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Flash Drive: 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Clean Fleet Report

0 – 60 mph: 4.5 Driving Range: Pro, XLT, Lariat: 230 miles. Dual electric motors. 0 – 60 mph: 5.0 We activated Ford’s Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control and the Blue Cruise Hands-free Driving technology to experience driving in traffic at highway speeds between 65 and 75 mph. Electric can haul.

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Killacycle World Record

Revenge of the Electric Car

Rider Scotty Pollacheck piloted the wickedly fast all electric A123Systems NanoPhosphate battery powered motorcycle down the quarter mile in only 7.89 seconds, ending with a top speed of 168 MPH. The KillaCycle’s A123Systems battery pack is comprised of 1,210 type ANR26650M1 cells arranged to deliver 375 VDC.


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Are You Plugged In?

Revenge of the Electric Car

Coda popped onto the electric-vehicle stage in June 2009 as an offshoot of Miles Electric Vehicles, a maker of electric light trucks in China. The Whip is a two-seater that can travel at a top speed of 35 mph for 40 miles per charge; it sells for around $19,000. Bright Automotive.

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Coda Automotive to Bring China-Built Electric Mid-size Sedan to California Market in 2010; New JV with Lishen for Automotive Li-ion Systems

Green Car Congress

Coda Automotive , a new company formed and developed under the stewardship of entrepreneur Miles Rubin (known for his marketing and sales of low-speed, electric fleet vehicles under the Miles Electric Vehicles brand), will introduce an affordable, full-performance all-electric sedan built by Hafei in China to the California market in 2010.

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Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

As soon as someone comes up with all day range (300 miles plus) or quick charge capability (less than 30-60 minutes) for a reasonable price (25k - 40k), electric cars will start to take over. My personal criteria for an EV is 80/80 MPH/miles range, but thats because drivers either go 80 or stopped around here.