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Sunday July 29 2018

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Researchers forecast light-duty vehicle electricity use in 2050 considering electrification, autonomy and sharing: 13-26% of total demand

Green Car Congress

Considering electrification, autonomy and sharing (the “Three Revolutions”), a team from Boston University and the University of California, Berkeley projects that electricity use from light duty vehicle (LDV) transport will likely be in the 570–1140?TWh

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Final Terrafugia prototype flying car ready to take to the air

Green Car Reports

Sometimes a hybrid is more than a hybrid. The Terrafugia uses a hybrid powertain as it drives down the road. It's also a hybrid car and airplane. Even in the sky, it can make use of hybrid power. Terrafugia started in 2005 and designed what observers have called a "flying car," and it plans to put its vehicle into production by the end of next. Flying Car

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