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Bright Automotive Applies for $35M in Stimulus Package Grants to Accelerate Production of PHEV

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Bright Automotive has applied for $35 million in government grants to accelerate the production of its plug-in hybrid the IDEA ( earlier post ), and to deliver battery solutions to the industry through its engineering services arm. The IDEA is a multi-purpose, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in the light truck classification aimed at commercial and government fleets.

mPhase to Pursue Funding From Stimulus Plan’s $2B for Advanced Automotive Battery Technology

Green Car Congress

says it will pursue funding opportunities arising from the $2 billion allocated for advanced battery technology in the new economic stimulus package. mPhase is developing its Smart NanoBattery as part of a Phase II STTR Grant that was awarded by the United States Army in 2008. mPhase Technologies , Inc., mPhase is developing a “smart” reserve battery, the Smart NanoBattery, which is a primary battery typically designed for a special purpose such as emergency or military use.


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Ricardo responds to electric drive stimulus package

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Ricardo, one of the leaders in the development of electric and hybrid vehicles, has welcomed President Obama’s announcement of $2.4billion in grants to accelerate the manufacturing and deployment of the next generation of US batteries and electric vehicles. Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news Ricardo Dave Shemmans electric drive research President Obama Recovery Act

EnerDel To Deploy AeroVironment Advanced Electric Vehicle Power Cycling and Test Systems at Indiana Facility

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Automotive lithium-ion battery maker EnerDel will be using a portion of its recent federal stimulus grant to purchase eight AeroVironment (AV) advanced electric vehicle power cycling and test systems. Both test systems are programmed to simulate real world driving conditions by repeatedly charging and discharging EnerDel’s hybrid and electric vehicle batteries to replicate actual operating conditions.

EnerDel Plans to Invest $237M in New Indiana Lithium-Ion Battery Plant

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The new Indiana plant will give EnerDel the capacity to produce battery packs for approximately 600,000 hybrid electric vehicles, or 60,000 battery-electric cars. EnerDel is referring to the latter as “electric-vehicle equivalents” —about 20-25 kWh.) Worldwide, Enerdel is shooting for capacity for about 120,000 electric vehicles by the end of the five year plan, representing about $2.2B million, which comprises a state incentive package of $21.3