Honda Insight Hybrid: The Least-Wanted Car In America?

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So it appears to be with the Honda Insight, the subcompact mild hybrid hatchback that the company discontinued after the 2014 model year. DON''T MISS: Honda Ends 3. Green Honda Integrated Motor Assist New car sales mild hybrid sales subcompact Automakers and their dealers know that when a vehicle is updated, redesigned, or discontinued, the last lagging examples of the old model may sit on lots for months, perhaps even years.

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Honda introduces new Insight Hybrid

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Japanese carmaker Honda has announced the introduction of a refreshed Insight Hybrid model, which will be accompanied by an Insight Exclusive model with a 1.5litre engine. The Honda Insight Hybrid will start at [.]. Green cars Honda Hybrid cars Latest news Freed Hybrid Freed Hybrid Minivan Freed Spike Hybrid Honda Freed Honda Insight Honda Insight Exclusive Honda Insight Hybrid

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Buying A Used 2000-2006 Honda Insight Hybrid: The Guide

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If you''ve been reading Green Car Reports over the past week, you might have seen we recently bought a 2001 Honda Insight--an example of one of the first hybrids sold by a major automaker. But what if you want to buy your own early Insight?

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Toyota's Electric-Car Disdain, Honda Insight Update, Buying A Second Charging Cable: Today's Car News

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Today on Green Car Reports: Decoding Toyota''s disdain for electric cars, writer Antony Ingram updates us on his used 2001 Honda Insight, and how to buy a second charging cable for your plug-in electric car. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Catch up on last week''s big stories with our Week in Reverse feature and video. A new lithium-ion

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VW e-Golf Drive Report, Tesla In Arizona, Used Honda Insight Guide: Today's Car News

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Today on Green CarReports: We drive VW''s first electric car to be sold in the U.S., run down what you need to know if you want to buy an early Honda Insight, and dig deeper into GM''s new and more fuel-efficient engines. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Last week, we drove the Volkswagen e-Golf for two hours in Berlin--and now we''ve written

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Tesla Is Top Pick, Fisker Karma Restart, Honda Insight Dies: Today's Car News

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Today on Green Car Reports: The Tesla Model S is named Best Overall vehicle by Consumer Reports, Wanxiang releases a rough timeline for the restart of Fisker Karma production, and the Honda Insight hybrid comes to the end of the road. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Prius tops the sales charts again

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The runners-up in the sales chart included the Honda Fit, which finished second with 17,241 units; followed by the Toyota Vitz at 12,731 units; and the Honda Insight Hybrid at 10,289 units sold. Tags: Green cars Hybrid cars Latest news Toyota Honda Fit Honda Insight Hybrid Japan new car sales Japan sales Toyota Prius Toyota Vitz

Honda to undercut Insight with two hybrids?

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With the Toyota Prius still providing stiff competition, it appears that Honda may be willing to undercut the price of its own Insight Hybrid car as it bids to land a larger share of the green car market. According to reports, the Japanese car manufacturer is considering introducing two hybrid cars that will be priced lower than the Insight. In addition Honda is expected to launch a hybrid version of its Fit model in fiscal year 2010/11.

Honda to demonstrate vehicle to X communication

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Intelligent transportation systems are thought to be the future of motoring – and now Honda is taking a leading role in their advancement from cool concept to mainstream reality. Green cars Honda Latest news green cars Honda Insight V2X technology vehicle to vehicle communicationsThe Japanese carmaker is participating in the 19th World ITS Congress by demonstrating how its vehicles can communicate with each other and road side infrastructure using [.].

New Honda Insight details revealed

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The new version of the Honda Insight Hybrid is now on sale in the US and boasts an influx of new features. The vehicle, which has a starting price of $18,200, has a base line model known simply as “Insight” with Insight LX and the top-of-the-line Insight EX also available. Green cars Honda Latest news 2011 Honda Insight Honda hybrid cars Honda Insight Honda Insight Hybrid Hybrid cars new Honda Insight

2016 Toyota Prius: Most Fuel-Efficient Car Without A Plug, Ever

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It was the 2000 Honda Insight, which until now has stood as the. Green EPA Ratings Fuel EconomyIt was the first hybrid car to be sold in the U.S., beating the now-legendary Toyota Prius by a few months. It was a tiny two-seater with a three-cylinder engine, spats over the rear wheel openings to reduce aerodynamic drag, and a host of highly advanced technologies for its time.

Honda Insight Hybrid To Be Canned By 2015?

