UNEP study: small number of measures targeting black carbon and tropospheric ozone could yield immediate climate benefits

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Global benefits from full implementation of the identified measures in 2030 compared to the reference scenario. The climate change benefit is estimated for 2050 and human health and crop benefits are for 2030 and beyond. Climate Change Diesel Emissions Policy

NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 reaches orbit

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The instruments on these precisely engineered satellites make almost simultaneous measurements of clouds, aerosols, atmospheric chemistry, and other elements critical to understanding Earth’s changing climate. Climate Change Emissions Research by Jack Rosebro.

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International study identifies 14 key measures to reduce methane and black carbon emissions; reduction in projected global mean warming of ~0.5 °C by 2050

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National benefits of the CH 4 plus BC measures versus the reference scenario. Circle areas are proportional to values for (A and B) climate change, (C and D) human health (values for population over age 30), and (E and F) agriculture. Black carbon Climate Change Emissions

Cutting Non-CO2 Pollutants Can Delay Abrupt Climate Change; The Fast Action Climate Agenda

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This would mean that the climate system is close to entering if not already within the zone of “dangerous anthropogenic interference” (DAI). “We Cutting HFCs, black carbon, tropospheric ozone, and methane can buy us about 40 years before we approach the dangerous threshold of 2°C warming. —co-author

UN Review of Recent Climate Research Concludes That Impacts Of Climate Change Coming Faster Than Anticipated

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Significant climate anomalies 2008/2009. Source: Climate Change Compendium. A UN review of some 400 major scientific contributions to Earth systems and climate science released through peer-reviewed literature or from research institutions over the last three years, has found that the pace and scale of climate change may now be outstripping even the worst case predictions of the last report of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC).

Report argues advanced HD natural gas vehicles foundational for California to hit air and climate goals; near zero-emission potential

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Compared to the 2010 “Business as Usual” scenario—which includes all adopted emission control measures for the South Coast—NO x levels must be reduced by 65% and by 75% to meet the 2023 and 2032 ozone standards, respectively.

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SCOPE Biofuels Project Releases Assessment on Environmental Effects of Biofuel Technologies

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Criteria that account for the effects of land-use change, or that restrict the types of biofuel feedstocks, could have greater utility. A few studies also include other relevant impact indicators as acidification potential, eutrophication potential, ozone depletion potential and various toxicity potentials. More specifically, only one third of the studies define an alternative land use reference system and calculate the carbon stock.