Benelli QJ7000D fully electric motorcycle

Electric Vehicles India

Benelli QJ7000D fully electric motorcycle. The Italian manufacturer Benelli’s China-based sister company QJMotor has a number of new products in its portfolio and now the company has showcased the QJ7000D fully electric motorcycle at an event in China.

Honda patents electric motorcycle

Electric Vehicles India

Honda patents electric motorcycle. Honda patented electric motorcycle. Honda, the world’s famous and market leader has filed a patent for its fully mini electric motorcycle. It shows a mini-bike concept with an electric powertrain.


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NawaRacer hybrid electric motorcycle revealed 

Electric Vehicles India

NawaRacer hybrid electric motorcycle revealed . Nawa Technologies has revealed a zero-emission motorcycle NAWA Racer a hybrid electric motorcycle. The electric motorcycle is being developed in association with YSY Group, Pronergy, FAAR and AKKA Technologies.

Voge ER10 electric motorcycle

Electric Vehicles India

Voge ER10 electric motorcycle. Voge is one such motorcycle manufacturer who is in news with the announcement of its ER10 motorcycle in Italy. Now it’s time for us to know more about Voge ER10 electric motorcycle. .

NIU RQi electric motorcycle teased & launched details

Electric Vehicles India

NIU RQi electric motorcycle teased & launched details. NIU is not a new brand for electric vehicles, it is a well-known brand for electric two-wheelers NQI-Series, MQI-Series and UQI Series are some of the products of its portfolio. NIU RQi electric motorcycle.

Revolt Motors to reopen bookings of its electric motorcycle 

Electric Vehicles India

Revolt Motors to reopen bookings of its electric motorcycle . RatanIndia Enterprises recently acquired the electric two-wheeler manufacturer, Revolt Motors will invest to expand its network of service centres and dealers across 35 cities.

Tarform Luna Cafe Racer electric motorcycle unveiled  

Electric Vehicles India

Tarform Luna Cafe Racer electric motorcycle unveiled . A Brooklyn, USA based electric mobility startup Tarform Motorcycles has recently unveiled a new electric motorcycle cafe racer version of Luna named ‘Racer Edition.’

Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV of the Week: Is this the world’s cheapest electric motorcycle?


Motorcycle riders have their own unique risk-management calculations. And while everyone loves a good deal, I’m not sure how many riders will be signing up to go canyon carving on what might just be the cheapest electric motorcycle in the world.

Top 5 electric vehicles books you must read

Electric Vehicles India

Top 5 electric vehicles books you must read. Electric vehicles are growing in a tremendous way and this is the time when everyone must be aware of electric vehicles and their technology. Top 5 electric vehicles books.

Yadea Helps Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions by 30 Million Tons

EV Obssesion

Ltd. (“Yadea”, 01585.HK), a leading electric two-wheel vehicle brand, has revealed that the cumulative sales from its electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric bikes and electric kick scooters have helped cut carbon dioxide emissions by 32.4

Electric Motorcycle Ride From Mexico To Canada: My Summer Road Trip

Green Car Reports

and electric-vehicle road trips! As electric cars and motorcycles gain popularity, more and more people can venture farther afield thanks to expanded recharging options. DON'T MISS: Electric. motorcycles road trips plug-in cars electric motorcycles Zero MotorcyclesSummertime is upon us: barbecues, beaches.

Electric Vehicles Open-up New Business Opportunities

Get Electric Vehicle

We have been talking about electric vehicles for a while. You shall find the importance of electric vehicles , advantages, disadvantages, other technical aspects, electric vehicle reviews, project ideas, and more here on this blog. Along with electric cars.

