Are Tesla And Toyota Re-Electrifying RAV4EV, Going Supercar?

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We've known for some time that Toyota and Tesla are planning on working together on an EV, despite protests to the contrary. But with two separate rumors breaking today this partnership looks ever more likely to produce not one, but potentially two very interesting cars. That's if the rumor mill is correct, of course. Today two separate sites

How Toyota Made The 2012 RAV4 EV More Aerodynamic

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In the case of Toyota’s RAV4EV however, the Japanese automaker, with help from Californian luxury electric car company Tesla Motors, has As most electric car fans will tell you, it’s much easier for automakers to build an all-electric car from scratch than it is to repurpose an existing gasoline model with an electric drivetrain.


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Toyota To Offer Leviton Charging Stations For Prius Plug-In

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Next year, Toyota will be launching a trio of plug-in vehicles - the 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, the 2012 Toyota RAV4EV and the 2012 Scion IQ. To coincide with that launch, Toyota has announced it will be selling a branded electric-car charging station, made by electronics manufacturing firm Leviton. The unit is likely to be based upon

The new F-150 has a past

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The Honda EV+, Toyota RAV4EV, and the inductively-charged Nissan Hypermini were produced in Japan. Optional were Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries, the same as those used in Toyota’s RAV4EV and Honda’s EV+.

ClipperCreek launches 240V 48Amp charging station starting at $899

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With 48 Amps available for charging, the HCS-60 is suited for vehicles that can take advantage of higher charging currents such as the RAV4EV, the Tesla Model S, or electric fleet trucks. ClipperCreek has added the HCS-60, a 48 Amp station paired with a highly durable rubber molded vehicle cable and connector, to the HCS series product line. The 240V level 2 electric vehicle charging station, rated for both indoor and outdoor use, is priced at $899.

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Want a 2012 Toyota Rav4 EV? You Won't Be Able To Buy One

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Its one of the most eagerly anticipated plug-in vehicles to join the market in the next year or so, but the reintroduced Toyota RAV4EV won’t be available to buy, says Geri Yoza, Toyota’s National Business Planning Manager of Advanced Vehicle Marketing.

Plug In America remembers Kathy Lynch

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She was one of us – an EV driver getting her first RAV4EV in 2003. There are no words to adequately describe the kind and brilliantly effective persuasion that Kathy Lynch, our long-time partner in advocacy for Plug In America, brought when lobbying for all EV drivers in California.

Rav Long Ranger

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Rav Long Ranger Hybridizing Trailer The Long Ranger was an AC Propulsion project (commissioned by Toyota) to build a generator trailer that would allow liquid-fueled high-speed travel in the Rav4EV. For most practical purposes, the project was a great success that never really saw the light of day before the Rav4EV program was terminated. Through great personal expense and effort, Tom is very close to realizing his dream of owning a limitless range serial hybridized Rav4EV.

Toyota RAV4 EV key for meeting California ZEV requirements; Tesla powertrain uses Model S components

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Driving range is prioritized over cabin comfort during low SOC events, and air conditioning system operation is suspended when the RAV4EV’s battery pack SOC drops below 3%, and resumes when SOC rises about 6.5%. However, the RAV4EV powertrain uses two onboard self-diagnostic systems: OBD-II system: Some powertrain DTCs and scan data can be accessed with Toyota’s Techstream scan tool. The RAV4 EV. Click to enlarge.

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Rav4 EV

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2002 Toyota Rav4 EV VIN: 2630 - purchased 12/16/2002 For more fun, please click tabs at the top Rav4EV Discussion Group Signup Page In December, 2002, we purchased our 2002 Rav4EV. Most people agree that the Rav4EV is the most integrated EV to date. Then finally, when it was time for somebody to “show me the ropes,&# I was sent outside with a youngster who first informed me that this was the first Rav4EV that he’d delivered.

Plug In America - Links and Resources

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New 100K Club Member RAV4EV in Japan Newsletter Vol. Learn About Plug-ins What Are Plug-ins? Where Can I Buy One? Real Life EV Stories A Case for Electricity Plug In America Positions Energy Policy Frequently Asked Questions About Plug-in Buses Who Killed the Electric Car?

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CalCars and PHEVs Frequently Asked Questions

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We can also extrapolate some data from experience with the RAV4EV all-electric vehicles. About CalCars Plug-In Hybrids FAQ How to Get a PHEV Where PHEVs are Car-Makers Say. Our PRIUS+ Project Photos PHEV Resources Global Warming Take Action News and Events Contact Us CalCars Frequently Asked Questions Jump to: Environmental Effects and Benefits Alternative Fuels Batteries PHEV Conversions Other Questions Note: This page is overdue for a major overhaul.