Toyota recalling about 113,000 Highlander and RX 400h hybrids

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One involves approximately 133,000 MY 2006-2010 Highlander Hybrid and MY 2006-2008 Lexus RX 400h vehicles. In the involved Toyota Highlander Hybrid and Lexus RX 400h vehicles, transistors within the hybrid system’s inverter assembly can experience heat damage due to variations in characteristics of the transistors’ parallel circuits. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., will conduct two voluntary safety recalls.

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2006-2007 Lexus RX 400h, Toyota Highlander Hybrids: Recall

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The affected models are the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and the Lexus RX 400h, which share an understructure and Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive system. Lexus will recall roughly 36,700 RX 400h Toyota said today it will begin a voluntary safety recall that covers about 82,000 hybrid sport utility vehicles sold in the U.S. during 2006 and 2007.

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Toyota conducting voluntary safety recall of some 2006 and 2007MY Highlander Hybrid and RX 400h vehicles

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TMS) will conduct a voluntary safety recall involving approximately 45,500 Highlander Hybrid and 36,700 Lexus RX 400h vehicles sold in the US. Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. No other Toyota or Lexus vehicles are involved. The Intelligent Power Module (IPM) located inside the Hybrid System Inverter contains a control board with transistors.

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Recall: 2006-2010 Toyota Highlander Hybrids, 2006-2008 Lexus RX 400h

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Toyota announced yesterday that it would conduct a voluntary recall of 133,000 Highlander Hybrid and Lexus RX400h crossover utility vehicles. The affected vehicles cover model years 2006 through 2010 for the Highlander, and 2006 through 2008 for the RX. Both vehicles share a platform and use the same powertrain. The recall will fix transistors in

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Global Lexus Hybrid Sales Pass Half-Million Mark

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Since the company's first hybrid, the Lexus RX 400h hit the roads in 2005, over 506,000 have followed. 259,000 RX 400h and RX 450h models have rolled Luxury automaker Lexus has hit a major milestone in hybrid sales: Half a million units. And it's the RX hybrid which is still the best-selling line, making up over half of Lexus's total hybrid sales.

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2013 Lexus GS 450h: First Drive

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Ever since Lexus launched the RX 400h hybrid SUV in 2005, gasoline-electric hybrids have been an integral part of the Lexus lineup. Cleverly combining performance, luxury and economy, they allow luxury buyers to avoid the compromises that might otherwise be associated with making a luxury vehicle more fuel efficient--like sacrificing power or

Lexus has sold more than 1M hybrids

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Lexus International announced it has sold more than 1 million hybrid vehicles worldwide since the RX 400h went on sale in April 2005. Following the debut of the RX 400h, the brand gradually expanded its hybrid line-up by launching the first luxury hybrid sedan, the GS 450h in 2006, and in 2007 the most powerful luxury hybrid sedan, LS 600h. As of the end of March 2016, Lexus had sold approximately 1,000,600 hybrid vehicles in 11 years.

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Cumulative global sales of Lexus hybrids pass half-million mark

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From the sale of the first RX 400h in 2005 through to the end of November this year, Lexus has sold more than 506,000 of its hybrid vehicles. The RX 400h, launched in 2005, was the world’s first production full hybrid luxury SUV. In 2005, 26,000 Lexus hybrids were sold; by 30 November this year the annual total was at 113,000. Today, hybrids account for about 25% of all Lexus sales. Cumulative global sales of all Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC)-produced hybrid vehicles—i.e.,

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Lexus prices new three-row RX 450hL hybrid starting at $50,620

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Lexus introduced the first luxury hybrid—the 2006 RX 400h—and now holds 40% of the US luxury hybrid market. Lexus is pricing the new 2018 RX 450hL three-row hybrid SUV—announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2017—with a starting Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $50,620—$1,550 more than its gasoline-engined RX 350L AWD three-rowed sibling. The RX 450hL is set to go on sale at dealers in April.

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UW Madison, ExxonMobil researchers convert alcohols to diesel-range ethers and olefins

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The first stage of the new process uses calcium hydroxyapatite to produce higher linear and branched alcohols at above 80% selectivity at up to 40% conversion with high stability for over 400h time-on-stream operation.