2014 Electric Motorcycles: Buyer's Guide

Green Car Reports

Electric motorcycles are now ready for primetime, and this year''s selection shows that the pace of development is quick. This buyer''s guide focuses on street-legal, highway-ready motorcycles. There are many two-wheeled electric vehicles out there that are more properly considered scooters or dirt bikes, but this guide covers only motorcycles (plus

Harley-Davidson invests in Alta Motors; companies will collaborate on future electric motorcycle product development

Green Car Congress

has made an equity investment in Alta Motors , a leader and innovator in lightweight electric vehicles; the two companies will collaborate on electric motorcycle technology and new product development. Harley-Davidson has already announced the planned launch of its first electric motorcycle, informed by Project LiveWire. That motorcycle is on track for release in 2019. Project Livewire was an electric motorcycle prototype unveiled in 2014.

2018 190

Zero SR/F electric motorcycle charges in an hour—without the hunt for DC fast chargers

Green Car Reports

If you already appreciate some of the remote connectivity and quick charging of a modern electric car, the Zero SR/F electric motorcycle that was revealed earlier this week at last translates much of that to the motorcycle realm. motorcycles electric vehicles Zero Motorcycles

2019 105

To the four corners of the USA on an electric motorcycle

Green Car Reports

Those points are where I intend to ride my 2014 Zero SR electric motorcycle this summer. The summer road trip is a great tradition, and every year, electric vehicles shape up to be more road-trip-worthy than before. road trips electric motorcycles Zero MotorcyclesSeattle, Los Angeles, Florida, and Maine: the four corners of the continental U.S.

Polaris invests in electric motorcycle company Brammo

Green Car Congress

based maker of electric vehicle technology and two-wheel electric vehicles. By investing in Brammo, Polaris obtains access to its proprietary electric vehicle powertrain technology, as well as exposure to the rapidly growing electric motorcycle market. Founded in 2002, Brammo has made its mark by developing electric vehicle technology tailored specifically for the motorcycle segment. Polaris Industries Inc.

Honda Solidifies Its Existing Businesses

The Truth About Cars

Honda Motor Company President Toshihiro Mibe’s first press conference, held April 23rd, was where he committed to solidifying Honda’s existing businesses. Honda is working to achieve carbon neutrality for all products and activities by 2050.

Honda 75

Ohio State University Team Readies Electric Motorcycle For TT Zero

Green Car Reports

Electric vehicle technology is finding its way into various motorsport disciplines, but few are more exciting than the world of electric motorcycling. Not only did an electric motorcycle win the two-wheeled class at last year''s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, each year one race at the world''s most famous motorcycle event is dedicated to

Ohio 126

GE Capital to provide financing for electric motorcycle maker Brammo

Green Car Congress

The Ashland, OR-based manufacturer designs and develops electric motorcycles. This program with GE Capital will support the rapid growth of our distribution network, allowing leading motorcycle dealerships to capitalize on the growing demand for electric motorcycles. This type of arrangement, also known as floorplan financing, allows dealers to stock, market and sell a wide variety of motorcycles and related products from manufacturers.

Electric Moto and AAC partner for DARPA all-wheel drive electric motorcycle

Green Car Congress

Electric Moto Corporation, Inc. EMOT) and Advanced Automation Corporation (AAC) have partnered to submit a proposal to create a prototype all-wheel drive hybrid electric motorcycle for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Electric Moto is the producer of the a 72V Dual Sport Gen 1 Electric Motorcycle, and a Gen 2 successor, as well as other electric vehicles.

2013 231

2008 Zap Xebra Electric Motorcycle Recalled (Again)

Green Car Reports

Back in 2009, we told you about the official National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recall of the 2008 Zap Xebra three-wheeled electric motorcycle. electric vehicle vendor Zap and the Chinese maker of the vehicle, Qingqi group Motorcycle At the time, the NHTSA said the recall was to rectify an excessively long braking distance, which U.S.

2008 115

Saitama City, Honda Motor and Yamaha Motor begin electric motorcycle trials

Green Car Congress

Saitama City (Japan), Honda Motor and Yamaha Motor will begin evaluation testing towards the expansion of the use of electric motorcycles. As part of Saitama City’s “E-KIZUNA Project” policies to promote the spread of electric vehicles, this collaborative initiative by the three parties also aims to resolve the issues in areas which are lacking in transport accessibility. An EV motorcycle sharing scheme is currently under consideration as the next step.

