EU JRC releases Roskill study on demand and supply security of nickel for EV batteries; risk of shortages

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It is also used to produce nickel hydroxide and other nickel compounds used in NiMH (blue) and NiCd (blue) batteries, and other applications (blue).

Roskill: Nickel sulfate to be the key growth area of nickel demand over the next decade; driven by EVs

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A couple of years ago, the market for nickel sulfate was largely driven by the plating industry and non-Li-ion battery applications such as NiMH and NiCd batteries with stagnated y-o-y growth. As a crucial raw material in Li-ion batteries used to electrify vehicles, a significant volume of nickel sulfate will be required in the decade ahead from the booming automotive sector.

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Alstom to supply two H3 hybrid shunting locomotives for Audi

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The powertrain consists of a 350 kW diesel generator and a 350 kW NiCd battery. Alstom will supply two H3 hybrid shunting locomotives for Audi’s freight transport. The automotive manufacturer will use the shunting locomotives to reorganize its factory traffic in Ingolstadt. The locomotives will be delivered at the end of 2015 and the end of 2016.

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IDTechEx sees improving supercapacitors gaining market share against Li-ion batteries

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Yunasko and others have demonstrated 35 Wh/kg, with the intermediate supercabatteries, matching lead-acid and NiCd batteries. A new report by market research company IDTechEx—“Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors: Supercapacitors 2014-2024”—finds that supercapacitors are improving faster than lithium-ion batteries in most respects.

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Tier 1 HELLA evaluating PowerGenix NiZn batteries for 48V mild hybrid vehicles

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Nickel-zinc batteries are chemically very similar to nickel-cadmium, NiCd. The PowerGenix battery has up to a third more energy density than a traditional NiCd battery when measured by either weight (Wh/kg) or by volume (Wh/l). PowerGenix, the developer of nickel-zinc (NiZn) rechargeable batteries ( earlier post ), has signed a product evaluation contract with HELLA, a Tier 1 supplier to major automotive manufacturers worldwide.

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Electric bicycles classifications, history & development 

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Nickel-cadmium battery(NiCd). Electric bicycles classifications, history & development .

Volkswagen and BYD Agree to Explore Partnership for Hybrids and EVs

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BYD Auto, which is a subsidiary of China-based BYD Group, the leading provider of NiCd batteries (65% global market share) and lithium-ion cell phone batteries (30% global market share), uses BYD lithium-ion iron phosphate cells in its energy storage system. Chinese carmaker BYD and Volkswagen have signed a memorandum of understanding to explore the options for partnership in the area of hybrids and electric vehicles powered by lithium batteries.

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