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Alternative fuels to ‘power car industry growth’

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While the global economic climate may still be fairly dire, a new report suggests that for the UK auto industry growth will be driven by new technology and investment into alternative fuel powertrains over the coming few years. While rising oil prices might seem to pose a threat to auto makers, according to the latest [.]. Green credentials car industry electric hybrid KPMG power report study UK

IHS Automotive forecasts 88.6M unit global light vehicle market in 2015; 2.4% growth

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IHS Automotive forecasts global automotive sales for 2015 to reach 88.6 in 2014 as a result of industrial overcapacity and weakness in the real estate sector. million units, aided with increased auto finance penetration, fast dealership expansion and government vehicle scrappage programs. The campaign is expected to have a long-lasting effect on premium parts/vehicle prices in China. North America continues to be an impetus to global light vehicle demand levels.

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IHS Markit: US gasoline demand could be cut almost in half due to COVID-19

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Further, according to the latest IHS Markit forecasts, the global auto industry will exerience an unprecedented and almost instant stalling of demand in 2020, with global auto sales forecast to plummet more than 12% from 2019 to 78.8

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CAR: US light-duty vehicle sales to dip in 2019

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CAR said that a number of positive factors support a high level of US light vehicle sales, including: Projected moderate US economic output growth in 2019; Historically low US unemployment rates; Relatively low oil prices continue through 2020; Underlying nominal wage growth continues; High levels of consumer confidence were reached in Q4 2018; and. Solid new housing starts and home prices rebounding to pre-recession levels.

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Can Electric Vehicles Speed Up As The Economy Slows Down?


In order to envision what may lie ahead, it’s key to understand how the EV industry was evolving up until the novel Coronavirus outbreak. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down the world as we know it and the automotive industry is no exception.

BNEF forecasts EVs to hit 54% of new car sales by 2040; decreasing importance of PHEVs

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Under the new forecast, EVs will displace 8 million barrels of transport fuel per day and add 5% to global electricity consumption (1,800 TWh by 2040 up from 6TWh in 2016). The forecast, put together by the advanced transport team at BNEF, relies on likely future reductions in price for lithium-ion batteries and of prospects for the other cost components in EVs and internal combustion engine vehicles. Since 2010, lithium-ion battery prices have fallen 73% per kWh.

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NYT Editorial

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Editorial Trying to Find the Road Ahead Published: January 24, 2006 W ith its bonds downgraded to junk and its market share on the ropes, Detroit's auto industry almost looks to be in a free fall. What's really sad is that Ford is in such bad shape that few people think the restructuring and job cuts are too aggressive, even though they were larger than many auto industry analysts had been expecting.

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Mixed Outlook for Mainstream Consumer Adoption of PHEVs

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Questions for the industry, Kurani said, include how do we get from where households currently are to where PHEVs provide the most benefit? A recent poll by the Pew Center found that global warming was the last.the last.of A Rasmussen Reports poll show that 41% of the US public thinks Mankind is causing global warming.Are desires for more power, more luxury, more size reaching saturation?

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Expert panel report finds achieving 1M plug-in vehicles in US by 2015 would require concentrated action to overcome barriers

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A new study sponsored by Indiana University concludes that President Obama’s vision of one million plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) on US roads by 2015 will require concentrated efforts action from all stakeholders— the auto industry, federal government, the scientific community, and consumers—to be realized. The findings include: The US PEV Industry in the Global Market. Global Leadership Position in Technology, Manufacturing, and Public Policy.

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Demand for oil ‘passed its peak’

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World oil demand is poised for recovery driven by emerging markets but demand from developed countries is unlikely return report finds. Demand for oil in developed countries—currently 54 percent of all oil demand—has passed its peak, the latest research suggests. Industry analysts reckon oil demand in developed countries likely reached its all-time peak in 2005. Oil demand outside the transportation sector has already been relatively flat since 1980.

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Buffett's Chinese electric car company

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3) TED 2009 (+2) Anti-Nuclear Effectively Means Pro-Fossil Fuel (+2) Consumption dwarfs population as main global warming threat (+2) If youve already signed up for TEC, you dont need to register again. Within a few years, BYD’s batteries were cheaper and just as reliable as those made by industry giants ony and Sanyo. Not many entrepreneurs evolve into effective leaders of global companies with 100,000 or more employees.

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Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

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Early Days in the Obama Administration An Address I'd Like to Hear Global Warming Solutions Included in Transportatio. Thinking Globally, Acting Locally San Francisco City Carbon Collobarative 18th and 1. V2G helps solve the major problem that demand for electricity is high during the day when everything from industrial plants to air conditioning is running full blast and then excess electricity is wasted at night.

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