Even Electric Cars Get Recalled: 2011 Think City Safety Notices

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Recall notices are now a standard part of the automotive landscape. Last year's recall of almost 10 million Toyota and Lexus models only highlighted the fact that most vehicles get called back to dealers for minor upgrades or inspections to fix or avert potential defects. Despite their much smaller number of complex moving parts, there's no reason

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Discontinued 2011 Think City Electric Cars For Sale: $22,500

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Especially at a list price of $35,495, higher than that of a brand-new 2011 Nissan Leaf, which had twice as many seats, twice as many doors, a longer range, and a known brand name. In retrospect, it may be that a 10-year-old design for a plastic-bodied two-seat electric minicar was not what the U.S. market wanted.

Want To Buy A 2011 Think City? You Can (If You Live In New York)

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A few weeks back we nominated the diminutive Think City electric car as one of the five electric cars you’ll still be able to buy in five years’ time -- despite the roller-coaster fortunes of the firm which makes it. Arguing that the Think City had certain Blattodean qualities when it came to surviving against the odds, we predicted it

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Photo Gallery: Think City Assembly Plant Tour, Elkhart, Indiana

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During the Detroit Auto Show in January, we visited the Think electric-car assembly plant in Elkhart, Indiana. It's not necessarily a place you'd expect to find electric cars being put together, but the rows of electric two-seat hatchbacks in blue, red, and black turned out to be surprisingly photogenic. In many ways, the plant isn't what you

2011 Think City Two-Seat Electric Car Faces Third Recall

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Dozens, even hundreds, of different models get recalled each year by their makers to address defects or potential problems. Most pass unnoticed, except to the owners who get letters in the mail asking them to bring their vehicle back to the dealer. But three recalls in as many months isn't a particularly stellar way to start selling electric

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Think goes down

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Think has declared bankruptcy in Norway. think global think citySource: ElectricAid , Indianapolis Business Journal ].

Theory Meets Reality: How Expensive IS The 2011 Think City?

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It’s well known that any sales material always uses the most attractive pricing option as a way of enticing customers to buy a product. But is it helpful, confusing or downright misleading for an electric automaker to advertise an electric car for sale at more than $17,500 less than its own Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price? Enter

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2011 Think CIty Electric Car Approved For Sale in California

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Think North America, maker of the two-seat City electric car, announced that its 2011 Think City had been approved as a zero-emission vehicle by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The approval lets Think sell the 2011 City in California and the Add another entry to the growing list of electric vehicles going on sale in the next year or so.

THINK City EVs with EnerDel Li-ion Packs Enter Production

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THINK, the Scandinavian electric vehicle maker, has begun production of THINK City EVs equipped with 22 kWh Li-ion battery packs from Ener1 subsidiary EnerDel. The EnerDel THINK City pack. THINK and Ener1 have been in active partnership for a number of years, developing and perfecting the THINK EV drive system and the EnerDel. Ener1 is an investor in THINK, and Ener1 Chairman and CEO Charles Gassenheimer is now THINK’s Chairman of the Board.

Think in trouble as Norwegian EV market booms

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Think, maker of the Think City, is in trouble, Norwegian business newspaper E24 reports. norway think city battery electric carIt's not paid it's bills since February, according to Swedish parts supplier AQ Wiring Systems. At the same time, sales of electric cars are booming in Norway. The iMiev has become the fastest selling car in its segment, beating out gas vehicles. 764 new electric cars were registered in the first five months of the year.

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THINK Selects Indiana for Think City EV Assembly

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THINK will begin selling the THINK City, one of the world’s first highway-capable urban EVs, in the US later this year. million in building improvements and equipment in Elkhart County, and the plant could begin assembling vehicles in early 2011. The THINK City will appear in Detroit next week at the North American International Auto Show 2010. THINK’s investments in Elkhart County will support manufacturing capacity for more than 20,000 vehicles a year.

