Capstone completes track testing of Kenworth microturbine-powered hybrid electric Class 7 truck

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Capstone Turbine Corporation successfully completed track testing of a Kenworth Class 7 hybrid electric work truck using its 65kW microturbine as an on-board range extender.

NREL study finds Class 8 hybrid trucks delivered 13.7% higher fuel economy than conventional diesels in comparable usage

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kWh, 340 VDC Li-ion battery pack that provided energy storage.Energy that is normally lost during braking is captured, stored in the batteries, and used to power the electric motor, which is helpful on a truck that can weigh as much as 55,000 pounds.

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New York City Department of Sanitation Testing Four Different Hybrid Trucks

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The vehicles under evaluation include a parallel hybrid electric diesel collector from Mack Trucks (a Volvo Group subsidiary); a series-hybrid and an hydraulic parallel hybrid collector ( earlier post ) from Crane Carrier; and the Kenworth T370 diesel-electric hybrid (for the rack truck). The Kenworth T370 diesel-electric hybrid truck is the first medium-duty hybrid truck to enter service in DSNY’s fleet. A 2 kWh Li-ion pack provides energy storage.