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EPA, DOT Propose New Fuel Economy Labels; Addressing GHG Emissions, Fuel Consumption and Advanced Technology Vehicles

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are jointly proposing changes to the fuel economy labels consumers see on the window of new vehicles in dealer showrooms. A sample of the second proposed label for an extended range electric vehicle. Click to enlarge.

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Flash Drive: 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Clean Fleet Report

Driving Range: Pro, XLT, Lariat: 230 miles. Extended Range Battery. Dual electric motors. 1 hour: 19 miles. 1 hour: 19 miles. 1 hour: 14 miles. Extended-Range Battery. 10 minutes: 54 miles. 1 hour: 30 miles. 1 hour: 20 miles. 1 hour: 13 miles.

F-150 92