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T&E study: EVs can be cheaper for Uber drivers to run than latest diesels in many European capitals

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Medium-sized battery-electric cars are on average 14% cheaper to run than equivalent diesels today, if slow charging overnight near home and/or fast charging at preferential rates are available. Charging is a key barrier for the uptake of EVs by professional drivers.

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electric smart ready for production

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Featuring a lithium-ion battery the second generation smart electric drive’s power source will have a longer range, boast a shorter charging time and will give improved performance. The ed also borrows the tried and NCAP tested Tridion safety cell from the petrol driven smart. The smart ed has no gear change and can reach 30 mph in 6.5

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Electric Cars and a Smarter Grid - Green Inc. Blog -

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He envisioned “hundreds of thousands” of charging spots, as well as a number of stations where drained batteries could be exchanged for fresh ones. they have a degree of autonomy beyond the reach of federal government and can often make tough decisions: for example, California’s climate goals and London’s congestion charging.

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