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With the media kerfuffle surrounding the 2011 Chevrolet Volt and anticipation mounting for 2011 Nissan Leaf customers, it's easy to forget that there are other electric cars out there. Swedish electric city car maker THINK are more than 20 years old and have just built their 2,500th THINK City EV, making it the

Electric Car Factory: Think Sets Up Shop In Indiana, RV-Land

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Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, and. Volt, right? Think about it Yes, but you've missed out on one--in both categories. It's the Think City, which is now being assembled in Elkhart, Indiana, from kits imported from Quick, name the electric cars currently on sale. ummmm. oh, yeah, Smart Electric Drive. Now name the ones built in the States. Hmmmm.

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US DOE progress report says 1M plug-ins by 2015 ambitious but achievable; not likely to be constrained by production capacity

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The report concludes that while the 1-million unit goal is ambitious, it is also achievable based on steps already taken as part of the Recovery Act along with proposed additional policy initiatives including improvements to existing consumer tax credits, programs to help cities prepare for the growing demand for electric vehicles, and strong support for research and development to continue reducing the cost of electric vehicles. and model 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015. Chevy Volt EREV.

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10,000 Think City electric cars in 2009. Think says it has battery supply contracts with three companies, and is moving into production. It plans to begin selling its cars in Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and the UK next year, with projected sales of 10,000 cars in 2009 and double that by 2011. With its modest volumes, it also remains unclear how Think will cope when bigger competitors such as Renault/Nissan and Daimler come to market with their own electric cars.

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Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

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Think is also working closely with the Brussel based Eurelectric , the European union of electricity industry. Think has established a U.S. Kulongoski, Oregon as the electric-car manufacturer may be eyeing the “green” city of Portland. Think Bakken and Alberta sands.

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A More Detailed Look at a Prismatic Li-ion Cell and Pack Manufacturing Process

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EnerDel is scheduled to ship its first cells and packs for the Think City EV on 1 March 2010. The lithium-ion version of the THINK vehicle will have 384 cells in its 25 kWh battery pack and a range of more than 100 miles. volts at this point. by Bill Cooke.

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