BREAKING: BBC Top Gear Caught Filming Latest Electric Car ?Stunt'

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Despite being embroiled in a sworded libel court-case with californian electric car maker Tesla Motors for false representation of its $109,000 sexy all-electric sportscar. ’s number one motoring entertainment Uh-Ho. the BBC’s Top Gear program has just been spied in Lincoln, England - filming its latest electric car escapade. The U.K.’s

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Tesla mulls patent giveaway

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Tesla could be considering opening up its patents, in order to develop a bigger market for electric cars, the firm’s CEO, Elon Musk has hinted in recent days. In an interview with the BBC, Musk strongly implied that the firm was looking at freeing up its technology patents, so other carmakers coul[.]. Electric cars Tesla Motors Editor Pick

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Tesla loses Top Gear lawsuit

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Electric car maker, Tesla has lost its court case against the BBC’s Top Gear show over a review of its Roadster model. Tesla Motors Tesla Top Gear UK USThe Silicon-Valley firm had been trying to sue the show for libel and malicious falsehood relating to an episode first aired in December 2008. In the episode, the Roadster appeared to run out [.].

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Tesla loses libel claim against Top Gear

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Electric sport car firm Tesla has lost an important part of its libel lawsuit against Top Gear. A high court judge ruled that the BBC show did not imply that Tesla misled motorists by claiming its Roadster car had a 200 mile range. The show first broadcast in 2008, showed the Tesla Roadster being tested [.]. Tesla Motors court libel Roadster sue Tesla test Top Gear track

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News in brief: Tesla brings Model S launch forward

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Electric carmaker Tesla has brought forward the production of its latest model, the Model S sedan car according to the BBC. Tesla is eager to bring its new model to the market after it finished production of [.]. Tesla Motors electric car Tesla Model SDeliveries to the first customer in the US will now start in June, a month earlier than expected.

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Tesla sues Top Gear over ‘Roadster lies’

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Electric supercar maker, Tesla is to sue the BBC programme Top Gear over allegations that a road test of its Roadster model featured on the show over two years ago, falsely portrayed the car’s performance. Tesla Motors libel malicious falsehood Roadster Tesla Top Gear

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London to Edinburgh EV trip completed in 13 hours

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EV advocates Robert Llewellyn and David Peilow managed a London to Edinburgh trip over the weekend in a 2013 model Nissan LEAF in just over 13 hours; smashing the four days it took BBC jour[.]. Electric cars Nissan Tesla Motors Robert Llewellyn A mission to disprove a myth; that electric cars are useless for long distance journeys, went without a hitch.

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Tesla shares fall below offer price

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Shares in the electric carmaker, Tesla have fallen below its offer price, just a week after beginning trading in New York, the BBC reports. Tags: Tesla Motors car electric Roadster shares Tesla trading The Silicon Valley firm known for its electric supercar, the Roadster, saw shares in its company drop to $15.83 on Tuesday (July 6, 2010). It’s the first time the company has [.].

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Top Gear Tests Nissan Leaf, Peugeot iOn: A Fair Assessment?

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It's the episode electric car enthusiasts have been itching to see- and now the guys at BBC motoring show Top Gear have tested two electric cars to see whether they make any sense for the car buying public. First, they tested the Tesla Roadster in December 2008 Now we already know that Top Gear hasn't had the greatest history with electric cars.

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Electric-Car Fans Rally Around the Volt - Green Inc. Blog -

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Electric car supporters are rising to defend General Motors’ development of the Chevy Volt after the Obama Administration’s automotive task force proclaimed that the car was probably too expensive to be commercially successful in the near future. For $50k you can get a Tesla sedan which will get hundreds of miles strictly on electric. Sure, if you need to make lots of long trips in a car, and can only afford to have one car, then probably a Tesla’s not for you.

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Electric Car Makers: Oregon Wants You - Green Inc. Blog -

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Treehugger More Videos of the Tesla Model S Electric Car In Action Whats This? Recycling of dead cells will become a big spin-off industry just like re-built motors are today, and all will be well in America, slower, but off of oil, and better, more sustainable - you know, more “Granola&# — Uncle B 8. Home Page Todays Paper Video Most Popular Times Topics Search All Energy & Environment World U.S.

Electric Cars and a Smarter Grid - Green Inc. Blog -

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And in a true smart grid, electric cars will not only be able to draw on electricity to run their motors, they will also be able to do the reverse: send electricity stored in their batteries back into the grid when it is needed. Home Page Todays Paper Video Most Popular Times Topics Search All Energy & Environment World U.S.

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