Tue.Mar 13, 2018

New Pierburg air blower with speed-controlled motor for reduction of gasoline engine emissions

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Secondary air systems are used to reduce gasoline engine emissions by accelerating catalytic converter heat-up. Pierburg GmbH has now further developed the associated secondary air blower and provided it with a speed-controlled motor.

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UPS says 50 Workhorse plug-in hybrid trucks cost no more than regular delivery vans

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For almost a decade, commercial-fleet managers have acknowledged that electric truck are much cheaper to run per mile than the diesel equivalents they now use. But justifying the purchase of electric trucks has been a challenge because their upfront costs have been considerably higher. That may now have changed, according to no less a fleet. Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars Commercial vehicle fleet Workhorse Trucks UPS

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Volkswagen Group to expand EV production worldwide to 16 sites by end of 2022; partnerships with battery manufacturers

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The Volkswagen Group is expanding its production of electric vehicles to 16 locations around the globe by the end of 2022. This was announced by Matthias Müller, CEO of Volkswagen AG, at the Group’s Annual Media Conference in Berlin. The Group currently produces electric vehicles at three locations, and in two years’ time a further nine Group plants are scheduled to be equipped for this purpose.

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In pictures: Volkswagen TDI diesels await their fate in Pike's Peak shadow

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It might be the world’s largest single-company junkyard and pick-a-part business, if not for the prominent "No Trespassing" and "Drone-Free Zone" signs. Instead, it’s a massive storage facility in Colorado for thousands of disgraced VW and Audi TDI diesel vehicles awaiting whatever fate holds for them. At least the locale, in the. emissions EPA TDI VW VW Group Volkswagen diesel scandal

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PSI team finding offers way to improve performance of SCR catalysts

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A common approach to reducing NO x emissions from diesel engines is the use of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR); the system converts NO x to nitrogen and water via the addition of ammonia. However, SCR only delivers satisfactory results at an exhaust gas temperature well above 200 ?C. In a cold start, it takes a few minutes until the aftertreatment system is performing optimally. For the same reason, SCR can have reduced performance on cold winter days.

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Plug-in hybrid truck costs, where dirty diesels go to rest, emissions from what now? Today's Car News

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Today, we visited the place where old, non-compliant VW diesels go to rest, we have some surprisingly good news on auto emissions, and the cost of plug-in delivery trucks is clearly coming down. All this and more on Green Car Reports. UPS announced that 50 Workhorse plug-in hybrid trucks it is buying cost no more than their conventional. Today in Car News

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