Biodiesel Board Study Asserts Critical Importance of Biodiesel Tax Credit, Calls for Extension

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According to a study released by the US National Biodiesel Board (NBB), allowing the Federal biodiesel tax incentive to expire on 31 December would result in a loss of jobs and income; increased demand for petroleum diesel; a degradation of energy security; decreased demand for soybean oil and lower soybean prices leading to a negative impact on farm income; and stranded investment as biodiesel capacity is idled and lost tax revenue for States and local governments.

Rivian introduces two quad-motor, AWD “Electric Adventure Vehicles”

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R1T pricing starts at $61,500 after Federal Tax credit. R1S pricing starts at $65,000 after Federal Tax credit. Vinnels was previously the Executive Program Director at McLaren from 2004 through 2017.

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Startup commercializing thermo-acoustic Stirling technology for combined heat and power for homes

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Variables such as energy tax credits, availability of low-interest home-equity loans and electricity and natural gas rates all affect an economic decision, but it is nonetheless clear that a viable unit must be manufacturable at relatively low cost. Backhaus (2004) “ Design of a High Efficiency Power Source (HEPS) Based on Thermoacoustic Technology ,” Final report, NASA contract no. Startup Nirvana Energy Systems, Inc.,

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EU Imposes Temporary Import Duties on US Biodiesel

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The EC said that its investigations confirmed evidence provided by the European Biodiesel Board (EBB) that US producers of biodiesel exported biodiesel to the Community at dumped prices, received countervailable US Federal (in particular tax credits) and State subsidies and that the exports of dumped and subsidized biodiesel were causing material injury to the biodiesel industry in the EU. Both credit mechanisms apply without limitation in terms of biodiesel content.

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Global investment in renewable power reached $270.2B in 2014, ~17% up from 2013; biofuel investment fell 8% to 10-year low

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In the US there is uncertainty over the future of the US Production Tax Credit for wind, but costs are now so low that the sector is more insulated than in the past. Global investment in renewable power and fuels (excluding large hydro-electric projects) was $270.2

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Report from the REFF-Wall Street; Themes in Renewable Energy Finance

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The stimulus package is designed to address the recession and in the short term people were anxiously awaiting two key components of the plan: clarification on the details behind “ grants in lieu of tax credits ” and awards of loan guarantees by the DOE from section 1705. Is tax equity dead? billion in 2004 to $117 billion 2007 with the first three quarters of 2008 averaging 29% higher than 2007. Generally, tax equity investors expect a return in the 8-12% range.