BYD NEV sales up 262.9% YOY in October

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In particular, the New Energy Vehicle (NEV) sales reached 80,003 units, soaring 262.9% By the end of October, the cumulative annual sales of BYD passenger vehicles topped 200,000 units. positioning BYD as a dominant player in China’s plug-in hybrid vehicles market.

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Tesla sales took 30% of China's EV market in March

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Tesla's decision to open a factory in China is quickly proving to be a good one. Those sales represented 30% of China's. China

2020 167

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BMW Group creates closed recycling loop for high-voltage batteries in China

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The BMW Group will expand its recycling concept in China in the future—which will not only contribute to environmental protection, but also effectively support China’s transition to a low-CO 2 economy. —Jochen Goller, head of BMW Group Region China.

China 269

BYD flagship Han EV series goes on sale in China; Blade Battery

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The Han EV will be sold in China at first. China Electric (Battery BYD announced the official launch of its Han EV series, the brand’s long-awaited flagship offering for the global mid-to-large luxury sedan market, including three pure electric models and one hybrid model.

2020 301

Tesla China offers free Enhanced Autopilot for special holiday sale


Tesla China is offering Enhanced Autopilot to owners who accept their Model 3 and Model Y deliveries by November 11, 2021. Tesla China launches 1 month of Free Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) for China’s Double 11 (11.11). According to the poster of Tesla China’s special 11.11

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Baker Institute report: China has positioned itself as a gatekeeper to the energy transition; nickel case study

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China also dominates in other technologies including wind and solar components, controls, sensors, and communications—a gamut of industrial equipment, including much that is pertinent for defense. This surge occurred mostly in China, driven by steel manufacturing.

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Nidec to build e-axle flagship factory in Pinghu, China; 1M units per year

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Nidec Corporation will build a flagship factory to produce its E-Axle traction motor system in the city of Pinghu, Zhejiang Province in China. The new factory to be built will be Nidec’s fifth traction motor-related production site, and the fourth E-Axle assembly plant, in China.

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GM delivered 2.9M vehicles in China in 2020 for third straight annual drop; NEV sales up 4x from 2019

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million vehicles in China in 2020. Sales were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in the first quarter and started to recover in the second quarter. Deliveries posted a strong rebound in the second half, led by SUVs, MPVs and luxury vehicles, with fourth quarter sales increasing 14.1% We expect China’s vehicle market to continue growing in the long term and have a positive outlook on 2021. —Julian Blissett, GM executive vice president and president of GM China.

2019 159

Volkswagen Group building 3rd MEB EV plant in China

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Volkswagen Group China has begun construction of an all-new MEB plant at Volkswagen Anhui. By 2025, Volkswagen Group China plans to deliver up to 1.5 Stephan Wöllenstein, CEO of Volkswagen Group China. China Electric (Battery) Manufacturing

China 301

Benchmark Mineral: China’s zero-COVID policies weigh on lithium and cobalt prices

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China’s “zero-COVID” policy could slow sales of electric vehicles this month as consumers in the country’s biggest city remain at home. Consultancy Rho Motion now forecasts Chinese EV sales of 5.6 Still, battery producers including CATL and LGES said this week they were confident about global sales this year. Batteries China Electric (Battery) Market Background Materials

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Global debut of Buick Enspire electric concept SUV in China; GM China sales up 2% in February, Buick up 4%

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It will also be on display to the public at Auto China 2018 in Beijing, which begins later this month. Buick has sold more than 9 million vehicles in China since its introduction by SAIC-GM in 1998. GM China sales in February. General Motors and its joint ventures in China delivered a March record of 352,346 vehicles. Sales were up 2% from a year earlier. Sales in the first three months of 2018 increased 8% on an annual basis to 986,052 units.

