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@LATimes Editorial Board Still Has It’s Head Up It’s Ass About The Climate Crisis Now Raging #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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SEAT introduces MEB-based el-Born, plug-in hybrid CUPRA Formentor concepts

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Colorado to launch smart-charging pilot program as it prepares for EVs

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As it prepares to launch an electric-car mandate in coming years, Colorado is working to learn how electric cars can help it move to a more renewable energy grid. The non-profit Platte River Power Authority announced last month that it is teaming up with eMotorWerks, which sells home smart chargers, to sell and install 250 smart chargers for. smart grid charging power grid

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Researchers develop efficient route for production of BTX from biomass

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A team at RWTH Aachen University has developed a novel route for the efficient production of BTX (aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene and three xylene isomers)—which play an essential role in the petrochemical and fine chemical industries—from bio-derived isobutyraldehyde.

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Tesla will raise prices on all but $35k Model 3, keep more stores open

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Tesla's announcement late February that it will close stores and move entirely to online sales has already been cause for a minor uproar, as news emerged about mammoth lease obligations it may need to keep. Those lease obligations potentially add up to $1.6 billion currently and $1.1 billion until 2023, as tallied by the Wall Street Journal.

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Munich Re insuring battery performance; stationary first, EVs in second phase

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Munich Re is the world’s first insurer to offer a product that covers battery performance. The product allows manufacturers in the booming battery market to offer long-term performance guarantees—whose value is backed by the insurance coverage. The new coverage allows battery manufacturers to insure their customer warranties. For example, if the repair or replacement costs of defective or weak battery modules exceed a predetermined amount, the insurance then covers the rest.

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Jeep announces two more plug-in hybrids, for Europe

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Last week, Fiat Chrysler announced plans, along with a $4.5 billion investment, to expand its lineup of plug-in hybrids, including plans to build two new plug-in hybrid Jeeps in the U.S., including the Grand Cherokee and new versions of the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer planned to roll out in 2020. Last June, at an investors' meeting, late Fiat. plug-in cars

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EPA says fuel economy rose in 2017, but it may be falling again

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An EPA report released Wednesday shows that cars are getting better gas mileage in response to rising fuel economy standards. Yet a roaring economy and low gas prices have put Americans on a truck-buying spree, and the EPA is working to undermine those standards. According to its annual automotive trends report, the average new car reached a. emissions EPA Fuel Economy

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S. Korea launches new company to lead construction of hydrogen fueling infrastructure; 100 stations by 2022

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South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) announced that 13 hydrogen-related companies, including Hyundai Motor, are partnering to launch a special purpose corporation (SPC), named HyNet, to drive the construction of hydrogen refueling infrastructure in the country.

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Tesla stores, plug-in Jeeps, EPA fuel-economy, Colorado charging: Today's Car News

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Tesla reversed its decision to go online only, and is keeping many stores open. Fiat Chrysler announced two new plug-in Jeeps for Europe. An annual EPA report shows rising fuel-economy standards are working—just as the EPA plans to gut them. And a new program aims to get Colorado ready for smart charging, ahead of a potential roll-out of a. EPA Google plug-in cars Waymo

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All-electric MG ZS to launch this autumn?

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MG has announced the launch of its very first battery electric vehicle in the UK this autumn

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As Volvo aims to limit the top speed of their range to 112mph, is there more to their safety story?

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Let’s talk about speeding

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Ban idling outside schools and hospitals, says health chief

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Public Health England has today offered a series of recommendations on how the government can improve air quality

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