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MHI-MME launches new models of small, lightweight, and high-efficiency turbochargers for diesel engines

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Equipment Co., MHI-MME), a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. MHI) has developed new models of its MET Turbochargers for diesel engines.

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Dyson plans to build electric-car test track in Britain

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In another step to show it's serious about building an electric car, Dyson, the British vacuum-cleaner maker, has laid out plans to build a test track in Britain. Reuters reported Thursday that Dyson plans to build a vehicle test track at a former World War II airfield in Wiltshire, England, to go along with previously announced plans for an. dyson

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Audi México produces completely without wastewater

Green Car Congress

Audi is now the first premium manufacturer to produce automobiles completely free of wastewater.

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Fact of the week: Internal combustion cars still waste 70 to 88 percent of energy

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Conventional cars manage better fuel economy every year. According to the latest Department of Energy "Fact of the Week," though, their efficiency ranges from a-little-better-than-before to still-abysmal. This week, the DOE noted that of all the energy splashed into a conventional car's gas tank, only 12 to 30 percent actually goes to move the car

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DLR researchers develop innovative lightweight, safe body for urban fuel cell vehicles; sandwich material

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Small, light and electrically-powered vehicles will likely be core to city and regional commuter transport in future, alongside public transport.

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Byton begins road testing its electric car in China

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Chinese electric-car startup automaker Byton has begun testing its upcoming M-Byte electric car in China, the company said Tuesday. The company introduced the car at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, and gave reporters rides to demonstrate its self-driving and electronics capabilities. Byton said Tuesday that it had begun. Byton

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How to save gas on Labor Day trips

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Labor Day is one of the biggest travel weekends for all year, as Americans close out the summer and enjoy a last excursion before heading back to school. That makes it one of the biggest weekends for gas sales too, though nobody wants to spend more than they need to on fuel. If you're making a trip longer than you can comfortably take your. Fuel Economy

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Delta kicks off DOE-sponsored program to develop microgrid-capable solid state transformer-based 400 kW fast chargers for EVs; XFC

Green Car Congress

Delta, a global provider of power and thermal management solutions, has commenced work on a research program, with 50% cost-share by the US Department of Energy (DOE), to develop a solid-state transformer (SST)-based extreme fast EV charger (XFC) with industry-leading capacity up to 400 kW to provide capable EVs a 180-mile range with less than 10 minutes of charging. The proposed XFC design is expected to offer grid-to-vehicle efficiency up to 96.5%—four

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Dyson electric car track, Byton electric SUV testing, and Labor Day gas saving tips: Today's Car News

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Dyson plans to invest in a new test track for its electric-car program. Chinese startup Byton begins testing its electric crossover SUV in the real world. We provide tips on how to save fuel on a Labor Day road trip. And did you know internal-combustion engines still waste up to 88 percent of the energy they produce? All of this and more on Green

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Volkswagen T-Cross: sketches revealed ahead of Paris debut

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Volkswagen has high hopes for the ever-growing SUV market – it plans to launch 19 worldwide by 2020

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Video review: Range Rover Velar

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Land Rover has always claimed that its cars can go anywhere, not because its customers will ever use their cars in that way, but because they expect to be able to

Weekly Wheelspin: Urban meteors with nasty attitudes, Velar on video, 68 plate deals, and delightful drifting

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With September just around the corner, it brings with it a new plate change and one of the busiest months on the automotive calendar

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