2018 180

CRU: lithium price downtrend continues, with disappointing EV sales in China the driver

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Lithium carbonate prices in China dropped between January and August 2019 by nearly 20% since the beginning of 2019 to RMB 65,000/t, equivalent to $9.25/kg LCE. Chinese EV sales through to July totalled 696,000 this year. Batteries Electric (Battery) Materials Sales

2020 227

BYD sells 18,220 EVs in China in November, up 128% year-on-year

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November sales of plug-in hybrids passenger vehicles hit 7,333, up by 2.9% Sales of pure-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids January-November 2020 were 139,246 and 69,390, respectively, down by 19.9% Shipments of the BYD Han EV reached 10,105 last month, with a total of 28,467 sales since July when it was released ( earlier post ), according to BYD. China’s NEV industry was hit by the Covid-19 outbreak in this year’s first quarter.

2020 237

Volkswagen calls on ID.3 to boost struggling China EV sales


all-electric vehicle will make its way to China in Q4 in hopes to harness the momentum from the growing Chinese EV market to boost VW’s lackluster sales in the region. crossover and the China-only ID.6 In North America and China, Volkswagen targets an EV share of over 50%.

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Volkswagen pledges to double ID sales in China after sub-par year due to chip shortage


Volkswagen Auto Group missed its sales goals for the ID. family of vehicles in China in 2021 by around 12 percent. family electric vehicles in 2021 in China. vehicles sold in China, this was below the 80,000 to 100,000 vehicle sales goal that VW had committed to for 2021.

China 107

DOE: China alone accounted for 42% of global plug-in vehicle sales in 2016

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About 756,000 plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) were sold in the world in 2016, with 95% of those sales in China, Europe, the United States, Japan, and Canada, according to figures compiled by the US Department of Energy (DOE). China alone accounted for 42% of sales (316,800 units). China’s 2016 PEV sales grew by 53% from 2015’s 207,000 units—most of which were all-electric vehicles (EV) (244,400 units, or 77%). China Electric (Battery) Sales

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Market share of plug-in vehicles in China has more than quadrupled from 2015 to 2019

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From 2015 to 2019, the market share of plug-in vehicles in China more than quadrupled, reaching 5.1% During that same period, Europe saw its plug-in vehicle sales share reach 3.0%. Sources: China - Data summarized by Argonne National Laboratory from Hewu WANG, Xu HAO.

2020 217

Volvo Cars sales down 17.2% in February, share of electrified cars increased to 33%

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Volvo Cars reported sales of 42,067 cars in February, a decline by 17.2% Sales of Volvo Cars’ Recharge models made up for 33.0% Sales of fully electric cars increased by 229.5% of total sales. Recharge sales increased by 7.0% of total sales. of total sales during the period. European sales in February fell 18.6% to 19,512 cars sold, with Recharge models making up more than half of total European sales during the month.

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California passes 1M mark for cumulative sales of electric vehicles: BEVs, PHEVs and FCEVs

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of total California auto sales in 2021. The CEC updates its Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) sales figures quarterly by analyzing DMV data. Specifically, cumulative sales through the end of 2021 were: 663,014 BEV (62.9%). For sales in 2021 only, the shares were: 183,933 BEV (73.5%). From CEC New ZEV Sales dashboard. However, the same report finds that California is still falling behind Europe where EV sales exceeded 20%.

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Nissan introduces e-POWER Sylphy in China; first of six e-POWER models in China by 2025

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Nissan unveiled the e-POWER Sylphy, the first model equipped with the e-POWER series hybrid technology ( earlier post ) for customers in China. China Electric (Battery) Hybrids

China 226

Cummins & Sinopec launch JV to produce and promote green hydrogen technologies in China

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and China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) have formed a 50:50 joint venture: Cummins Enze (Guangdong) Hydrogen Technology Co., Cummins Enze, located in Foshan, Guangdong Province in China, will initially invest $47 million (RMB 300 million) to locate a manufacturing plant to produce proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers. As one of the largest hydrogen energy suppliers in China, Sinopec's annual hydrogen production reaches 3.5 Irwin Miller visited China.

