Sun.Oct 25, 2020

Researchers develop thin-layer artificial biofilm technology for green ethylene production

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Turku in Finland have developed a thin-layer artificial biofilm technology for sustainable and long-term ethylene photoproduction. In the process, described in an open-access paper in the RSC journal Green Chemistry , recombinant Synechocystis sp.

2020 292

The Hummer EV isn't the first electric truck in GMC history

Green Car Reports

The recently-unveiled 2022 GMC Hummer EV was touted as the brand's first all-electric vehicle, but that's not entirely accurate.

2020 135

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Texas A&M researchers develop framework to identify health impacts of self-driving vehicles

Green Car Congress

Texas A&M University researchers have developed a conceptual model to identify systematically the potential health impacts of self-driving vehicles.

2020 279

Linde and Shell team up to commercialize lower-carbon technology for ethylene: E-ODH

Green Car Congress

Linde GmbH and Shell announced an exclusive collaboration agreement on ethane-oxidative dehydrogenation (E-ODH) technology for ethylene production.

2020 240