BMW Research, EURECOM and Technische Universität München collaborating on connected vehicle research

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The increasing application of connected driver assistance systems induces a higher level of complexity in the vehicle IT on-board architecture. Such hardware accelerated cryptography is for example used for operations used in elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). Connected vehiclesResearch project PROTON-PLATA (SDR) platform embedded in the trunk of the BMW X5 Research Prototype. Click to enlarge.

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Volkswagen Group expands US ERL to become IECC; Type 20 BEV concept

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The IECC will comprise two entities: the Innovation Center California (ICC) and the Engineering Center California (ECC). The ECC will focus on connected car, intelligent cockpit, and autonomous driving and parking development projects in the North American region. Autonomous driving Connected vehicles Electric (Battery

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Toyota and industry partners to form consortium for network and computing infrastructure of automotive big data

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The objective of the consortium is to develop an ecosystem for connected cars to support emerging services such as intelligent driving, the creation of maps with real-time data and driving assistance based on cloud computing. Shenyang Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), Intel Corporation, ARM, and iSoftStone announced the formation of the Edge Computing Consortium (ECC).

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Freescale introduces new automotive microcontrollers; streamlining body electronics networks and reducing vehicle weight

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As the number of electronic control units in a vehicle grows (up to 100 ECUs, requiring some 10 million lines of code, said Brad Loane, Freescale product manager) the amount of connectivity needed also increases. Built-in safety functions such as self-testing and end-to-end error correction coding (ECC), comprehensive auto safety software including AUTOSAR OS and MCAL drivers and extensive safety documentation help target the use of the device for ASIL B.

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Renesas introduces new microcontrollers for sensor fusion, gateway and chassis system applications

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The R-Car SoCs would perform image recognition based on data from image sensors, and the connected RH850/P1x-C Series MCU would make judgments and apply control. Error check and correct (ECC) functionality detects and corrects data errors affecting memory, such as flash memory, and the internal buses. In the era of connected cars, in-vehicle, vehicle-to-vehicle, and vehicle-to-infrastructure networks are becoming mainstream.

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Infineon introduces next-generation of microcontroller multicore architecture for automotive applications

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The new multicore architecture contains up to three TriCore processor cores connected over a crossbar running at the full CPU speed and avoiding hardware contentions. Further implemented safety techniques include, for example, safe internal communication buses, a Bus Monitoring Unit, and both error detection code (EDC) and error correction code (ECC) on all memories. Infineon Technologies AG introduced its new 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) multicore architecture.

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Peugeot Shows Two HYbrid4 Concepts, New BB1 EV Concept at Frankfurt

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Everything is managed electronically—there is no mechanical connection between the front and the rear. It features a new generation ECCS (Extreme Conventional Combustion System) combustion chamber; a variable-geometry low-inertia turbocharger; and a high-pressure pump with a maximum pressure of 2000 bar combined with a common rail and solenoid injectors with 8 apertures. The 3008 HYbrid4 concept previews the production model that will appear in spring 2011. Click to enlarge.

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