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How Toyota Made The 2012 RAV4 EV More Aerodynamic

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As most electric car fans will tell you, it’s much easier for automakers to build an all-electric car from scratch than it is to repurpose an existing gasoline model with an electric drivetrain.

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Toyota RAV4 EV key for meeting California ZEV requirements; Tesla powertrain uses Model S components

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Twenty-two months after the project announcement, Toyota and Tesla engineers revealed the RAV4 EV at Electric Vehicle Symposium 26 in May 2012. The RAV4 EV combines a Tesla-designed and produced battery and electric powertrain with Toyota’s most popular SUV model. Compared with the gasoline-powered RAV4, at 0.35

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Rav4 EV

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2002 Toyota Rav4 EV VIN: 2630 - purchased 12/16/2002 For more fun, please click tabs at the top Rav4EV Discussion Group Signup Page In December, 2002, we purchased our 2002 Rav4EV. These "gliders" were originally built to be either ICE or electric. Most people agree that the Rav4EV is the most integrated EV to date.

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CalCars and PHEVs Frequently Asked Questions

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We also think that with more people realizing that global warming is our greatest challenge, and that evolving the transportation sector to zero-carbon via cellulosic ethanol plug-in hybrids plus electricity from renewable sources may be our best strategy, the discussions about payback are a narrow answer to big questions.

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Plug In America - Links and Resources

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Real Life EV Stories A Case for Electricity Plug In America Positions Energy Policy Frequently Asked Questions About Plug-in Buses Who Killed the Electric Car? New 100K Club Member RAV4EV in Japan Newsletter Vol. Learn About Plug-ins What Are Plug-ins? Where Can I Buy One? 1 Point Reyes EVs Did You Know? 4 Great Gifts!

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