New recycling solution introduced to treat Marcellus Shale flowback frac water

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a privately held water desalination company in. Albuquerque, NM, is seeking to provide a solution to the environmental issues surrounding the treatment of mineral?laden laden brackish water from Marcellus Shale drilling. Brackish, salty water produced from drilling for natural gas. Services, LLC,” or “CARES,” will recycle brackish oilfield and natural gas wastewater into clean distilled water for future use by the industry.

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Obama Administration launches series of actions to accelerate EV adoption; inc. $4.5B in loan guarantees, pursuing 350 kW fast charge

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Clean Future, Inc. Eugene Water & Electric Board. Southwest Clean Air Agency. The Hawaiian Electric Companies will continue to install more DC fast charging stations, research demand management and demand response strategies in EV charging and seek new policy and infrastructure opportunities to provide reliable, clean power for EV charging.

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US DOE Awarding Up To $62M for Concentrating Solar Power Research and Development

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The most significant maintenance cost of a CSP plant is cleaning and replacing the mirrors, and thus this new reflector design could have a significant impact on total plant cost. Albuquerque, NM – up to $4.3 The power block design also incorporates an advanced cooling method that reduces water usage.

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