2011 Think City Becomes 2+2 in Europe, Still Overpriced

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We can’t think of many times when an automaker suddenly doubles the number of seats in a car without making the car bigger. But that’s just what the Norwegian car maker Think has done with its diminutive city car. Originally designed as a 2 seat city car, the all-electric A segment car went into production last week at Think’s

THINK City World's Best-Selling City EV; 2,500 And Counting

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With the media kerfuffle surrounding the 2011 Chevrolet Volt and anticipation mounting for 2011 Nissan Leaf customers, it's easy to forget that there are other electric cars out there. Swedish electric city car maker THINK are more than 20 years old and have just built their 2,500th THINK City EV, making it the

2011 Think City Lives On, Still On Sale In Chicago Alongside BYD e6

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In June last year, Norwegian electric automaker Think filed for bankruptcy for the third time in its 20-year life. In one small part of Chicago however, Think is alive and well -- and Since then, Think’s misfortunes have caused battery maker Ener1 to also declare bankruptcy while its own future is now in the automotive equivalent of limbo.

It's official - Think to set up shop in Indiana

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nk City this morning in Elkhart. ink's press release, cars will begin to be sold stateside before the end of the year, although US assembly won't begin until 2011. Tags: richard Canny thinkev.com think city mitch daniels

THINK electric cars arrive in Indiana

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The US state of Indiana is among the first to go electric after THINK delivered 17 of its THINK City electric cars to customers and employees across the region. According to THINK [.]. NK Ener1 Indiana Think THINK City electric carsDuke Energy in Plainfield, Indiana, took 10 of the vehicles; with the remainder going to Indianapolis Power & Light for company fleet use. Electric cars Green cars TH!NK

Electric Car Factory: Think Sets Up Shop In Indiana, RV-Land

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Think about it Yes, but you've missed out on one--in both categories. It's the Think City, which is now being assembled in Elkhart, Indiana, from kits imported from Quick, name the electric cars currently on sale. Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, and. ummmm. oh, yeah, Smart Electric Drive. Now name the ones built in the States. Hmmmm. Volt, right?

THINK delivers 17 EVs to utility fleet customers and employees in Indiana

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THINK has delivered 17 THINK CIty electric cars to utility fleet customers and employees in Indiana. received 10 electric THINK City cars, and the remainder were delivered to Indianapolis Power & Light for company fleet use. —THINK spokesperson Brendan Prebo. THINK is working with Duke, IPL and the Energy Systems Network (ESN) to collect data on the deployment and use of electric cars as part of Project Plug-IN.

(NEVer) Pimp My Ride: $25k Custom Electric ?Car' Fails To Sell

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If you’re in the market for a new electric car it’s unlikely to get you much, although we’ve pointed out before those who live in just the right state and have just the right job can pay just $12,280 for a 2011 Nissan Leaf or purchase a 2011 Think City for just $17,9995. What can $25,000 buy you?

Russian entrepreneur Boris Zingarevich buys EV maker Think

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is the winning bidder for Think Global AS, following a bankruptcy proceeding initiated by the Norwegian carmaker last month. to cooperate in relaunching Think. The assets of wholly owned subsidiaries Think North America and Think UK, which have remained going concerns during the bankruptcy proceeding for Think Global, were also acquired in the transaction. A new sales and service structure for Think will be announced soon. Russian entrepreneur Boris G.

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President Obama issues Memorandum on Federal fleet performance to push for alternative fueled vehicles; GSA pilot project on EV purchases

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Contracts were awarded for Chevrolet, Nissan, and Think City vehicles. President Obama has issued a Presidential Memorandum directing Federal agencies to implement government-wide fleet management practices that will move the government to purchasing 100% alternative fuel vehicles by 2015 and drive agencies to meet the required 30% decrease in petroleum consumption by 2020 under Executive Order 13514 signed by the President in October 2009.

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US DOE progress report says 1M plug-ins by 2015 ambitious but achievable; not likely to be constrained by production capacity

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The report concludes that while the 1-million unit goal is ambitious, it is also achievable based on steps already taken as part of the Recovery Act along with proposed additional policy initiatives including improvements to existing consumer tax credits, programs to help cities prepare for the growing demand for electric vehicles, and strong support for research and development to continue reducing the cost of electric vehicles. and model 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015. Think City EV.

