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Schaeffler to showcase Space Drive as advance for autonomous driving

Green Car Congress

To offer personal mobility to people living in places where space is at a premium, Schaeffler is working on technology concepts such as the Schaeffler Mover for which the technology group has developed new system solutions. For autonomous urban vehicles, connectivity is a crucial prerequisite for trouble-free operation.

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Update: 10 Best Car Sharing Programs

Clean Fleet Report

For her car sharing had subcategories of: Car sharing is expanding our mobility Roundtrip One-Way Personal Vehicle Sharing (which can include fractional ownership models) Then there’s scooter sharing and bike sharing (also with subcategories of public, closed campus and peer-to-peer [P2P]).

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Retrofitting three-wheeler to electric 

Electric Vehicles India

To boost the electric vehicles on Indian roads the government has brought up a policy that can eliminate personal vehicles in the upcoming decades. With an increase in shared mobility such as metros, monorails, and BRT systems, last-mile connectivity has already acquired the importance of never before. Advantages.

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Nissan CEO announces LEAF with ProPilot autonomy; other autonomous and connected technologies & partnerships

Green Car Congress

The request is routed to the first available mobility manager—a person who uses vehicle images and sensor data (streamed over the wireless network) to assess the situation, decide on the correct action, and create a safe path around the obstruction. Connected cars: innovations in intelligent driving & integration.

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IDTechEX sees battery swapping as winner in 2- and 3-wheeler markets of Asia-Pacific

Green Car Congress

Personal cars and taxi fleets in China are now adopting this technology as well with ambitious targets set by companies for rolling out their own swap station networks. Sun Mobility in India has also launched its ‘Quick Interchange Station’ that facilitates the swapping, charging, and maintenance of battery packs for electric buses.

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The Kiwi business journey to Carbon Zero

Drive Electric

You could also look to transition your fleet to a pool vehicle fleet and reduce the number of personally assigned work vehicles. You can assess the best mix of mobility solutions and consider: If your business needs personally assigned vehicles. How do you achieve the outcomes you need and your emissions goals most efficiently?

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The promise of wireless charging: smaller batteries, longer battery life, fewer charging stations

Charged EVs

We could take an Oslo taxi and charge it in a bus terminal in Wenatchee, Washington or vice versa. We connect high-power communication lines into the DC charging system of the car. There’s ease of operations, ease of maintenance benefits. In our Gothenburg and Oslo taxi projects, the chargers are at the taxi stands.