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Killacycle World Record

Revenge of the Electric Car

Rider Scotty Pollacheck piloted the wickedly fast all electric A123Systems NanoPhosphate battery powered motorcycle down the quarter mile in only 7.89 seconds, ending with a top speed of 168 MPH. The motorcycle’s Hi-Torque Electric motor was adjusted to draw 1850 amps for this particular run.

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Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

As soon as someone comes up with all day range (300 miles plus) or quick charge capability (less than 30-60 minutes) for a reasonable price (25k - 40k), electric cars will start to take over. My personal criteria for an EV is 80/80 MPH/miles range, but thats because drivers either go 80 or stopped around here.