Varmlandsmetanol wants to build €350M biomethanol plant in Estonia

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Estonian media reports that Swedish bioenergy company Varmlandsmetanol AB is interested in building a €350-million (US $412 million) biomethanol plant in Estonia. The company is in discussions with the Estonian government over whether it would be possbile to tax biofuel less and whether legislation could be amended to allow for the production and sale of motor fuel containing three to 30 percent methanol.

Want Govt To Pay For Half Of Your Electric Car? Try Estonia

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Federal income tax credit of $7,500. We don't do that here, but that practice would be even more tempting in Estonia--which gives a whopping $22,900 (18,000-euro) incentive on every electric car sold in the small Baltic republic. Some electric-car makers (they know who they are) tend to quote base prices after subtracting the U.S.


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Electric bicycles: Hero & Yamaha JV, Proposed US tax credit for electric bicycles 

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Electric bicycles: Hero & Yamaha JV, Proposed US tax credit for electric bicycles . Ampler Bikes an Estonia, Northern Europe company that manufactures and sells light e-bikes has closed a €7.4m The bicycle market in India is valued at USD 0.9 billion with 15 million bikes a year.

Motor vehicle taxation brings in €440.4B for governments in major European markets

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The taxes fall into three broad categories: vehicle acquisition (VAT, sales tax, registration tax); ownership (annual circulation tax, road tax); and motoring (fuel tax). The top 5 countries with the highest motor tax revenues are: Germany ?

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ACEA: data show EU market for electric cars highly fragmented; need for inclusive measures

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Estonia. Many of the new EU member states with a low ECV market share merely offer an exemption from the annual circulation tax for electric vehicles. Five EU member states don’t offer any incentives at all: Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta and Poland. The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has published new data demonstrating the correlation between the market uptake of electrically-chargeable vehicles (ECVs) and both GDP and customer incentives.

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Jordan signs $2B oil shale investment agreement with Saudi company

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The Saudi company will use the Russian Oil Shale Technology ( UTT3000 ) which has proved its success internationally in developing oil shale since 1950 in Estonia, which is currently producing around 10 thousand barrels a day of shale oil. During the production phase the company pays a petroleum tax which reaches up to 65% plus a royalty on production which reaches up to 5% of the production.

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EEA: Fuel efficiency improvements of new cars in Europe slowed in 2016

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Changes to the level of subsidies and tax incentives available for new vehicle owners changed in 2016 in both countries, directly contributing to lower shares. The least fuel-efficient cars continue to be bought in Estonia (134 g CO 2 /km). The fuel efficiency of new cars sold in the European Union (EU) continued to improve last year but at a slower rate, according to provisional data from the European Environment Agency. The 1.4

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Carmakers are going green but British motorists are not

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The report found that strict new emissions laws are having a strong effect on the availability of cleaner cars, but wealth, motoring taxes, fuel prices and consumer attitudes, which vary wildly from country to country across Europe, have much more of an effect on how clean a car is chosen.&#. Estonia / 177 / 182 / 24.