manufacturing

Mercedes-Benz will be producing 8 all-electric EQ models in 2022

Green Car Congress

High-efficiency battery systems will also be manufactured and assembled within the production network. With the start of production of the EQA, EQB and EQE, the plant will manufacture battery systems for a total of four Mercedes-Benz EQ models beginning in 2021.

2020 226

Schaeffler introducing 4in1 electric axles for EVs

Green Car Congress

In the future, Schaeffler will supply beam axles to automobile manufacturers, particularly in North America. For the electrification of medium-duty pick-up trucks, particularly for the North American market, Schaeffler is developing and will manufacture an electric beam axle.

Solaris to deliver another 48 trolleybuses to Budapest

Green Car Congress

The Czech manufacturer will supply the electric equipment for the trolleybuses and a set of batteries that will enable the vehicles to cover at least four kilometers without being connected to overhead wires. Solaris buses and trolleybuses have been present in Hungary since 2002.

BYD delivers 246 electric buses to Keolis Nederland

Green Car Congress

An extremely efficient production process of the eBuses was achieved by an integrated approach throughout the BYD supply chain and its various manufacturing sites, including the BYD Hungary eBus production facility.

2020 334

Volkswagen Group to add 15 more plants to Industrial Cloud this year

Green Car Congress

These include the plants at Brunswick, Emden, Hanover, Ingolstadt, Kassel, Leipzig, Neckarsulm, Salzgitter, Zuffenhausen and Zwickau (all in Germany), Martorell (Spain), Palmela (Portugal), Györ (Hungary), and Mladá Boleslav and Vrchlabi (Czech Republic). Manufacturing Market Background Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 150

Samsung Hungarian battery plant to open in 2018, perhaps for BMW electric cars?

Green Car Reports

Anticipated increases in electric-car production in 2018 and later now have battery suppliers scrambling to add manufacturing capacity. One of the major players is Korean firm Samsung SDI, which is reportedly planning to open a new battery plant in Hungary. Europe Manufacturing Batteries plug-in cars SamsungHowever, it is unclear which electric cars the new plant's lithium-ion cells are intended.

2016 70

Audi Brussels to produce exclusively e-tron quattro SUV, battery packs; A1 production moving to Spain

Green Car Congress

The Audi Q3, currently produced in Spain, will be built in Győr (Hungary) in the future. The site in Hungary already produces four Audi models: the Audi A3 Sedan, the Audi A3 Cabriolet, the Audi TT and the Audi TT Roadster. Electric (Battery) ManufacturingAs of 2018, Audi Brussels will produce exclusively the commercial version of Audi’s e-tron quattro battery-electric SUV ( earlier post ). The plant will also produce its own battery packs.

2016 163

Nobina selects 13 BYD eBus electric buses for far-north operation

Green Car Congress

BYD, Europe’s leading electric bus manufacturer, received an order for a further 13 eBuses from Nobina—the principal bus operator in Sweden and the Nordic region.

2020 265

Mercedes-Benz Rastatt plant to produce compact electric EQ vehicles; 3rd center of competence for EQ models in Germany

Green Car Congress

The A-Class, B-Class and the compact SUV GLA are manufactured at the location. The production compound of the current compact car generation further includes the plant in Kecskemét, Hungary (production: B-Class, CLA, CLA Shooting Brake), the Chinese production location BBAC (Beijing-Benz Automotive Co. Ltd—joint venture between Daimler AG and BAIC Motor; production: GLA) and the Finnish contract manufacturer Valmet Automotive (production: A-Class).

2017 174

Stellantis partner Samsung SDI teases new EV battery factory in the United States


Currently, the company operates battery manufacturing plants in Korea, Hungary, China, and Malaysia. Samsung SDI plans to add a second plant in Hungary and ramp production capacity in Malaysia.

VERBIO launches first cellulosic RNG plant in the USA

Green Car Congress

VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG is one of the leading independent bioenergy manufacturers, and is also the only large-scale producer of biodiesel, bioethanol and biomethane in Europe. VERBIO recently officially launched the first cellulosic RNG plant in the US.

USA 195

Mercedes-Benz to invest ~€500M to produce electric compact EQ model at Hambach plant

Green Car Congress

The production network of the new generation of compact cars includes the plant in Kecskemét, Hungary, the BBAC production site in Beijing, the COMPAS plant in Aguascalientes (Mexico) as well as the Finnish manufacturing service provider Valmet Automotive. Electric (Battery) ManufacturingMercedes-Benz Cars is expanding its production capacities for electric cars in Europe.

2018 180

Nissan has more than 550 electric taxis on European roads

Green Car Congress

With more than 550 electric taxis on European roads, Nissan is now Europe’s best-selling manufacturer of 100% electric taxis. Hungary. based in Budapest, has purchased 65 Nissan LEAFs in a bid to become Hungary’s largest zero-emission fleet. During 2015, more than 100 electric vehicles were delivered to taxi companies across Europe.

