Scrappage Policy in India: Will It Boost EV Adoption?

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The Voluntary Vehicle Fleet Modernisation Programme, often known as the vehicle scrappage program, was launched on August 13 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. . The Vehicle Scrappage Policy’s Highlights. Cleaner, safer and economical vehicles on the road.

Mayor of London backs diesel car scrappage scheme; London ranked 9th best world city in new air quality study

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The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has renewed calls for scrapping the most polluting diesel cars and giving drivers cash incentives to switch to cleaner vehicles as part of the evidence he gave to the Environmental Audit Committee today. As reported in The Guardian , the Mayor told the Committee that: You could do a diesel scrappage scheme that would stimulate the market for cleaner vehicles.

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Scrappage Scheme Moving Forward in US Congress

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Dingell, Congresswoman Betty Sutton, Congressman Jay Inslee, and Congressman Bart Stupak reached an agreement on a “Cash for Clunkers” scrappage program. There will be a finite number of these vouchers, based on this vehicle class’s market share. There are no EPA mileage measures for these trucks; however, because newer models are cleaner than older models, the age requirement ensures that the trade will improve environmental quality. Chairman Henry A.

Will the scrappage extension do any good? The Green Piece

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The UK’s car scrappage scheme may have been dubbed a resounding success by the majority of car manufacturers and consumers alike, but it hasn’t won plaudits from all corners. Regular readers of The Green Piece Column will recall our article on the scrappage scheme back in June, where we put forward the idea that the scheme be tied to the greenest cars. There are ominous questions looming too, as to what the motor industry will do when the scrappage scheme ends.

Canada’s only privately-funded electric vehicle incentive is helping car buyers make the switch

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The person I bought my EV from was replacing it with a new one, so it not only helped me make my purchase, it also helped the EV market gain momentum.”. Ontario’s Used Electric Vehicle (EV) Incentive Program has been extended.

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Euro Auto Production Down 35% in First Quarter 2009; Second Half Production May be Down 25%; Small Cars Hit New Record Share

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While fleet renewal schemes (vehicle scrappage) have helped segments of the passenger car market in some countries, overall vehicle demand in Europe went further down as well. As the European economy stayed in recession, market demand for vehicles continued to suffer: over the first quarter, new passenger car registrations dropped by 17.2%, new commercial vehicle registrations by 35.7%; five months into the year, the decrease was 13.9%

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New UK Report Welcomes Moves to Promote Green Cars but Stresses Importance of Policies to Reduce Car Use

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It finds that policy can play a big role in helping drivers leave their car at home and that Britain lags behind the leading countries in use of cleaner modes of travel. Circulation and fuel taxes combined with ‘scrappage’ subsidies may be able to deliver this goal if combined with information and education. Our review suggests that the most effective policies are emissions regulation, purchase taxes and fuel tax, aided by rules on marketing and labelling.

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