Tesla China more than doubles VW’s Q2 sales figures in June alone


Tesla more than doubled Volkswagen’s battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales for the second quarter of 2021 in a single month. Earlier today, Volkswagen announced its sales figures for the first half of 2021. In Q2, Volkswagen sold only 12,041 cars in China.

China 114

BloombergNEF expects 40% growth in global EV sales in 2019; 2.6M vehicles, 1.5M in China

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BNEF said that it expects China will continue to lead, with some 1.5 China’s market is in transition, and the recent annual doubling of sales every year looks unlikely to hold in 2019. Broader macroeconomic factors (higher interest rates and slowing consumer spending) will also impact global sales. BNEF expects European EV sales to come in just under 500,000 units, with strong growth in the Nordics and in Germany. BloombergNEF (BNEF) expects 2.6

2019 311

Reseachers attribute suddent surge in China PEV sales to massive subsidies and huge non-monetary incentives

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Sales of plug-in vehicles (PEVs) in China—battery-electric and plug-in hybrid—suddenly soared 343% in 2015 to about 331,000 units—more than 3 times the number sold in the US that year. China-based BYD is now the world’s leading manaufacturer of PEVs, jumping ahead of Nissan and Tesla. Six other China OEMs are among the top 20 PEV manufacturers. China and US PEV sales. The 10% sales tax on vehicles is waived for PEVs.

2017 200

EVs new sales increased by 26% in global automotive market

Electric Vehicles India

EVs new sales increased by 26% in global automotive market. Electric vehicles sales are rapidly growing day by day, in the first half of 2021 the sales have increased by 26% with 2.6 million units representing 26% of new sales in the global automotive market.

NIO launches Battery as a Service (BaaS) in China; battery swap system

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Premium EV manufacturer NIO has launched Battery as a Service (BaaS) for customers in China. With the battery price not included in the vehicle sales price, nor in the finance payments, the costs are significantly lower to switch to an EV.

2020 399

Dongfeng Honda to begin sales of e:NS1 EV; GAC Honda to being reservations for e:NP1 EV

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a Honda automobile production and sales joint venture in China, has begun sales of the all-new e:NS1 electric vehicle (EV) model. Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., HMCI), a wholly-owned Honda subsidiary in China, announced that GAC Honda Automobile Co.,

Honda 195

Electric Car Sales Growth In China Sparks Industry-Wide Change


EV sales in China are growing while gas-powered automakers struggle

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Tesla China’s rumored May sales slump debunked by CPCA Secretary General


Tesla’s rumored sales slump in China doesn’t seem to be a worry of Cui Dongshu, the Secretary General of the Chinese Passenger Car Association. Yesterday, reports of a halving of Tesla’s sales in China ran a riot on the automaker’s stock.

China 114

Chinese lithium prices hit records as EV sales take off; nickel at 7-year high

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Transacted prices in China began to breach the RMB 200,000/tonne mark in November—a historical milestone for lithium pricing. Batteries China Electric (Battery) Market Background MaterialsChinese lithium carbonate prices soared in 2021, due to a surge in demand for lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries in the country, according to the end-of-year analysis by Benchmark Minerals Intelligence.

Electric Vehicle sales increased 109 percent in 2021, China and Europe set the pace


Electric vehicle sales increased 109 percent in 2021 compared to 2020, a new report from analyst firm Canalys indicated. China and Europe continue to lead other regions in EV adoption, with both areas making up 85 percent of the total global EV sales in 2021. Mainland China?and

Tesla China’s battery supply set to increase with CATL share sale


Tesla’s battery supply for its cars made in China is set to expand. The electric automaker’s battery cell supplier in China, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. billion yuan) in a share sale that will be made available to large investors.

