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The EV Transition Explained: Can the Grid Cope?

Cars That Think

There have been vigorous debates pro and con in the United States and elsewhere over whether electric grids can support EVs at scale. grid, but the rising number of EVs will test the local grid’s reliability at many of the 3,000 electric-distribution utilities in the United States , which themselves own more than 5.5

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Study: Reducing Future Transportation CO2 Emissions to Kyoto Protocol Levels Will Require Combination of Vehicle Technology and Smart Growth

Green Car Congress

This scenario assumes that 100% of the study region’s vehicle fleet will be HEVs by 2050—half of which will be grid plug-in HEVs—but that the fleet will otherwise remain unchanged from 2000 in terms of its relative composition of different vehicle size classes. HEV Fleet Scenario (HEV). Smart-Growth Development Scenario 1 (SG1). Stone et al.

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