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Honda''s Insight has never enjoyed the success of the Toyota Prius or even Honda''s own Civic Hybrid, and it looks like the writing is now finally on the wall for the budget hybrid hatchback. According to Autoblog Green, sources within the company have revealed that some preparation procedures normally associated with a new model-year launch--such

Honda to introduce three new hybrid cars

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Japanese carmaker Honda has made a huge announcement with just two weeks left before the Beijing International Auto Show – by declaring it will introduce three new hybrid cars in the China region. In total, Honda will introduce more than 10 new and full model change Honda models over three years – from 2013-2015. Green cars Honda Hybrid cars Latest news China green cars Honda CR-Z Honda Fit Honda Insight

Honda Ends Three Green Models For 2015: Insight, Fit EV, FCX Clarity

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With the new and more fuel-efficient Honda Fit hatchback now on sale, the Japanese carmaker is slimming down its lineup a bit. For 2015, it has eliminated three low-selling green cars: the Honda Insight hybrid subcompact, the Honda Fit EV electric car, and the very low-volume Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. DON''T MISS: 2015 Honda

Car Giveaways. Who Likes ‘em Green?

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Today is March 8, 2009 so we are less than ten days from arguably the most green holiday of the year - St. Not even so much as a &# Wear Green, Drive Green&# hybrid discount or a Go Green hybrid rental car special. Drive Green This Spring. Purex Saves Green.

Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell, Tesla Car Sharing, Portable Electric Scooter: Today's Car News

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Today on Green Car Reports: Mercedes-Benz could launch a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle in 2017, a crowd-funded Tesla car-sharing service, and an electric scooter that fits in a briefcase. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Meet our used 2001 Honda Insight hybrid. Startup Vukee hopes to crowd-fund a Tesla car-sharing service. Would you pay $6,000

2011 Honda Insight Adds New $18,950 Entry Model, Upgraded Features

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While the 2011 Chevrolet Volt and Nissan LEAF have stolen most of the green-car limelight of late, and the Toyota Prius continues to be the go-to vehicle for those seeking reliable yet efficient transportation, Honda's Insight continues to plug along, with new upgrades to standard equipment and a less expensive entry-level model for 2011 aimed at

Study: Eco driving could improve fuel economy by 20 per cent

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A new study by Honda in Japan has revealed just how much fuel drivers could save by adopting a fuel efficient driving style. It found that drivers using the new Eco Assist system on the Honda Insight Hybrid improved fuel economy by an average of 10 per cent and potentially as much as 20 per cent [.].

Top 10 Green Cars revealed

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Green cars are definitely the in-thing in the auto industry and now consumer website (part of the Kelley Blue Book) has named its Top 10 Green Cars for 2010. Now before you wonder where the likes of the Nissan LEAF and the Chevrolet Volt are on the list – they are not yet available and [.].

Honda hybrid cars smash sales barrier

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It was another successful year for Honda’s range of hybrid cars – as they surpassed 800,000 cumulative sales worldwide at the end of December, 2011. It has been 12 years and two months since the first generation Honda Insight was introduced in Japan in November, 1999. More recently, Honda has introduced six new hybrid cars [.]. Green cars Honda Hybrid cars Latest news Accord Hybrid Civic Hybrid Honda hybrid cars Honda Insight

Can Toyota really claim to be green? The Green Piece

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The Green Piece - Tuesday 30th June 2009. It was a clear winner in our poll to determine the ‘Green Car Manufacturer of the Year’ in 2008 – but 2009 has been much more difficult for Toyota. How green is this green car?

Zipcar To Offer More Honda Hybrids, CR-V Crossovers For Car-Sharing

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Car sharing services are often viewed as a green transportation alternative, the idea being that users may not need to own a car--or can dispense with a second vehicle--that they only use occasionally. Now Zipcar says it plans to add more 42-mpg Honda Insight subcompact hybrid hatchbacks, as well as Honda CR-V compact crossovers, to its network of

Honda to bring hybrid models to China

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Japanese manufacturer Honda is hoping to make in-roads in China by bringing two of its most popular hybrid models to the country before the end of 2012. Both the Honda Insight Hybrid and the forthcoming Honda CR-Z Hybrid will make their way to China according to Honda President and CEO Takanobu Ito, who was speaking at [.].

Honda to increase green car output

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Demand is so high for green cars after government incentives were introduced in Japan, that the Honda Motor Company, the country’s number two car manufacturer, has said it will start partial weekend shifts at two factories in a bid to push low emission vehicles off the production line. According to the plans, Honda will add one or two days of weekend work at its Suzuka factory which makes the Insight Hybrid and the Fit subcompact.

Insight caught in Prius shadow?

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The Honda Insight may have outsold the Toyota Prius in April, but it still can’t seem to escape the shadow of its more renowned rival. Research from Nielsen has found that since Honda started selling its new hybrid car, 61 per cent of people who held online discussions about it also mentioned the Prius. In contrast, a mere 27 per cent of those talking about the 2010 Toyota Prius mentioned the Honda Insight.

Mazda to focus on hybrid models

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Mazda hybrids are expected to be offered as an option rather than as a standalone model in the mould of the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight. Tags: Green cars Hybrid cars Latest news mazda Mazda hybrids Times change fairly quickly in the automotive industry - it wasn’t too long ago that Mazda announced that it had no interest in hybrid cars.

Federal agencies to receive hybrid vehicle boost

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Tags: Green cars Hybrid cars Latest news Chevrolet Silverado electric vehicles Ford Escape Hybrid Ford Fusion Hybrid General Services Administration Honda Insight Hybrid hybrid vehicles plug-in hybrid vehicles

Hybrid Honda SUV? We Keep Hoping!

