Study finds biodiesel blend reduces total particle mass in emissions but may have greater adverse health effect per mass than diesel

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Findings from a study by researchers from the Department of Medicine and the School of Engineering at the University of Vermont suggest that the addition of biodiesel to diesel fuels will reduce the total particle mass of PM emissions—but that the biodiesel blend particles may contribute to greater biological effects per mass than B0, leading to potentially greater health risks. nm and a shoulder that corresponded to the B0 peak at ?51

B0 76

Study finds PM from biodiesel blends may be 50-80% less toxic per unit PM mass than from petroleum diesel

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The researchers analyzed samples of PM obtained from light-duty diesel engine transient cycle emission tests with two biodiesel feedstocks—soybean (SOY) and waste vegetable oil (WVO)—blended with ultralow sulfur petrodiesel at five different volume percentages of biodiesel, Bxx (B0, B10, B20, B50, and B100). nmol/min/mg PM for B0 and B100, respectively, and from 22.6 ± 4.5

2017 69

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AvtoVAZ launches 3 concepts at Moscow Motor Show; collaboration with Renault-Nissan

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LADA XRAY, a hatchback SUV based on the B0 platform, was developed by AvtoVAZ stylists while its body was developed jointly by Renault and AvtoVAZ. AvtoVAZ, the largest automaker based in Russia, a part of Rostec Corporation, introduced three new LADA concept cars at the Moscow International Motor Show 2014. All are aimed to attract foreign and domestic customers as well as “ restore people’s pride for the brand of LADA ” according to AvtoVAZ CEO Bo Inge Andersson.

2014 78

Birmingham study finds butanol-gasoline blend reduces GDI engine-out carbonaceous emissions; similar NOx

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The 33% v/v butanol-gasoline fuel was blended at the University of Birmingham using standard EN228 gasoline with 5% (v/v) ethanol content (B0) and pure n-butanol.

2017 65

Jatropha Biodiesel-FT Blends Reduce Most Criteria Pollutants Compared to Neat FT; Higher NOx

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The authors tested JBD blended with FT fuel in volumetric ratios of 0:100, 25:75, 50:50, 75:25, and 100:0 (B0, B25, B50, B75, and B100). Blending jatropha biodiesel (JBD) with Fischer-Tropsch synthetic diesel (FT) results in lower CO, THC, smoke and PM emissions compared to neat FT, according to a study by researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) published in the ACS journal Energy & Fuels.

2010 73

Optimizing Turbo Diesels for Emissions and Performance with 5% and 20% Biodiesel Blends

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With each fuel at each operating location, the optimal ECM parameter settings resulted in the reduction of BSNO x , BSPM, and peak dP/dt to levels comparable to or lower than the corresponding nominal B0 levels.

2009 69