The Summit On Clean Tech Law & The New Energy Policy

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Stimulus Package allocated for renewables? Early bird registration for this Sept 18 Clean Tech Law Summit is extended to Tuesday Sept 15 at 6:00 pm Pacific Time. My friend, attorney Leslie Williams, of Shaub and Williams , has been busy for the past few months putting together a big Renewable Energy Law Summit at the Southwestern Law School in L.A. and it takes place next week, on Sept 18.

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ITF: worldwide transport activity to double by 2050, emissions to rise 16% compared to 2015

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Gearing stimulus packages towards decarbonization. Sustainable mobility is only possible with clean energy.

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Sandia Labs Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory undergoing $4.2M renovation to enable testing of larger batteries for EVs and PHEVs

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million overhaul, paid for with federal stimulus funds, includes updating test bays, data acquisition systems and laboratory space, and hiring additional staff members to meet the growing demand for Sandia’s battery safety expertise. million stimulus package whose goal is to advance national clean energy and technology efficiency across seven Department of Energy (DOE) national labs.

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Sandia’s Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory Awarded $4.2M

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million economic stimulus package to further develop the nation’s efforts in clean energy and efficient technologies across seven DOE national laboratories. With the recent stimulus funds, the BATLab will be able to greatly increase the number of tests it does. Sandia National Laboratories will use $4.2

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World Economic Forum Report: US$515 Billion Per Year Needed in Green Investments

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A report released by the World Economic Forum during its annual meeting in Davos warns that to have a chance of limiting the average increase in global temperatures to 2°C, a level which an increasing number of experts already considers unsafe, at least US$515 billion per year will need to be invested in clean energy globally between now and 2030. Clean energy opportunities have the potential to generate significant economic returns.

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Report from the REFF-Wall Street; Themes in Renewable Energy Finance

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The stimulus package is designed to address the recession and in the short term people were anxiously awaiting two key components of the plan: clarification on the details behind “ grants in lieu of tax credits ” and awards of loan guarantees by the DOE from section 1705. As another panelist pointed out, “ The New York Times is well-equipped to write the article about how Stimulus Funds have been wasted ”. Post-Stimulus. by Bill Cooke.

Germany Launches H2 Mobility Initiative to Expand Infrastructure for Refueling Hydrogen Vehicles

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This will take place within the framework of the German economic stimulus package (Konjunkturpaket II) and other national and state programs to jointly address standardization and cost reduction issues. A fleet of 40 hydrogen vehicles is part of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) in Berlin and Hamburg.

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The Race to Plug-In Hybrids Is On

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The new administration’s stimulus package allots $2B for advanced batteries, $300M for federal and states fleets to buy new clean fuel vehicles and $7,500 tax rebate for PHEV, with yet more money in the Auto-Industry Re-tooling fund. A powerful roster of key industry players in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle arena will come together at Infocast’s Opportunities in Grid-Connected Mobility in San Francisco, California.

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Coming Soon – The Electric City

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Robert Hayden, the clean transportation adviser for San Francisco, said the city hopes to have 60 charging stations installed in public garages by year’s end, with a thousand more available across the Bay Area in 2011. Under last year’s stimulus package, nearly $200 million will support Nissan’s introduction of the Leaf by permitting the installation of 13,000 charging stations around cities in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona and Tennessee in the next year or so.

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GM: Let's Hash Out Open Plug-In Car Standards

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Email « Daily Sprout GE Looking to Tap $2 Trillion of Stimulus Spending » Leave a reply Name (required) Email (required, will not be published) Website Notify me of follow-up comments via email. GigaOM] Atlassian’s “Stimulus Package”: Get JIRA & Confluence for $5/Year [WebWorkerDaily] Reporting for Duty: Apple’s iPod Touch [TheAppleBlog] GigaOM Jobs MOVER NEEDED URGENTLY at W TREVOUR (Virginia Beach, Virginia) job opening, apply now !

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Honda May Develop Plug-In as Obama Alters U.S. Policy (Update2) -

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Tax Credits Instead, Obama backed tax credits of as much as $7,500 inthe stimulus package approved in February for buyers of plug-incars. I haven’t heard any discussion of hydrogen since the Bushadministration was getting ready to leave,” said Dan Becker ,director of the Safe Climate Campaign , a group in Washingtonthat works for environmentally “clean” cars. “It We will have packages that will be verycompetitive at that time.”

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Profile: Farmers Ethanol: Focusing on Sustainable Corn Ethanol Production and a Triple Bottom Line

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Last year people were able to get unleveraged tax equity financing to monetize the production tax credits at yields to the tax investor of 6-7%; this year tax equity investors are seeking yields ranging from 10-15% for leveraged tax equity transactions utilizing the investment tax credit that is now available under the Stimulus Bill. Because the dairy cows were remarkably clean, very little odor and few pests were to be found. by Bill Cooke. Farmers’ Ethanol biorefinery process.

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