Shouldn’t We ALL Be Going to PowerShift 2009?

Creative Greenius

I know I should be in Washington DC in two weeks to help take over the capitol on behalf of green jobs, clean energy and ending our carbon-based economy. Maybe you didn’t know there was a coal-fired power plant spewing greenhouse gases, mercury and a very bad vibe just blocks from Capitol Hill. A multigenerational trip to Washington DC with your children is exactly what this unprecedented time in our history calls for.

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Arnold Flexing for Flex-Fuels; Fouls Air & Guzzles More Gasoline

Plugs and Cars

As I read in the San Jose Mercury News about California's flex-fuel fleet fiasco. This is nothing but self-serving propaganda," said [Tyson] Slocum, whose Washington D.C.-based a near silent electric trolley bus passes by my window on Haight St in San Francisco, an old technology tried, true, and spurned by the environmental "experts" of the present and recent past.

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EPA proposes rule for nationwide 30% cut in GHG from existing power plants by 2030 relative to 2005

Green Car Congress

Vermont and Washington, DC are not included in this rule because they do not have fossil fuel-fired power plants. In 2020, EPA projects a 20% to 23% reduction of SO 2 ; 22% to 24% reduction of NO x ; and a 15% to 18% reduction of mercury, under the proposed Option 1 illustrative scenarios.

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Stanford launches major new natural gas research initiative

Green Car Congress

Compared with burning coal, natural gas emits about half the carbon dioxide and substantially less soot, mercury and sulfur. Jackson, a member of the Earth System Science Department, has mapped thousands of natural gas leaks across city streets in Boston and Washington, DC, and published the first studies of hydraulic fracturing’s impact on drinking water. Stanford University has launched a new research initiative to study comprehensively the development and use of natural gas.

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