Geological Society of London: future supply of rare earth elements could be disrupted by technical, environmental and financial factors

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A June 2010 study by the European Union identified the REE as among the 14 mineral commodities most critical to the EU economy, but most deposits are located outside of Europe, with the majority found in China, the CIS (Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan), the USA and Australia.

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Final session on international mercury convention this week expected to culminate in agreement; UNEP Global Mercury Assessment 2013 finds industrial source Hg emissions may be rising

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Comparison of Hg emissions in 2005 and 2010, by selected sector and region. Unintentional emission sectors: Coal burning, ferrous- and non-ferrous (Au, Cu, Hg, Pb, Zn) metal production, cement production. Intentional-use sectors: Disposal and incineration of product waste, cremation emissions, chlor-alkali industry. Source: UNEP. Click to enlarge.

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