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Does Honda know that many thousands of people are patiently waiting for them to announce their first hybrid SUV? Most recently, Honda announced that they would re-introduce an all new, 2010 Insight. If we do someday get a Honda hybrid SUV, I hope the name is unique.

Toyota and Ford enjoy hybrid sales gains

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Tags: Ford Green cars Honda Hybrid cars Latest news Toyota Ford Escape Hybrid Ford Fusion Hybrid Ford hybrid cars honda civic hybrid Honda hybrid cars Honda Insight hybrid car sales Toyota Camry Hybrid Toyota hybrid cars Toyota Prius

Ford bucks the hybrid car sales trend

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According to David Finnegan, Ford’s marketing manager, hybrid customers are increasingly looking to Ford as a strong option with more than 60 per cent of Fusion Hybrid sales coming from non-Ford owners and more than half coming from import brands, particularly Toyota and Honda. Despite this, Toyota and Honda still retain the edge in terms of hybrid sales throughout the US.

Hybrid sales leap in the US

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Honda: The company sold a total of 4,943 hybrids during the month with 4,226 of these units being the new Honda Insight. Tags: Ford Green cars Honda Hybrid cars Latest news Lexus Nissan Toyota general motors The cash for clunkers campaign has given a massive boost to hybrid sales in the US, with a reported leap by 48.6 per cent in August year on year.

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Insight the top hybrid performer

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Move over Toyota Prius - there’s a new green car leader in town. During its first month of sales, the Honda Insight has outsold its competitors in the hybrid market. Since going on sale in the UK, 229 Insight models have been sold ahead of its nearest rival the Toyota Prius at 198 units. Indeed Honda can boast some terrific sales success with the Civic Hybrid also selling 79 units during the month meaning total hybrid sales of 308 from the Honda family.

A closer look at US auto sales in July

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Honda: The Japanese manufacturer posted total July vehicle sales of 114,690 - that’s a decline of 17.3 per cent to just 969 units while the Honda Insight Hybrid posted 2,295 units. Tags: Chrysler Ford Green cars Honda Hybrid cars Latest news Nissan Toyota general motors cash for clunkers Chrysler sales Ford sales General Motors sales Honda sales hybrid car sales Nissan sales Toyota sales US auto sales

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Sales of hybrid cars increase in US

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Honda: Total hybrid sales hit 3,662 units for American Honda, up 34.5 This was led by the success of the new Honda Insight with 2,079 units sold. Tags: Ford Green cars Honda Hybrid cars Latest news Lexus Nissan Toyota general motors Ford hybrid sales General Motors hybrid sales Honda hybrid sales hybrid car sales Lexus hybrid sales Nissan hybrid sales Toyota hybrid sales

One in 10 new cars sold is… a Toyota Prius

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According to the Nikkei , Honda’s Insight Hybrid came in fifth in the overall rankings for the month with 9,413 units sold – combined with the Prius, the two hybrids accounted for 13.5 Tags: Green cars Hybrid cars Latest news Toyota Honda Insight Hybrid Japan Automobile Dealers Association Japan new car sales Toyota Prius Toyota Sai Hybrid

Is the Prius the greenest car of all?

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Honda took the bronze medal place with its Insight Hybrid. Alexander Heintzel, a spokesman for Honda, commented that demand for hybrid vehicles is growing strongly worldwide yet in Europe the technology hasn’t received much attention even as more drivers look to buy greener cars. Tags: Green cars Hybrid cars Latest news Toyota germany greenest car Honda Honda Insight Hybrid Toyota iQ Toyota Prius VCD Automobile Club

And The Top 3 Finalists For World Green Car Are?

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The winner of the 2010 World Green Car award will be announced at the opening of the New York Auto Show in April and we will have to wait until then to see which vehicle prevails, but the list has now been narrowed down to only three remaining vehicles. The top three finalists for the World Green Car award are the Honda Insight, the Volkswagen

2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Says "Green" With.Flowers

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In the green-car world, the leaf is the king of all icons. The 2010 Honda Insight fertilized the idea when it bowed in 2008; it still promotes greener driving with electronically rendered displays of plants that add leaves as the car's computers sense a light, planet-conscious foot on the gas pedal.

Leasing website goes green

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Cheshire-based, Go Green Leasing who now advertise on the UK’s busiest contract hire website, offer a complete service to ensure that its own and its customers’ carbon footprint are minimised. For more information check out the Go Green Leasing profile page on

Honda demonstrating car and motorcycle V2X communication at ITS World Congress 2012

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Honda Motor Co., Congress participants can also experience for themselves Honda’s ITS equipped Insight hybrid and an ITS Honda motorcycle (NC700X) by participating in the joint Car2Car and Testfeld Telematic Consortium demonstration around Vienna. The Honda stand will showcase intelligent transportation system (ITS) technologies and vehicles covering 3 thematic uses: safety ITS, environment ITS and comfort ITS.