Brammo joining Zero at MiniMotoSX race in Las Vegas this weekend

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Electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo announced today on their blog that they will be racing at the MiniMotoSX race on the weekend of May 6, in Las Vegas. The MiniMotoSX is one of the premier dirt bike racing events &nbsp

Naked Brammo Empulse Amps Up Electric Motorcycle Sex Appeal (Video)

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Electric motorcycle maker Brammo knows how to attraction attention: Get naked. Or, more specifically, strip down one of your hottest electric motorcycle to show off what it''s made of.

Brammo and SMRE Engineering enter strategic partnership on electric motorcycles

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Electric motorcycle company Brammo, Inc., IET enables Brammo to offer its electric motorcycles with a 6-speed transmission, further improving performance and range. The IET is a mechatronic propulsion unit that emulates the feeling and performance of a traditional internal combustion engine, with a specially developed electric motor, clutch and gear shift that enables Brammo motorcycles to accelerate hard from the line up to a high top speed.

Zero Motorcycles announces they will compete in 2011 AMA Mini Moto SX race

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Zero Motorcycles announced today they will enter competition in the 2011 AMA Mini Moto race in Las Vegas. The May 6 race will be held at the South Point Hotel and Casino, and is the worlds biggest mini bike. David Herron April 20, 2011

Company on a Mission for electric vehicle powertrains

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The developer of the high performance Mission One PLE electric motorcycle is now turning its attentions to electric vehicle powertrains after launching the Mission Electric Vehicle Technology division in Las Vegas. Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news electric motorcycles electric vehicles Mission Motors Mission One PLE electric motorcycle MissionEVT powertrains

Mavizen TTX02 - Production electric racing bike based on winner of TTXGP.

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Per the official TTXGP blog post seen here , the winning bike from the TTXGP race will spawn a production electric motorcycle, the Mavizen TTX02. "On On November/3rd, 2009 at 1305Hrs PST, the world's first supersport bike bred on the Isle of Man TTXGP will be launched in Las Vegas at the SEMA Show." It seems that EV product developers are

Continental presenting eHorizon swarm intelligence system for two-wheelers at CES 2017

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Continental will use the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this coming January as the venue to present the eHorizon system for two-wheelers.

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Honda introduces “Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem” at CES 2017; Honda Riding Assist, NeuV concept w/ AI emotion engine

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Honda unveiled its Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem concept at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, connecting artificial intelligence, robotics and big data to transform the mobility experience of the future.

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Mission Motors launches EV powertrain division targeting OEM sales across multiple vehicle platforms

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Mission Motors, developer of the high-performance Mission One PLE electric motorcycle, launched Mission Electric Vehicle Technology (MissionEVT), the company’s high-performance EV Powertrain Division, at the 2010 Specialty Equipment Marketing Association Show (SEMA) in Las Vegas. MissionEVT leverages the work done by Mission Motors’ to develop its high-performance electric motorcycle, the Mission One PLE superbike.

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