Mon.May 13, 2019

Elaphe to begin low-volume series production of L1500 in-wheel powertrain system

Green Car Congress

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies will begin low-volume series manufacturing of L1500 gearless in-wheel powertrain system. The Elaphe L1500 in-wheel motor achieves the highest torque densities of electric motors on the market, generating 1500 N·m of torque without using any gears.

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EVgo fast-charge network commits to 100 percent renewable power

Green Car Reports

If electric cars are supposed to clean up the environment and reduce global warming—and they are—EV drivers would like to rely on 100 percent renewable energy to do charge. And charging networks are striving to provide it.

2019 103

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Rigterink Logistikgruppe testing the fully-electric eActros truck

Green Car Congress

The Mercedes-Benz battery-electric eActros will be put through its paces by Rigterink Logistikgruppe in regular operations primarily transporting foodstuffs in the inner-city traffic of Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden, Mainz and numerous other municipalities in the Rhine-Main area.

2019 122

Maserati joins ranks of EV holdouts among exotic automakers

Green Car Reports

Although it announced the end of using Ferrari engines in its cars last week, Italian luxury-carmaker Maserati won't be going all-electric any time soon.

2019 98

Northwestern team identifies site in enzyme responsible for methane-methanol conversion

Green Car Congress

Methanotrophic bacteria remove methane from the environment and convert it into methanol. An interdisciplinary team at Northwestern University has found that the enzyme responsible for the methane-methanol conversion catalyzes this reaction at a site that contains just one copper ion.

2019 106

Dyson patents show possible Tesla Model X competitor

Green Car Reports

Dyson, the maker of snazzy, high-tech vacuum cleaners, has said for two years that it will build electric cars starting in 2020. Now the company has released patent drawings that give a hint of what at least the first one may look like.

2019 97

UK researchers use graphite to waterproof perovskite solar cells

Green Car Congress

A cheaper, cleaner and more sustainable way of making hydrogen fuel from water using sunlight is closer with new research from the University of Bath’s Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies. The team used a commercial thermal graphite sheet and a mesoporous carbon scaffold to encapsulate metal-halide perovskites (CsPbBr 3 ) as an inexpensive and efficient waterproofing strategy. The study is published in the open access journal Nature Communications.

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Daimler targeting carbon-neutral new passenger car fleet by 2039; PHEVs and EVs > 50% of sales by 2030

Green Car Congress

Daimler AG aims to have a carbon-neutral new passenger car fleet by 2039, said Ola Källenius, the future Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, and currently still responsible for Group Research & Mercedes-Benz Cars Development as a member of the Board of Management. Let’s be clear what this means for us: a fundamental transformation of our company within less than three product cycles.

2019 80

Dyson EV takes form, Maserati keeps engines, EVgo going all-renewable: Today's Car News

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British vacuum-cleaner maker Dyson patents some designs for a future electric car. Maserati boss says not all carmakers will go all-electric. EVgo commits to all-renewable energy sources.

2019 62

CapGemini: 1 out of 2 consumers want to get into a self-driving experience within the next 5 years

Green Car Congress

A new study from the Capgemini Research Institute has found that consumer preference for riding in self-driving cars is set to double within the next five years. While only 25% of consumers would prefer to ride in a self-driving car over a traditional vehicle in 12 months’ time, more than half (52%) say driverless cars will be their preferred mode of transport by 2024. These findings are part of Capgemini Research Institute’s report “The Autonomous Car: A Consumer Perspective.”

2019 73

Clean Energy Zero Now truck orders surpass 250; heavy-duty trucks fueled by renewable natural gas

Green Car Congress

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has reached agreement with trucking firms to lease or purchase more than 250 new heavy-duty trucks, fueled by its Redeem RNG (renewable natural gas). Earlier post.). Clean Energy’s Zero Now program makes the cost of leasing or purchasing a new natural gas heavy-duty truck equal to the price or even lower than that of the same truck equipped with a diesel engine.

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