2017 150

Electric Motorcycle Breaks 7-Second, 200 MPH Quarter Mile

Green Car Reports

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, Larry "Spiderman" McBride set the first 200 mph quarter-mile run on an electric motorcycle. mph, Spiderman and his Lawless Electric Rocket bike have set not only an electric motorcycle record, but an overall electric vehicle record Crossing the line in 6.94 seconds and at a terminal speed of 201.37

MPH 123

Brammo and SMRE Engineering enter strategic partnership on electric motorcycles

Green Car Congress

Electric motorcycle company Brammo, Inc., s patented Integrated Electric Transmission (IET). IET enables Brammo to offer its electric motorcycles with a 6-speed transmission, further improving performance and range. Prices do not include relevant taxes or Federal and State electric vehicle incentives. and S.M.R.E. Engineering, a leading engineering research and development company, have entered into a strategic partnership.

2011 191

Analysis: What’s the Best Way to Market EVs?

Clean Fleet Report

Harley-Davidson Launches Stand-Alone Electric Bike Brand. I’ve always wondered how Harley would market its silent motorcycles. LiveWire motorcycles are not really Harleys, the thought goes, although they will share engineering, production facilities, a supply chain and global logistics.

Japan Post and Honda to collaborate on using electric motorcycles for postal deliveries

Green Car Congress

began discussions and signed a memorandum of understanding concerning the development and use of electric motorcycles for postal deliveries; these will serve as an alternative to the current gasoline-powered delivery motorcycles. During the past approximately half century, Japan Post and Honda have built a cooperative relationship through the development and operation of delivery motorcycles. Electric (Battery) JapanJapan Post Co., and Honda Motor Co.

2017 150

Electric motorcycle maker Brammo closes first $13M tranche of $45M Series C

Green Car Congress

a developer of electric vehicle technology and manufacturer of two-wheel electric vehicles, has closed the first $13-million tranche of a $45 million Series C funding round designed to accelerate the company’s development plans. Polaris, a leader in the powersports industry, is a strategic partner for Brammo, bringing both investment and opportunities to integrate Brammo Electric Vehicle (EV) drivetrain technology into multiple powersports platforms.

2012 207

Top 5 Electric Vehicle Start-Ups in India

Get Electric Vehicle

Amazon and Flipkart changed the way we shop, Tesla has done the same with electric cars they changed the way the world looked at electric cars. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman pushed for the Indian Electric Vehicles Mission in the country’s Union Budget 2019-20.

India 52

Harley Davidson’s livewire brand

Electric Vehicles India

Approximately a week ago, Harley Davidson announced Livewire as an all-electric vehicle brand. On May 10th, 2021 Harley Davidson mentions its ambitious plans of taking this electric vehicle to next level. Harley Davidson’s livewire brand.

Prana Grand Motorcycle Review

Electric Vehicles India

Prana Grand Motorcycle Review. In the present customer review, our topic of discussion is Prana Grand electric motorcycle. Our team has gone to Vijayawada to get the review of this electric motorcycle. So, let’s go through Prana Grand Motorcycle Review.

February 2021 – Electric Vehicle News Round-Up

Get Electric Vehicle

Welcome back to electric vehicle news round-up. Here are the top 5 electric vehicle news for the month of February 2021. We write about the basics of electric vehicles , electric vehicle articles, electric vehicle project ideas, reviews, and more.

Can A 2012 Zero S Electric Motorcycle Really Cover 100 Miles?

Green Car Reports

Common wisdom suggests that any battery electric vehicle has to provide 100 miles or more of range on a single charge to be accepted by buyers. The 2012 Zero-S ZF9 electric motorcycle advertises 114 miles on a single charge at urban speeds, but a recent quick search yielded no results from anyone who has achieved this.

