ONR, USMC successfully demonstrate alternative energy systems at forward operating bases in Afghanistan

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To cut down on convoys trucking fuel to forward operating bases, as well as to implement the Department of the Navy’s vision for energy efficiency, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and elements within the US Marine Corps (USMC) have successfully demonstrated their goal to reduce petroleum and energy usage in remote locations in Afghanistan. We have successfully transitioned commercial alternative energy systems to Afghanistan to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and batteries.

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While we honor today the service, sacrifice and loss of all our military members, there was no threat to our homeland, our freedom or our democracy from the North Koreans, the North Vietnamese, the Cambodians, the Iraqis, or the Afghanistan people. Filed under: citizen volunteer , climate change , Community Activists , environment , fossil fuels , Killer Coal , Ocean , renewable energy , sea-level rise , solar power , Sustainability , Yes We Can!


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Secretary of the Navy Sets Target for 50% of Total Energy Consumption from Alternative Sources by 2020; Role for Biofuels and EVs

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The Commandant of the Marine Crops, General Conway said it best during the Marine Corps energy summit a few weeks ago when he described the fully burdened cost of a gallon of gasoline delivered to a piece of equipment in Afghanistan. It will boost its usage of renewable energy and in some cases will supply power to the grid from solar, wind, ocean, or geothermal sources generated by the base.

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US Department of Defense releases roadmap to transform energy use in military operations

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The report will assess the effectiveness of rapid fielding of fuel demand management improvements by the Military Departments, including energy efficiency and alternative generation technologies, to Afghanistan and other locations in support of contingency operations. The US Department of Defense (DoD) released the Operational Energy Strategy Implementation Plan.

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US Military going green

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There you will find soldiers in plywood cubicles working on computers powered by solar panels; plug-in cars shuttling troops across the vast expanses; and tents lined with insulating foam that provide a cool retreat during the red hot days. The desert base acts as a house for the Army’s premier training centre for troops that will be deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The high Mojave Desert may not be the first place you’d look for signs of an American green revolution.