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Varmlandsmetanol wants to build €350M biomethanol plant in Estonia

Green Car Congress

Estonian media reports that Swedish bioenergy company Varmlandsmetanol AB is interested in building a €350-million (US $412 million) biomethanol plant in Estonia.

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Motor vehicle taxation brings in €440.4B for governments in major European markets

Green Car Congress

The taxes fall into three broad categories: vehicle acquisition (VAT, sales tax, registration tax); ownership (annual circulation tax, road tax); and motoring (fuel tax). Motor tax revenues collected by governments have increased by almost 3% compared to the previous year, and the grand total of €440.4

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Electric bicycles: Hero & Yamaha JV, Proposed US tax credit for electric bicycles 

Electric Vehicles India

Electric bicycles: Hero & Yamaha JV, Proposed US tax credit for electric bicycles . Ampler Bikes an Estonia, Northern Europe company that manufactures and sells light e-bikes has closed a €7.4m A proposed US tax credit for new electric bicycle purchases bumped backed up to a full 30%. billion with 15 million bikes a year.

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Want Govt To Pay For Half Of Your Electric Car? Try Estonia

Green Car Reports

Federal income tax credit of $7,500. We don't do that here, but that practice would be even more tempting in Estonia--which gives a whopping $22,900 (18,000-euro) incentive on every electric car sold in the small Baltic republic. Some electric-car makers (they know who they are) tend to quote base prices after subtracting the U.S.

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ACEA: data show EU market for electric cars highly fragmented; need for inclusive measures

Green Car Congress

Many of the new EU member states with a low ECV market share merely offer an exemption from the annual circulation tax for electric vehicles. Five EU member states don’t offer any incentives at all: Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta and Poland. Lowest ECV market share in EU in 2016. ECV Units sold. GDP per capita.

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Jordan signs $2B oil shale investment agreement with Saudi company

Green Car Congress

The Saudi company will use the Russian Oil Shale Technology ( UTT3000 ) which has proved its success internationally in developing oil shale since 1950 in Estonia, which is currently producing around 10 thousand barrels a day of shale oil. The cost of the project including the shale oil upgrading facilities is estimated to be $4 billion.

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Credit Suisse Predicts Renewable Energy That Is “Too Cheap To Meter” By 2025

CleanTechnica EVs

Credit Suisse says the Inflation Reduction Act will have such a tremendous impact on renewable energy that the US may see the levelized cost of electricity from renewable sources fall to less than 1 cent per kWh hour by 2025 after factoring in all tax and production credits. Now, before we get all gaga over […].

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