2012 122

Iconic Vespa Scooter, now 70 years old, gets brand-new electric powertrain

Green Car Reports

Earlier this month at the Milan Motorcycle Show, Vespa announced its first all-electric scooter, dubbed the Elettrica. Plug-In Hybrids scooter Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) electric motorcycles Electric ScooterThe Vespa scooter is undeniably an icon on European streets. For 70 years, Vespas have buzzed about roadways, but the buzz will soon give way to an all-but-silent hum in the company's latest scooter.

2017 96

Triac Three-Wheeled Electric Motorcycle For Sale On eBay

Green Car Reports

Some curious vehicles have emerged on the electric vehicle market over the years, and few have been more curious than the Triac. We first wrote about the Triac three-wheel electric vehicle back in 2010. Made by Green Vehicles of Salinas, California, it touted a 100-mile range, an 80 mph top speed, and a price tag of $25,000. Sadly, like many

Triac 122

Breaking: Brammo Announces Geared Electric Motorcycles (Video)

All Cars Electric

the Oregonian firm responsible for the all-electric Brammo Enertia, Enertia + and Empulse motorcycles has just announced four new electric motorcycles to be sold alongside its current range. But unlike nearly every other electric vehicle on the market today the new motorcycles will come complete with a six speed manual gearbox Brammo Inc.,

Ather 450X customer review

Electric Vehicles India

In this customer review, we have an Ather 450X electric scooter. The owner of this 450X approached us for sharing his experience which is surprising because we are planning for this electric scooter review. The electric scooter has a 6 kW peak power motor which gives a torque of 26Nm.

Hop Electric Mobility launches 2 new electric scooters in India

Electric Vehicles India

Hop Electric Mobility launches 2 new electric scooters in India. HOP Electric Mobility has launched two new electric scooter models HOP Lyf and HOP Leo. It is going to launch five electric two-wheelers by the end of this financial year in India.

India 60

Brammo developing racing version of Empulse electric motorcycle for exclusive use in TTXGP World Championship 2013 program

Green Car Congress

Electric motorcycle maker Brammo, in partnership with TTXGP, will develop a racing version of its six-speed Empulse, called the Empulse TTX, for exclusive use of teams racing in the TTXGP World Championship 2013 worldwide program. It’s going to be a grand alliance—something that, in retrospect, will see us crossing another milestone in the history of electric vehicle racing.

2011 196

Electric Vehicles In RV Campgrounds: What You Need To Know

Green Car Reports

Electric vehicles are coming soon to a campground near you! With electric cars, plug-in hybrids, and even electric motorcycles selling in greater numbers every year, a growing number of buyers who want to enjoy the great outdoors are discovering that some recreational vehicle (RV) campgrounds offer access to 50-Amp electrical outlets.

2014 130

Electric Motorcycle Road Trip: What I Learned, What You Need To Know

Green Car Reports

Last summer I took a cross-country road trip with a group of people driving different types of electric vehicles. It was an amazing experience, and our trip, our adventures, and our misadventures were portrayed in the documentary Kick Gas. That experience gave me the idea to take my own road trip to experience the freedom of traveling alone on an

2014 116

BREAKING: Lightning Motors sets 205 miles/hr electric motorcycle speed record

National Green Transportation

This week is Speed Week on the Bonneville salt flats, and among the contenders for various land speed records are electric vehicle race teams. see 2011 Speed Week is here, electric motorcycle speed records at Bonneville) The Lightning

2011 78

All-electric personal watercraft launch for quieter lake journeys

Green Car Reports

Not all electric vehicles have wheels. Electric boats have actually been around for quite awhile, and now a California startup is trying to expand use of electric powertrains to another type of watercraft. Free Form Factory is partnering with Zero Motorcycles to use the motorcycle company's electric-powertrain components in a "stand-up personal. California plug-in cars electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles Boats