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The EV Transition Explained: Can the Grid Cope?

Cars That Think

There have been vigorous debates pro and con in the United States and elsewhere over whether electric grids can support EVs at scale. grid, but the rising number of EVs will test the local grid’s reliability at many of the 3,000 electric-distribution utilities in the United States , which themselves own more than 5.5

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Xcel Energy, INL to use nuclear energy for clean hydrogen production; HTSE

Green Car Congress

Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy will work with Idaho National Laboratory to demonstrate a system that uses a nuclear plant’s steam and electricity to split water. Earlier post.) The resulting hydrogen will initially be used at the power plant, but it could eventually be sold to other industries.

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ClearFlame Engine Technologies hits multiple manufacturing, customer pilot, and fueling milestones

Green Car Congress

As part of ClearFlame’s agreements for engine modification, Minneapolis-based Reviva has been named ClearFlame’s initial engine remanufacturing partner, responsible for integrating ClearFlame’s kit into existing Cummins X15 engines; engines will carry a two-year warranty. —BJ Johnson, ClearFlame co-founder and CEO.

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Prysmian Group, $900M SOO Green HVDC Link Project Brings New Clean Energy Jobs to the US

EV Obssesion

Courtesy of SOO GREEN HVDC LINK PROJECT $900M SOO GREEN HVDC LINK PROJECT, A KEY MILESTONE IN BUILDING A US CLEAN ENERGY GRID Partnership brings new HVDC transmission cable manufacturing capacity & jobs to the US June 21, 2021 (Minneapolis – Milan) – SOO Green HVDC Link today announced the selection of Prysmian Group – […].

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Chrysler/DOE Ram PHEV project exploring battery life modeling

Green Car Congress

In addition to battery again and life cycle analysis, the project is exploring smart grid interfaces; bi-directional charging; second life—i.e., grid storage and load balancing for the battery pack; and integration with renewable energy. The program is slated to rack of 9 million miles of data, with 1.4 That dropped to 7.6,

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Cummins Demonstrates Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power System

Green Car Congress

The demonstration, held at Cummins Power Generation facilities in Minneapolis, leveraged development supported by the US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). Caine Finnerty, vice president, SOFC Operations, Protonex Technology Corporation.

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Environmental Charter High School Gets Solar; Greenius Goes EcoMedia

Creative Greenius

And in the next three months he’ll be in Cambridge, Massachusetts; back in Minneapolis; the Port of Los Angeles; Long Beach, California; Long Island, New York and Denver Colorado for the latest batch of environmental projects EcoAds have helped to fund.

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