SG Biofuels Develops Jatropha Hybrid Seed Production Technology

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SG Biofuels, a bioenergy crop company developing and producing elite seeds of Jatropha, has established a proprietary technology for large-scale Jatropha hybrid seed production. Hybrid seed technology has historically been responsible for exponential increases in agricultural production and profitability. Large-scale hybrid seed production is considered superior to other mass propagation techniques because of lower costs and improved plant performance.

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SG Biofuels Partners with Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels for Jatropha Initiative

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The SG Biofuels/RSB pilot is evaluating the practicality and usability of RSB sustainability standards applied against a 1,400 acre (600 hectare) Jatropha community-farming model established by SG Biofuels in Guatemala. SG Biofuels has also eliminated the harvest sale risk to the farmers by providing guaranteed purchase contracts of 100 percent of the production. The company recently announced the first elite Jatropha cultivar, JMax 100 ( earlier post ), optimized for Guatemala.

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SG Biofuels Launches Elite Jatropha Cultivar; Claims 100% Increase in Yield

Green Car Congress

SG Biofuels, a sustainable plant oil company specializing in the development of Jatropha as a low-cost, sustainable source of oil, has launched JMax 100, a proprietary cultivar of Jatropha optimized for growing conditions in Guatemala with yields 100% greater than existing varieties.

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SG Biofuels and Bunge form strategic alliance on Jatropha for biofuel feedstock

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SG Biofuels has introduced JMax 100, an elite Jatropha cultivar optimized for growing conditions in Guatemala, with projected yields 100% greater than existing commercial varieties. The company also recently announced it has developed hybrid seed production technology, resulting in greater yield, uniformity and vigor while significantly reducing handling and deployment costs for plantation developers.

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Global geothermal industry passes 12,000 MW operational

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Financing was announced for projects in Costa Rica, Dominica, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Tanzania, and the United States, while projects in drilling and start-of-construction phases made headway in Chile, Germany, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Montserrat, The Philippines, Rwanda, and Zambia. GEA President Craig Mataczynski of Gradient Resources has challenged the industry to reach 5% of total US electricity production.

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California ARB considering four new low-carbon fuel pathways; Neste renewable diesel and sugarcane molasses ethanol

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Among the new pathways to be considered is the production of renewable diesel from Australian tallow at Neste Oil’s Singapore plant. Others are sugarcane molasses ethanol from Guatemala; mixed feedstock to biodiesel from Texas; and a new ARB-staff-developed pathway for North American landfill gas. The CI of a fuel is determined by the sum of all greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production, transportation, processing and consumption of a fuel (its pathway).

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