Nel ASA awarded contract in Latvia for new dual hydrogen fueling solution for cars and buses

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Nel Hydrogen Solutions, a division of Nel ASA, has been awarded a contract by SIA Hydrogenis, a leading hydrogen project developer in Latvia, for the delivery of the new dual capability H2Station, which offers a combined hydrogen fueling solution for cars and buses in Riga. Following the SIA Hydrogenis contract, Nel will deliver a turn-key hydrogen station solution, including storage facilities and dispensers for cars and buses.

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Solaris joins European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

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Bus manufacturer Solaris has joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance , an initiative led by the European Commission. Solaris unveiled its first buses to use hydrogen in 2014. In the weeks to come, more European towns and cities wish to test Solaris Urbino hydrogen buses.

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Companies form H2Bus consortium to deploy 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell buses and infrastructure in Europe

Green Car Congress

Everfuel, Wrightbus, Ballard Power Systems, Hexagon Composites, Nel Hydrogen and Ryse Hydrogen—leading players in the hydrogen fuel cell electric value chain—are joining forces to form the H2Bus Consortium. The members are committed to deploying 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell electric buses, along with supporting infrastructure, in European cities at commercially competitive rates. Hydrogen is the zero-emission solution for heavy-duty applications.

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Solaris to present new generation hydrogen bus

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Solaris Bus & Coach has announced the Solaris Urbino 12 hydrogen, a new generation hydrogen fuel cell bus. Energy needed to power the driveline of the Solaris Urbin 12 hydrogen will be obtained fromthe fuel cell; range on a single refueling will be more than 350 km (217 miles). In the new hybrid bus, electric energy propelling the vehicle will be derived from hydrogen, whereas the battery will only have a support function. Fleets Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen

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Ballard receives follow-on orders from Wrightbus for fuel cell modules to power 50 buses in UK

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The buses will be partially funded under the JIVE (Joint Initiative For Hydrogen Vehicles Across Europe) program. The JIVE program provides partial funding for a total of 295 Fuel Cell Electric Buses, of which 120 are currently operating in the UK, Germany, France, Latvia, and The Netherlands. Bus Fuel Cells Hydrogen

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Neste joins eFuel Alliance

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Neste, the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel, has joined the eFuel Alliance , an interest group dedicated to the industrial production of synthetic fuels based on hydrogen and CO 2 from renewable sources. The fuel is available to customers in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and in the United States in California and Oregon.

Oil Drum Licenses On-Board Hydrogen Generator for Baltic States

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University of Kent (UK) spin-off Oil Drum Ltd , has signed a licensing deal with UAB Hydro2 that will enable its on-board hydrogen generator technology to be manufactured, sold and installed in the Baltic States. The deal will allow UAB Hydro2 to manufacture, sell and install the Save-Fuel On Demand Hydrogen Technology for the truck, bus and coach industries in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Tags: Engines Fuel Efficiency Hydrogen Production Vehicle Systems

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Ballard-powered fuel cell electric buses exceed 10M km of revenue service

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Ballard is seeing increased market demand for FCveloCity fuel cell engines of various sizes for use in a number of different vehicle types, including: Ongoing shipments to fulfill additional requirements of partner Guangdong Synergy Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Fleets Fuel Cells Heavy-duty HydrogenBallard Power Systems fuel cells have powered buses for more than 10 million cumulative kilometers (6.2 million miles) of revenue service.

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Nordic green signs Agency Agreement with BioMCN for bio-methanol

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Nordic Green, a company focused on the introduction of bio-methanol, has signed an Agency Agreement with BioMCN , a producer of bio-methanol, for the representation and sales of bio-methanol in Nordic (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland) and Baltic (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) countries. Fuel cells, where methanol is an easier to handle energy-carrier than hydrogen.

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€20M European research alliance focuses on liquid metals; energy applications

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Liquid metals are used in numerous industrial branches, for example, in steel and light metal castings, and are becoming increasingly significant for technologies such as new liquid metal batteries for energy storage, CO 2 -free hydrogen production, or the manufacture of solar cells. A new 5-year, €20-million European research alliance—LIMTECH—is pursuing the objective of researching and continuing the development of liquid metal technologies for a broad spectrum of applications.

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