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Lexus presents LF-30 Electrified concept

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Since the launch of the RX 400h in 2005, Lexus has led in electrification technologies such as the two-stage reduction gear and the multi-stage hybrid system which leverage technology to offer excellent performance and the direct driving sensation characteristic of Lexus Hybrid vehicles. Lexus unveiled its “Lexus Electrified” vision for an upcoming generation of electrified vehicles.

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BAE Systems Delivers First Series Hybrid Propulsion Systems to Alexander Dennis Ltd.

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The diesel-electric BAE Systems HybriDrive system being installed in the new ADL Enviro 400h hybrid buses for Oxford and Manchester will deliver fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions that are up to 30% lower than conventional buses. BAE Systems has delivered the first of the hybrid electric systems that will power 56 double-decker buses in Oxford and Manchester (UK) to bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL).

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US Hybrid Sales in February Drop 29%; Lower Decline Than General LDV Market

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The Rx 400h represented a bright spot, with sales up 30.8% Reported sales of hybrids. Click to enlarge. Reported sales of light-duty hybrids in the US dropped 29% by volume in February year-on-year to 16,020 units. The decline in hybrids was less than the 41% decline in the overall light-duty vehicle market for the month. New hybrid sales represented 2.3% of the new vehicle market, essentially flat with the January 2009 results. In February 2008, hybrids held 1.9%

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Total Sales of Toyota and Lexus Hybrids Top 1M Mark in US

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In April 2005, Lexus introduced the crossover RX 400h, the world’s first hybrid-powered luxury vehicle. Total combined Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicle sales in the US have topped the one million mark, according to Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA. Overall, cumulative worldwide sales of Toyota and Lexus hybrids have exceeded 1.7 million vehicles through January of this year.

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US Hybrid Sales Down 45.5% in April

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Sales of the RX 400h Hybrid were down 59.7% Monthly US sales of hybrids. Click to enlarge. Reported sales of hybrids in the US reported by Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM and Nissan dropped 45.5% year-on-year in April to 21,735, despite full month sales for the new Honda Insight and the Ford Fusion and Milan hybrids. Total LDV sales in the US were down 34.4%. Earlier post.).

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US Hybrid Sales in March 2009 Down 44% Year-on-Year; Monthly New Vehicle Market Share of 2.5%

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The RX 400h posted 1,165 units, a 25.8% Reported US sales of hybrids. Click to enlarge. US sales of hybrids in March 2009 as reported by the automakers dropped 44% by volume year-on-year to 21,433 units; that performance was worse than the total light duty vehicle market, which posted a 36.8% drop by volume for the month compared to March 2008, based on total sales figures from Autodata ( earlier post ). Those results represented a 2.5%

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Reported US Sales of Hybrids Drop 31.2% in January; 2.3% New Vehicle Market Share

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The Rx 400h posted 1,556 units, an increase of 28.5% Monthly reported sales of hybrids in the US. Click to enlarge. Reported sales of hybrids in the US in January dropped 32.2% by volume from the year before to a combined 15,400 units, a lower rate of decline than that of the overall light-duty vehicle market in the month. Total light duty vehicle sales in the US dropped 37.1% by volume year-on-year to 656,976 units in January, according to figures from Autodata.

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Toyota Previews Generation III 2010 Prius Hybrid

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The all-new hybrid transaxle adopts improvements first used in previous post-2004 Toyota/Lexus hybrids such as the Camry hybrid, Highlander hybrid, and Lexus RX 400h, as well as refinements not previously employed. by Mike Millikin and Jack Rosebro. The 2010 Prius. Click to enlarge.

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Alternative fuels lose company car discounts

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The changes will affect the most polluting hybrids such as the Lexus RX 400H and biofuel ready cars such as the Saab 9-5 Biopower. Discounts on company car taxation for hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles will be scrapped under new tax terms revealed as part of yesterday’s Budget.

CalCars and PHEVs Frequently Asked Questions

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See Car and Driver s review ] Other hybrids, including the Toyota Highlander and Lexus 400h, are possible future candidates. About CalCars Plug-In Hybrids FAQ How to Get a PHEV Where PHEVs are Car-Makers Say. Our PRIUS+ Project Photos PHEV Resources Global Warming Take Action News and Events Contact Us CalCars Frequently Asked Questions Jump to: Environmental Effects and Benefits Alternative Fuels Batteries PHEV Conversions Other Questions Note: This page is overdue for a major overhaul.

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