2015 163

4Q 2019: EU diesel demand continues to drop while gasoline gains; plug-ins up 80.5% y-o-y

Green Car Congress

of new-car registrations, according to data from ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association. digit gains were also seen in Belgium (+17.7%), Slovenia (+18.2%), Hungary (+18.4%), Sweden (+30.5%) and Romania (+31.1%).

2020 226

Valeo, Siemens JV for high-voltage electric powertrains starts operation: Valeo Siemens eAutomotive GmbH

Green Car Congress

Building upon their complementary scope and portfolio, the joint venture will benefit from substantial synergies in manufacturing and sourcing and create a base for sustained growth and profitability. The joint company will include R&D centers in France (Cergy-Pontoise); Germany (Erlangen, Bad Neustadt); Norway (Drammen); and China (Shanghai) as well as plants in Germany (Erlangen, Bad Neustadt); Hungary (Veszprem); Poland (Czechowice); and China (Changzhou, Shenzen and Tianjin).

2016 200

Frost & Sullivan: Li-ion battery materials market to reach $51.60B by 2027 from $18.75B in 2020; 15.6% CAGR

Green Car Congress

However, Europe is expected to witness an aggressive expansion in its Li-ion battery and materials manufacturing capacity. It is slated to account for nearly a third of the global Li-ion battery manufacturing capacity by 2027. Strengthen supply and footprint in Europe by investing in facilities, especially in Poland, Hungary, Finland, and Germany, where major battery manufacturing facilities are expected to come online.

Li-ion 159

Mercedes-Benz Cars plants in Germany to be supplied with CO2-neutral energy from 2022

Green Car Congress

In Kecskemét (Hungary), a second plant under construction will be CO 2 -neutral. Manufacturing Power Generation SustainabilityIn Germany, all Mercedes-Benz plants will be supplied with CO 2 -neutral energy. The preparations for exclusively green electricity for a climate-friendly production in Europe are already well advanced. From 2022, the production of our Mercedes-Benz plants in Germany will operate CO 2 -neutral.

2018 163

Audi developing modular assembly principle as successor to production line; Gy?r testing for 2018 e-tron electric motor production

Green Car Congress

At its Győr engine plant in Hungary, Audi is developing a possible future production process for the electric drive motor to be used in the 2018 C-BEV. Internet of Things Manufacturing MotorsAudi is developing a new modular assembly principle intended as the enabler of the post-production line assembly era.

2016 150

Mercedes introducing EQB compact electric SUV in Shanghai

Green Car Congress

After Europe, the international version of the EQB, produced in Kecskemét, Hungary, will be launched at the end of the year, followed by the US market launch in 2022. These batteries are manufactured at the Daimler plants in Kamenz (Germany) and Jawor (Poland).

SUV 217

ACEA: EU commercial vehicle registrations: down 23.2% in Q1 2020; -47.3% in March

Green Car Congress

across the EU, as measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 lead to the closure of dealerships, according to the ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association). In March 2020, demand for new commercial vehicles fell by 47.3%

2020 226

Report: Suzuki broadening ties with Fiat with 1.6L diesel engine deal

Green Car Congress

Suzuki plans to use the engines in the SX4, which the two jointly developed, at its assembly plant in Hungary. Fiat’s new diesel engine complies with the latest environmental regulations and also cuts manufacturing costs. The Nikkei reports that Suzuki Motor Corp. is broadening its alliance with Fiat SpA, which will supply Suzuki with 1.6-liter diesel engines. The Italian automaker will supply an annual supply of 20,000 to 30,000 of the European-built engines.

2011 180

JATO Dynamics: in decline of Euro new car market, electrified vehicles increase share to almost 13%

Green Car Congress

So far this year, electrified vehicles have been the only lifeline for manufacturers operating in Europe. In terms of market share, electrified vehicles represented 75% of all passenger cars registrations in Norway; 33% in Sweden; 31% in Finland; 22% in Netherlands; and 17% in Hungary.

2020 206

Tesla Model 3 revealed as having the highest EV sales volume worldwide

EV Info

Ranking as the second and third most popular electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are Nissan and Renault. Here is a table of the top EV manufacturers around the world: Top EV Manufacturer . While Tesla commands the electric car market in the likes of Canada, USA, China, the United Kingdom and Australia, Nissan is the EV leader in many European countries such as Portugal, Poland, Ireland and Hungary. .

Car Crash Prevention System Wins Student $10,000 IEEE Scholarship

Cars That Think

Bayhan plans to pitch his device to the Turkish government and car manufacturers. Biopolymers—materials that can be grown rather than manufactured—could be used to build self-replicating factories, Minnick says.