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Think launches electric van models

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Electric car maker, Think has now expanded into the electric van market with the launch of two commercial vehicles. The first, the Think City N1, type approved for European [.]. NK commercial electric car Norway Think vanThe Norway based firm’s entry into the urban delivery van market comes with two variants to be introduced between now and the end of the year.

THINK launches EV production in Indiana

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THINK has started production of the THINK City electric vehicle at its plant in Elkhart, Indiana. The company, with global headquarters in Oslo, Norway, plans to build 300 THINK City electric cars at the facility by the end of the year. We are now manufacturing and selling both in Europe and the US and have produced more than 2,500 THINK City vehicles. —THINK CEO Barry Engle.

THINK Begins EV Sales in Finland

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Scandinavian electric vehicle (EV) maker THINK has begun sales of the THINK City EV in Finland with production partner Valmet Automotive. First deliveries of the THINK City in Finland will be to green delivery pioneers A2B, through a new THINK dealership in Helsinki. Further full-service dealerships will be opened in the coming months in other Finnish cities such as Turku, Tampere, Lahti, Jyväskylä and Oulu.

THINK and AeroVironment to Pursue Projects to Promote Fast-charging Infrastructure; THINK Picks Enerdel as Sole Battery Provider for US

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Electric vehicle manufacturer THINK announced that it will work with AeroVironment, Inc. (AV), AV), a leading developer and supplier of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, to pursue demonstration and commercial projects using AV’s level III fast-charge system and the THINK City electric vehicle to jump-start the development of fast-charge infrastructure in the United States. —THINK CEO Richard Canny.

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Financial Times on Th!nk

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10,000 Think City electric cars in 2009. Think says it has battery supply contracts with three companies, and is moving into production. It plans to begin selling its cars in Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and the UK next year, with projected sales of 10,000 cars in 2009 and double that by 2011. With its modest volumes, it also remains unclear how Think will cope when bigger competitors such as Renault/Nissan and Daimler come to market with their own electric cars.

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EVs represented 0.25% of vehicle registrations in France in February; diesels gain 4 points of share

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The Think City, which registered 102 units in February 2011 as courtesy vehicles for the Norauto centers, is no longer on sale. Challenge Bibendum. Electric vehicles represented 0.25% (406 registrations) of the vehicle market in France in February. 290 Bolloré BlueCars were registered in February, almost double the January figure, representing 71.4% of the electric vehicle registrations.

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THINK Sending 3 EVs to Brazil in Collaboration with CPFL Energia

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THINK, the Scandinavian electric vehicle maker, is delivering its first EVs into South America as part of a new collaboration with Brazilian electricity supplier, CPFL Energia S.A. CPFL Energia has purchased three THINK City EVs, which it intends to showcase at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum sustainable mobility conference, hosted in Rio de Janeiro at the end of this month. The latest generation THINK City is a purpose-built, all-electric car designed for urban environments.

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Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

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Think is also working closely with the Brussel based Eurelectric , the European union of electricity industry. Think has established a U.S. Kulongoski, Oregon as the electric-car manufacturer may be eyeing the “green” city of Portland. Think Bakken and Alberta sands.

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THINK Completes $40M Equity Round; Ener1 Chairman and CEO Becomes Chairman of THINK

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Electric car maker THINK has completed a US$40 million equity increase to support further product development and planned expansion into North American markets. With the new equity, THINK says it is now fully funded and expects to become cash-flow positive in 2011. Rockport Capital and Ener1 each increased its investment in THINK by $12.5 This is a seminal event for THINK. Ener1 fully intends to invest further resources in THINK.

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A More Detailed Look at a Prismatic Li-ion Cell and Pack Manufacturing Process

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EnerDel is scheduled to ship its first cells and packs for the Think City EV on 1 March 2010. The lithium-ion version of the THINK vehicle will have 384 cells in its 25 kWh battery pack and a range of more than 100 miles. by Bill Cooke.

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