Sat.Aug 08, 2020

Blackstone announces progress with printed battery cells

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Switzerland-based Blackstone Resources AG announced that it has achieved a series of important milestones for producing any kind of printed battery cells. The company has been investing in the next generation of battery technology through its German subsidiary Blackstone Technology GmbH. This includes patented 3D-printing techniques and research into the mass production of solid-state batteries: these can offer greater energy density and a higher number of charging cycles.

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Venza and Model Y driven, Cadillac Lyriq revealed, Cybertrucks for all: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

What was Joe Biden saying about an electric Corvette? Which EV already confirmed for the U.S. reportedly might not arrive at all? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending TKTKTK, 2018. We drove two important green vehicles this week—both popular-sized crossovers but for. The Week In Reverse

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Bentley launches 3-year research study on EV powertrains: OCTOPUS

Green Car Congress

Bentley Motors has launched a three-year research study on electric vehicle powertrains, utilizing a fully integrated, free from rare-earth magnet e-axle that supports electric vehicle architectures. This reinforces Bentley’s ambition to lead sustainable luxury mobility and introduce the first fully electric Bentley by 2026.

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BASF and Toyota collaborate for cost-effective lightweighting on 2021 Sienna

Green Car Congress

BASF and Toyota Motor North America Research & Development partnered on lightweighting with the new 2021 Toyota Sienna. The vehicle, scheduled to launch later this year, just won the prestigious Altair Enlighten Award for achievements in vehicle weight savings for reduced mass of the third row seat. In the previous model, the third-row seat comprised 15 different steel components, making it very heavy.

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Differential effects of the current pandemic on the sales of light-duty vehicles and heavy trucks

Green Car Congress

by Michael Sivak, Sivak Applied Research. Light-duty vehicles (cars and light trucks) are being purchased primarily by individuals, while heavy trucks by companies. Therefore, an examination of the recent changes in the sales of vehicles in these two classes provides some information about the economic impact (both actual and anticipated) of the current pandemic on individuals and companies. (I I have shown recently that during this pandemic light-truck sales declined less than car sales.).

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