Redpine Signals introduces multi-protocol wireless V2X solution with ultra-low power and low cost

Green Car Congress

Redpine Signals has introduced a multi-protocol wireless solution with ultra-low power and a low cost designed to drive the emergence of the connected car. Redpine’s new WaveCombo solution enables dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) as well as non-DSRC applications while also featuring low power consumption ideal for use in bicycles, helmets, smart phones, and any such non-vehicular applications for rider as well as pedestrian safety.

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Renesas Electronics introduces 4th-generation Li-ion battery management IC

Green Car Congress

Together, we designed and integrated a low-voltage Li-ion battery management system featuring ISL78714 ICs and RH850 microcontrollers in Mahindra Racing electric race cars. The device also offers up to six external temperature inputs (two available from GPIOs) and includes fault detection and diagnostics for all key internal functions. Also provided is a GUI, Altium layout files and low-level drivers for the RH850 peripherals and ISL78714.

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Renesas Electronics introduces 32-bit automotive microcontrollers specialized for instrument clusters in entry-level to mid-range cars

Green Car Congress

Designed for entry class and mid-range vehicle systems, the RH850/D1x Series integrates gauge control, graphics display and functional safety in one chip, while reducing the system BOM cost and scalable development offers, and helps realize instrument cluster systems with highly reliable color graphics LCD. Key features of the RH850/D1x MCUs: Reduced system BOM cost. Samples of the RH850/D1x MCUs are available now. Availability is subject to change without notice.).

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SEAT pushes forward with CNG line-up

Green Car Congress

And thanks to the technology’s compatibility with renewable bio-methane, it makes it an important part of the fuel mix as we move towards low emission mobility. As well as ecological and tax benefits, TGI technology offers exceptionally low costs per kilometer—up to 50% cheaper than a gasoline equivalent model and 30% cheaper than a diesel—and with the further improvements SEAT has made to the technology, now it can go even further before needing to be refueled.

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Renesas Electronics introduces V2V and V2I communications solutions

Green Car Congress

Renesas Electronics Corporation announced the global availability of its lineup of V2X solutions that will help accelerate the arrival of autonomous driving. By combining these new SoCs, system developers can now easily develop systems that support the corresponding V2X standard for the Japanese, US, and European markets. These kit solutions make it possible to construct optimal systems for each region at low cost. Availability is subject to change without notice.).

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Ford showcases Transit line-up powered by new Ford EcoBlue diesel at Hannover; 6-speed auto, AWD and SYNC 3

Green Car Congress

EcoBlue also delivers significant improvements in low-rpm torque for enhanced driveability. The 2.0-litre engine has been developed with the latest turbocharging, fuel injection, combustion system, structural design and low-friction technologies to deliver significant improvements in fuel efficiency, performance and operating refinement, while delivering the durability and low cost-of-ownership demanded for a Transit power unit.

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