Sodium 114

Volvo Cars sales return to growth in China, but down 43.8% in April y-o-y overall; plug-in share doubles to 14%

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China, meanwhile, returned to growth in April as showroom traffic began to return to normal levels. In the January to April period, Volvo Cars global sales reached 163,649 cars, down 24.9% China sales in April reached 14,724 cars, up 20.8% In the first four months of the year sales declined by 15.6 US sales in April stood at 3,866 cars, down 53.8%, compared with the same month last year. Between January and April, US sales declined by 23.3%

2020 159

China March 2021

EV Sales

Plugins are a hot item in China, having scored a near-record 211,000 units last month, jumping 244% regarding the same month last year, making it the second best month ever, only behind last December. After Europe, #EVDisruption is now reaching China. China11% share!

Sale 83

Volvo Cars global sales drop 28.3% in May y-o-y; full electric share climbs to 7.9% up from 3.7%

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Volvo Cars reported retail sales of 45,952 cars in May, down 28.3% Sales of Recharge models (plug-in hybrid and fully electric) represented 33.6% of total sales in May, an increase of 10 percentage points compared with the same month in 2021. China. During May, the Covid-19-related lockdowns in eastern China continued to add more stress to already strained global supply chains, resulting in loss of production. European sales for May reached 18,752 cars, down 24.3%

China April 2021

EV Sales

Plugins are a hot item in China, having scored over 175,000 units last month, jumping 173% regarding the same month last year, with BEVs in particular growing an amazing 204% rate. After Europe, #EVDisruption is now reaching China. China10% share!

Sale 83

Mercedes-Benz Cars tripled global sales of xEVs in 2020; 7.4% of sales

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We more than tripled sales of our plug-in hybrids and all-electric cars. Sales of plug-in hybrids almost quadrupled to more than 115,000 units. kWh/100 km) achieved sales of about 1,700 vehicles. Deliveries of the all-electric smart models totalled approximately 27,000 units, a strong double-digit increase (+45.6%) compared with the previous sales record in 2019 (18,400 units). Sales in the North America region totalled 317,592 units (-14.7%).

2020 243

Tesla soars past $700 with help from optimism after strong EV sales in China


Tesla stock ( NASDAQ: TSLA ) soared past the $700 threshold earlier today after strong electric vehicle sales figures in China from rival companies promoted optimism regarding Tesla’s potential July delivery figures.

China 114

GM China sales down 2.4% in January

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General Motors and its joint ventures sold 339,781 vehicles in China during January, down 2.4% Shanghai GM’s domestic sales decreased 6.9% year on year to 160,067 units, SAIC-GM-Wuling’s sales in China were up 3.5% to 178,903 units and FAW-GM’s domestic sales were down 75.6% Shanghai GM’s all-time record sales in December resulted in fewer products available for dealers to sell in January. Buick sales in the domestic market decreased 9.6%

2015 217

Honda: Only EV Sales In China By 2030


EV sales are expected to grow rapidly in China

Honda 87

China February 2021

EV Sales

BEV), and considering January and February are China's weakest months, we can now safely assume that the local plugin market will cross North of the two-digits mark this year, maybe even during the first half of the year! This EV could be a game changer, and not only in China. #2 Chin

Sale 83

IHS cuts 2015 light vehicle sales forecast in China to 23.4 million; deeper cut for 2016

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IHS revised downward its forecast for light vehicle sales in China, projecting a decline of 3 to 4 percent from previous estimates for 2015. IHS Automotive has reduced its full year 2015 light vehicle sales forecast for China to 23.4 However, sales activity may not be as negative as current media reports suggest, according to IHS. Source: IHS Automotive, September 2015 Light Vehicle Sales Forecast. China Forecasts Sales

2015 211

China January 2021

EV Sales

The Rise and Rise of the Wuling Mini EV After the December sales peak, one would expect a sales hangover in January, allowing BEVs to tighten their hold of the market, as they represented 83% of sales, up 3% share regarding 2020 and 12% regarding the same month last year.

Sale 83